BGM - Break or Mistake part 2

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So the majority of people wanted to see Y/N with Calum, if those of you who wanted Michael are so inclined I can write an alternate ending where they get back together.


Your heart skipped a beat and you swallowed thickly as he continued, "truth is, I've really liked you for a long time Y/N, and I tried to pretend I didn't and keep my distance but I just can't. I don't know when it started but it feels like forever. Ashton found out a while ago and has been trying to help but I just can't get over you. He told me not to come but... I just couldn't stay away."

Your jaw dropped and you blushed way harder than he had. You had had no idea that Calum felt that way. It was a shock and it ran icy cold through your veins.

"Calum, I..."


"...don't know what to say," you looked away from his piercing brown eyes and tried to take your hand off of his cheek.

Calum caught it, and pulled it back up to his face to press a kiss to your knuckles. "Say what's best for you, that's all I want. I don't want you to be upset anymore Y/N, I see how you and Michael fight all the time, and how much it hurts you. Just let me make you feel better. Let me make you happy."

He sounded so determined, and wholeheartedly sincere that you were genuinely moved. His tone prompted you to look at his face, and you could see in his pleading eyes and vulnerable smile that this was how he truly felt. And he was right. You and Michael hadn't been in a good place for a long time, and him leaving was really just the icing on the cake for you. If you couldn't even talk it out, how could you stay together? Plus Calum was being so sweet, he was so worried about you and seemed to only have the best intentions at heart. Maybe this was what you needed. A fresh start.

But you were still more or less dating Michael. It felt like telling Calum yes would be cheating, and that's not fair.

He saw you hesitating and his hopeful face fell, "Y/N it's okay to say no-"

"What? No!" You blurted immediately. Calum's eyebrows furrowed in confusion so you tried to clarify, "I don't want to say no but, what about Michael?"

Calum just seemed thoroughly excited that you were on board, "I'll talk to him with you." He stood up off of the bed and pulled you along by the hand.

"Now?" You were so shocked you stumbled right into Calum.

"Would you rather do it later?" He paused and looked down at you.

You sighed. This was all so much. You were about to break up with Michael to immediately begin another relationship with Calum. There was no recovery or rebound phase. Wait! You weren't just using Calum as a rebound were you? That would be awful. He seemed so enamored with you, stringing him along would be wrong.

"Y/N?" He cut off your train of thought, "You in there?"

"Yeah, yeah," you shook your head to clear your mind, "and I think we should wait and give it some time."

Calum made a face like you had just kicked a puppy, clearly upset. You wouldn't let him turn away, and pushed yourself up so that you could cup his face in both of your hands.

"Hey," you said sternly, "I just want to make sure that you aren't a rebound, and I'll need time to get over Michael, we've been together for a long time. So don't give me that look, you deserve better than a messy post-breakup Y/N."

Calum frowned and pressed his face into your palm, "what if I want a messy post-breakup Y/N?"

You scoffed and playfully rolled your eyes, "just trust me on this one Calum? Please."

He groaned, "fiiiiiiine. I mean I've waited this long."


"I'm so sorry babe!" You called as you rushed into the house after work, "traffic was terrible."

You quickly put your laptop bag down on the table and dropped your keys. You felt awful, you should've left work earlier because now you were going to miss your one year anniversary dinner's reservation.

Calum's face peeked around the corner, and he didn't seem mad at all. No, your beloved husband was smiling at you fondly.

"What?" You were suddenly self conscious, wondering if he was looking at you like that for a reason.

"Nuthin, you just look beautiful that's all," Calum chuckled while strolling down the hallway. He was already ready to go, dressed in an expensive suit with his hair elegantly styled and dress shoes tied. You on the other hand were still wearing your office clothing, and you knew from the long car ride and stress that your hair was sticking up everywhere and there were huge bags under your eyes. Yet he called you beautiful like he oh so often did.

"I most certainly do not," you corrected him with a chuckle.

"I dunno, I think I'm the expert here because I see your face way more than you do and I think it's pretty all the time," Calum was finally close enough to dip down and press a kiss to your lips. You let him, resting your hands on his chest.

But you pulled back quickly, "I need to change babe, I promise I'll be as fast as possible."

"No no, take your time, I already called the restaurant and you have over an hour until our reservation," Calum smiled and again leaned down to kiss you, this time meeting lips frozen in shock.

"Really?" You mumbled against his mouth.

"Really," he confirmed, "and when I say take your time I mean it. I mean, I've waited this long, and for you I'd wait forever."

Pretty cheesy but hopefully cute

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