Try Too Hard - BGM

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I started this a long time ago but just finished

Short and cute

The red climbing roses seemed to glow under the hanging lights strung over the garden, and the soft petals caressed Calum's fingertips as he gently cupped the delicate flowers in his hands. The grass under his legs was soft and cool, a welcome relief to the humid and crowded rooms inside the house. He sighed and looked up at the sky. His vision was still stained from the bright, circling lights inside that flashed across his face multiple times, even squinting, he couldn't make out any stars above him, but that was more likely due to the light pollution of the city than his own eyes.

He might've been a little drunk, mostly just hazy, but quickly sobering in the fresh, cool night air.

"I should get a rose tattoo," Calum mused aloud. It was a fleeting idea that he forgot nearly as soon as he came up with.

"I have one."

He hadn't realized anyone else was outside, especially not a girl. He quickly turned around and stumbled to his feet. It was kind of embarrassing to be found outside rubbing rose petals when there was a massive party going on. "I uhm- I was just-" his brain was still too fuzzy to come up with a good excuse, and he ended up just sighing and looking at your bemused expression instead.

You rolled your eyes and your lips that reminded Calum of the soft, red petals turned upward in amusement. He watched as you picked your way across the garden, waltzing past the petunias and forget-me-nots right to where he was sitting. Your outstretched hand quickly caught his attention, and his fingers were curling around yours before he even realized what was going on. With a sharp tug he was stumbling onto his feet, but almost immediately began to fall as he had no coordination yet. You caught him anyway, and began to lead him back toward the party.

"Where are we going?" He wondered aloud as the noises got louder and the lights got brighter. This was what he had been trying to escape.

You stopped walking and frowned, "I thought you said you wanted one."

Calum's head tilted to the side and his lips parted as he thought about what he had been wanting recently: another puppy, more booze, Ashton's new shirt. He wasn't sure what those things had to do with you though. "Are we going to get a puppy?"

You snorted and shook your head, "you said you wanted a rose tattoo, like me."

"Ohhhh yeahhhhhh."


It was practically dawn when Calum began to wake up, an unholy time that Calum avoided at all cost, 5 P.M. His head was killing him and as he rolled over the late afternoon sun shined directly over his face, only making the rhythmic pounding in his head hurt more than it was.

"Ughhh," he lifted his hand to rub his eyes and maybe help them open but something felt wrong. He ran his fingers down his forearm instead, and found just above his "ALIVE" tattoo there was a layer of cellophane wrapped around him.

"LUUUKE!" He screamed as he began to rip it off, "STOP LEAVING TRASH IN MY BED!" It was probably useless to yell, Luke was likely still asleep. He found that the skin under the cellophane was tender, and as his eyes finally peeled open, he looked down to the shock of his life.

It hadn't been trash wrapped around his arm, it was protection for a new rose tattoo. He didn't even remember getting a tattoo the night before, just a lot of light and noise and drinking and...


He remembered you. Not where you went or even what you said, but your face and the pitch of your voice. Your musical laugh rang through his head and he could see your expression of excitement as you held his other hand even though he didn't really need it. It was odd, how clearly Calum remembered you, the girl who convinced him to get a tattoo while they were both drunk without him even remembering.

He fell back against the bed and a light sigh escaped his lips. He had to see you again, there was no question about it. But how? He had no way of contacting you, all he knew was your face and your first name and that you had a rose tattoo somewhere that he never remembered seeing. The only thing you'd given him was the idea for the tattoo.

Calum looked more closely at his new ink. Clearly it was done by a professional and that was good, he woke up to a tasteful tattoo instead of something he'd regret. It looked like a red climbing rose, but it wasn't colored, so it was hard for him to say for sure. A few vines crept up and down his arm but there was only one flower. It looked so delicate and real like it was actually growing out of his skin, freshly bloomed, ready to spread its petals and enjoy the warm sun.

Then he noticed something else. On the back of his hand, which he was yet to closely look at, there was a different piece of ink. It wasn't permanent, but looked like it had been written in sparkly gel pen.

"Call me! Xx —- - —- - —— -Y/N"

Best. Morning. Ever.

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