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As y'all know I have about 100000000000 soulmate AU ideas so expect a sudden influx of soulmate AUs

This is the one where soulmates have compasses that point to the other's favorite place

You often found yourself inexplicably drawn away from your daily life to follow your compass and see the new place your soulmate was sending you. It was an unnamed hobby that sent you to all different parts of the city, guided only by the little green arrow tucked on the inside of your left wrist. It was so strange to think that he had been there, to the cute little coffee shop on the corner, the bench across from the duck pond in the park, and the little thrift shop only a few blocks away from your apartment. He sure changed his favorite place a lot, but each had their own charm and you could see why he was indecisive.

You however, did not change your favorite place, it was a little diner run by your aunt and uncle, and staffed by your cousins. It had the feeling of home more so than even your apartment because it's where you had spent much of your childhood, sitting in a booth in the kitchen coloring pictures and sipping cocoa while you waited for one of your parents to come and pick you up. It was at the diner that you had eaten so many dinners cooked by your uncle and learned to wait tables from your aunt. It was your first job and you still occasionally worked shifts there, largely prompted by your aunt wanting you to find the one since apparently she too suspected that the diner was where your soulmate would show up looking for you. She was a hopeless romantic in that way, expecting a knight in shining armor to strut in and propose on the spot.

Either way, you agreed to pick up a shift on Saturday morning not only to appease her but so that you could make some money to buy that new album you wanted.

"Y/N, dear! It's so good to see you!" Your Aunt greeted you with a smile, looking up from a table of people when you walked through the front doors. The place was rather busy, mostly full of hungover college students that didn't feel like cooking. "Grab an apron and get table four for me will you?"

You nodded and slinked into the back, hanging up your jacket and trading it for the white aprons all of the waiters wore. You reached inside the front pocket, grabbing a notebook and a pen before walking out of the doors and toward the corner booth known as table four.

Four boys were squished in, three seemed to be far more excited than the raven haired boy squashed in the corner.

"Calum she could be here right now," one with bright blue eyes exclaimed, not having yet noticed you hovering at the edge of the table.

"But what if she doesn't want me?" The squished one whined.

"She's your soulmate," another one chastised.

You couldn't help but snort, drawing the attention of all four at once. You found their reactions to you rather amusing. The blue eyed boy lit up, looking rather excited. The one that had chastised the other widened his eyes. Another, that had been playing Pokémon Go on his phone glanced up and then did a double take. But it was the squished and whiny boy that really interested you. His jaw literally dropped, and he stared at you in awe.

"So," Pokémon Go boy was the first to recover. He squinted at your name tag pinned to the apron before continuing, luckily your aunt had put the right one on for you or he would be calling you your cousin's name. "Y/N, do you come here often?"

"Well I mean I work here sometimes for my aunt," you replied distractedly. Your eyes kept wandering back over to the boy still staring at you. It was taking all of your willpower and focus not to do the same thing.

"But would you say that this is your favorite place?" The blue eyed one implored cryptically. He leaned over the table, blocking your view of his friend, greatly increasing your focus.

"I- uh yeah. I've been coming here like my whole life," you blushed and cleared your throat. "So do you guys want like drinks or something-?"

You looked down, fumbling with your notepad, getting a glimpse of your compass in the process. The arrow wasn't pointing the same direction it had been only a few minutes ago, now it was trained directly on the boy who's eyes hadn't left your face. You discreetly shifted a little, but the arrow moved with you in order to stay pointing at him.

"Your arrow!" There was a loud whisper and you saw all of the boys leaning over the arrow on the cute one- uh, the dark haired one's wrist.

"It has to be her," one mumbled loud enough for you to hear.

"Say hi Calum," another nudged him.

You sucked your bottom lip into your mouth and looked at Calum, maybe it was better if you introduced yourself first? "Hi! I'm Y/N," you smiled at him.

He flushed more and stuttered, "l- lemonade please."

The friend that had earlier chastised him actually face palmed, leaning over the table shaking his head.

"Calum, I mean I'm Calum," his friend quickly corrected himself.

"Well Calum, I just so happen to like lemonade too, and I could call my cousin to take my shift if you'd like to go get some right now," you offered. It was kinda forward but he was your soulmate so it didn't really matter.

Calum beamed and nodded like a fool, "yes! Please let's do that!"

"Okay but if she's not our waitress anymore who's going to get my pancakes?" One of his friend's whined as Calum scrambled over them and out of the booth.

"Shut up Michael, they're having a moment," blue eyes flicked his friend on the ear.

"Well I want a moment too. With some pancakes. In my belly," Michael pushed him away.

"I'll call my aunt over," you smiled and nodded at your aunt who had been watching you interact with the boys from the corner of her eye. She giddily walked over and took Michael's order for a double stack of pancakes as you pulled Calum back into the kitchen so the two of you could sit in the same booth you had for most of your life.

"So Calum, you sure had a lot of favorite places," you began as soon as the two of you had your lemonades.

"Yeah," he shrugged a little, "I guess I was just a little indecisive."

"Yeah it'll be weird now that my compass will always be pointing at the same thing," you observed, looking at your own wrist curiously.

"I guess... I'm just going to have to be your favorite place then," Calum mumbled.

You giggled and grinned at him, "and I, yours."

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