BGM - You Have A Nightmare And He Comforts You

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You could barely see anything. The night was all but pitch black with the moon nowhere to be seen.

"Hello?" You shivered as the cool air came in contact with your sweaty skin, "IS ANYONE THERE?"

A loud hiss, like someone had let the air out of a beach ball followed. You flinched and turned in the direction of the sound. If you squinted you could just make out a patch of trees in the distance, standing tall and proud.

"HELLO?" You tried again, carefully shuffling closer.

This time there was a loud bang, and standing in front of the trees was a rotating, black, mass. It hissed again and unfurled itself to reveal a humanoid figure covered in a giant cloak that whipped around it despite the windless night.

You shrieked and stumbled back as two glowing red eyes settled on you. The figure began to move toward you, one long black arm reaching out, with its tendrils only inches away from your face. It felt cold, so cold that it pulled the air from your lungs and you choked.

Your instincts kicked in as you turned and began to sprint. But no matter how fast you went it was always right behind you. It's freezing fingers just brushing against the back of your calves and neck. You sobbed loudly as you felt your legs slowly going numb from the assault.

"LEAVE ME ALONE! GO!" You cried out as you began to fall. Your ankles wouldn't bend and your knees locked, sending you face first into the soft grass.

You flipped yourself over and let out a scream as the cold dark hand reached for your neck. Closer, and closer, you couldn't move, you were frozen until you felt the cold touch of the hand against your skin and begin to pull the breath from your lungs.


You sat up and heaved in a breath. It was a dream, nothing was coming to get you. You pulled your blankets closer to you, including your toes that were freezing thanks to Calum who had grabbed the end of the blanket and then rolled over in his sleep, taking it with him.

Calum. He was still there next to you, drooling slightly as he snored into his pillow. Both of his strong arms were tucked under him as he slept peacefully. You nearly awwwwed at the sight.

But then somewhere below below you, the house creaked like someone entered, or like it was settling on its foundation but you didn't think logically like that. At least not after your harrowing nightmare.

Your eyes zeroed in on your bedroom door, wide open to reveal the dark hallway. You held a hand protectively to the cool skin of your neck, as you could almost see the black mass coming to get you.

Your breathing hitched and tears flooded your eyes. You were terrified and you felt like bursting into tears, but you didn't want to wake Calum who needed his rest with how busy he was. You resolved yourself to go sleep on the couch where you could cry without bothering him. So you silently slipped out from your bed and let your feet come in contact with the cold floor as you shuffled from your room. You closed the door behind you, and felt your heart beat rapidly as you looked out into the almost blinding darkness. It was all like you had dreamed. This time though, you had more sense than to yell, and instead ran as fast as you could down the stairs and to the living room.

You dove into the large couch and wrapped yourself tightly in Calum's favorite blanket. It smelled just like him and that calmed you a little. Only your face was exposed as you began to weep silently in terror. You couldn't handle the thoughts of the monster running through your own head.

You were so far gone that when a cool breeze blew in from one of the open windows and brushed against your face, you were sure it was the monster and let out a loud cry.

"NO!" You yelled and recoiled, now covering your face as well.

"Y/N?" Came Calum's tired, but alarmed voice as he called for you from above.

You were glad he was awake now, you were trembling and all strung out, "CALUM!"

"I'M COMING!" He replied quickly, reacting to the scared tone of your voice. You heard him sprint down the stairs right to the living room. When he saw you, a scared little ball of blanket he rushed over, "Y/N, are you okay? What happened?"

He sat down next to you and pulled you into his lap. You were crying too hard to answer as you buried your face in his neck and wrapped yourself around him, trying to be as close as possible.

"Shhhhh, I've got you Princess, you're okay now," he wrapped one strong arm just under your butt to support you while the other rubbed your back and combed through your hair.

"Nightmare," you were finally able to whisper out, "t-there was a monster chasing me."

"Oh Y/N, why didn't you just wake me up?" He sighed, standing up and beginning to carry you.

"You need your rest," you mumbled, moving your face out of his neck so you could wipe away the the excess water.

"How am I supposed to rest when you're down here crying? I hate to see you sad," he pouted, lifting you a little to kiss your lips.

You giggled a little at his affection and finally began to calm down. Calum carried you all of the way up to your bed and then gently placed you under the covers. He then got back in on his side and spooned you from behind.

"Thanks Cal," you mumbled sleepily as he snuck an arm around your waist to keep you to him. There was no way you could be scared when his large frame was protecting yours.

"You're welcome baby I'll always be here, sleep now," he whispered, running a hand through your hair.

"I love you," you whispered as your breathing began to even.

"I love you too," he squeezed your hip comfortingly.

When you fell back asleep the monster wasn't there. Just Calum, your knight in shining armor.

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