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Calum Hood Imagines by WhatsGoodCalumHood
Calum Hood Imaginesby Mellow Yellow
Shorts about our favorite bassist! *requests are open for my followers and longterm readers only*
  • shorts
  • 5sos
  • calumhood
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Ashton Irwin Imagines by WhatsGoodCalumHood
Ashton Irwin Imaginesby Mellow Yellow
Short imagines about our favorite drummer! *requests open for my followers and longterm readers only*
  • ddm
  • 5sosbsm
  • ashtonirwinimagines
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Michael Clifford Shorts by WhatsGoodCalumHood
Michael Clifford Shortsby Mellow Yellow
Short imagines about our favorite guitarist! *requests open for my followers and longterm readers only* [32 parts long - follow me to read all of them]
  • 5sosbsm
  • 5sosddm
  • ddm
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•a black girl's nymphet guide• by thelovingdarkness
•a black girl's nymphet guide•by Rose
✨i wanted to to make this because there is such a lack of black representation in the nymphet/faunlet aesthetic and community✨ 👼🏿👼🏾👼🏽 requests for chapters: OPEN
  • melanin
  • guide
  • doelet
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Luke Hemmings Shorts by WhatsGoodCalumHood
Luke Hemmings Shortsby Mellow Yellow
Shorts about our favorite lead singer! *requests open for my followers and longterm readers only* [36 parts long (follow me to read all)]
  • luke
  • 5sos
  • 5sosbsm
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Long 5SOS AUs by WhatsGoodCalumHood
Long 5SOS AUsby Mellow Yellow
It's just Y/N and 5sos in all sorts of alternate universe adventures! • BSM • BGM • DDM • Contains smut and fluff *no requests for this book* Thank you! [16 parts long (...
  • imagine
  • bgm
  • ddm
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W̶R̶O̶N̶G̶ ̶N̶U̶M̶B̶E̶R̶ |ayleks [𝘎𝘟𝘎] by vlonebraat
W̶R̶O̶N̶G̶ ̶N̶U̶M̶B̶E̶R̶ |ayleks [ 🧚🏽‍♀️.
"can you please stop blowing up my phone, I'm not 'Michael'." · ·
  • bgm
  • riconasty
  • ayleks
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Take Two: 5SOS BSM by WhatsGoodCalumHood
Take Two: 5SOS BSMby Mellow Yellow
5SOS and reader short stories by yours truly! • BSM • BGM • DDM • Every chapter is one topic, and four parts. Each part is about one 5sos boy, and in the neighborhood of...
  • 5sos
  • preferences
  • lukehemmings
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1D & 5SOS BSM,DDM,BGM imagines by ana_mcfarlin_
1D & 5SOS BSM,DDM,BGM imaginesby Ana 🦖🥴
Hello! if your new to this BSM= Brother Sister moments DDM= Daddy Daughter moments BGM= Boyfriend Girlfriend moments Hope you enjoy!!
  • 5sos
  • bsm
  • bgm
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Tom Holland Imagines by Hollands-Wife
Tom Holland Imaginesby Hollands-Wife
Short and long imagines about Tom Holland, expect lots of AUs (especially about a certain superhero), laughs, and entertainment! BGM, BSM, DDM I write in second person a...
  • bsm
  • bgm
  • imagines
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My Chemical Romance and other EMO bands Imagines by ana_mcfarlin_
My Chemical Romance and other Ana 🦖🥴
I've been obsessed with MCR forever and other EMO bands and I decided I should write some imagines with them. I will be putting BSM,DDM,BGM, Smut and just some random im...
  • bsm
  • emo
  • bgm
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5sos Bsms and Bgms (REQUESTS ARE OPEN) by CiaralovesBTS
5sos Bsms and Bgms (REQUESTS ARE Ciara
hey i hope you enjoy and make sure to request
  • bsm
  • ashtonirwin
  • lukehemmings
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5sos Imagines and One Shots by Sharz_PunkRock
5sos Imagines and One Shotsby Punk Rock Chic
Basically one shots about the 4 hot dorks we know and love. It could be anything from BSM, DDM, being their best friend or whatever pops into my weird brain. The updates...
  • 5secondsofsummer
  • 5sosimagines
  • lukehemmings
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Everything's Irie, Kinda. by vicks543
Everything's Irie, Victoria B
"Before I go to college, I want to be single or maybe even a hoe." ~Irie Clarke, "Everything Irie, Kinda."
  • relationship
  • teen
  • bgm
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Junior Season: A new beginning  by OgManiac
Junior Season: A new beginning by Kia🌸✨
This book was made because I was bored and couldn't find anything good to read on Wattpad.
  • blackgirlmagic
  • romance
  • lovestory
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Scribble Side Whores by prettyminds
Scribble Side Whoresby Lyric K 💋
Side Whores: pieces that I think sound horrible. I read somewhere that a writer should write every day in order to get better. Let's see how my failed attempts go.
  • poetry
  • trash
  • carefree
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Snapshots by im_queenkenya
Snapshotsby Bold, Black & Beautiful
Sometimes its not always about the big picture. Sometimes its the small moments. Take a peak at the snapshots of different peoples lives. I'm horrible at writing descrip...
  • life
  • lifelessons
  • mentalhealth
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Anime Songs I Like (You Can Request Too) by ChibiMintCandy
Anime Songs I Like (You Can Korina/Cure Dream
I'm going to put anime Songs I like. Request freely too. Also, state if it's an opening,ending,bgm,character song or other.It also has to be available on either YouTube...
  • charactersong
  • opening
  • bgm
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