You Taste Like Love (And I Would Know) - Soulmate AU

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Soulmate AU pt3 for my love Kay

Prompt: you can only find your soulmate by taste so go off I guess

Calum wasn't sure how he ended up in the dimly lit sorority house, Luke had invited him to parties like this before, but he'd never actually attended. It was a shock to the senses, as soon as he walked in the door he was hit by the smell of alcohol and sweat, pungent and sticky. The inside of the house was humid and his shoes stuck to the floor as he timidly wandered in. This was definitely out of his comfort zone, but Michael had invited his soulmate over and Calum didn't want to be in the room with them. He found himself evicted from his own dorm room and normally he'd go see Ashton, but he was writing a paper in the library and Calum didn't want to bother him. The only other real friend he'd made over the last two months of University was Luke, the bubbly blonde that sat next to him in Psychology and tried to get him to go to parties.

Nobody paid any mind to Calum as he walked further into the house. He wasn't surprised, too many people had their tongues down each other's throats to see him and the music was far too loud to hear anything. He felt distinctly out of place standing in the doorway, this was not a place he belonged, he should just go read in the library. He had no business being at one of these soulmate searching parties, he didn't know what to do.

Calum turned, ready to leave, but he hadn't even taken the first step out when he heard Luke call out to him, "CALUM? CALUM HOOD?"

He'd been spotted. Luke's large frame rose from an old leather couch in the adjacent living room, leaving a disappointed brunette behind. All of his chest was visible thanks to a black button down shirt that was unbuttoned so far Calum could nearly see his bellybutton. He wondered if Luke had purposely decided to wear his shirt that way, or if it had been unbuttoned by someone else. It was hard to tell, Luke had a very distinct sense of style. That's probably why he was wearing sparkly boots that glittered in the low light of the room and had his nails done biweekly with Ashton. They were black now, but last week they had been red and Luke had gotten many compliments from others on campus. His eccentricities were charming, and along with his charismatic attitude, Luke was quickly rising in popularity and infamy amongst their peers. It was somewhat surprising he still wanted to hang out with Calum, but he wasn't about to complain.

When he reached him, Calum could see the purple smears across Luke's face, presumably left by one of the people he'd been kissing.

"Hey man," Calum smiled and greeted Luke, "no luck I take it?"

"Nah," Luke smiled easily, "none yet, but it's only ten and there are plenty of girls here." He shrugged and draped an arm over Calum's shoulders, "I have to admit, I'm a little surprised to see you here," Luke easily began to steer Calum in the opposite direction from which he came. Likely the kitchen, Calum realized.

"Yeah," he didn't have a great reason to tell Luke as to why he'd suddenly decided to accept his invitation, "Michael had his soulmate over and I didn't know what to do with myself."

"Ah," Luke nodded in understanding, "makes sense. I know Ashton is busy today, so you came here out of last resort." He sounded faintly amused.

Calum was trying to come up with a defense when Luke suddenly changed their course and he was pulled in a different direction.

"Whoa," he stumbled along, "what are you doing?"

"Y/N waved us over." Luke pointed over near the corner of the room.

Calum squinted in the direction Luke was pointing, but could only see half the face of the girl in the dim light. You were definitely pretty, he could tell from the way the shadows caught your cheekbones and made your visible eye sparkle. He just wasn't sure why you were calling them over. Luke had never mentioned you before, Calum was rather sure of that.

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