BGM - All Wrapped Up With A Pretty Pink Ribbon

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I am srs about my Christmas!5SOs

"Carson what is in your hair?"

"Michael I think Willow needs a diaper change... oooo, we packed extra onesies right?"

"I don't care if Uncle Michael said it or not, Ava, that isn't an appropriate word."

Oh the things you heard at your get-togethers. It was quite amusing, comparing them to what you used to hear back when you all were young. There were a lot more sex jokes, and a seemingly infinite amount of swears dropped.

Yet now, all three of your husband's bandmates had a kid, or in Michael's case two but that was an accident. You and Calum were the only ones who hadn't yet had to worry about day-cares and babysitters or baby names and nursery set-ups, no waking up in the middle of the night to a tiny screaming human or spending your days as sleep-deprived zombies. So far, this had suited you, neither of you wanted a huge family so it made sense to wait a little bit longer, plus with all of your friends and siblings having kids it was pretty easy to go see a baby if you really wanted to. The two of you took your sweet time, mulling over exactly what it meant to take on the responsibilities of parenthood, and if you were ready for them.

Ultimately, you decided that it was time, and the two of you began trying earlier in the year. About a month and a half ago, you found out that you were expecting, and a week previous at a 16-week appointment, that it was a girl.

Baby girl Hood. Just thinking about it made you smile and feel so excited.

It was killing you to contain it and not just blurt out to some of the people you held most dear what was making you so happy. It was supposed to be a surprise, well, a present and a surprise. It was Christmas after all. What bigger surprise could there be than a new niece?

"Are you feeling okay Y/N?" Ashton's wife, Eliza, raised an eyebrow, "you seem kinda spaced out today."

"Yeah, you do seem kinda off," Kate added while brushing the dust off of her and Michael's son's shirt after he crawled along on the floor.

"I'm just thinking, ya know still have some last-last minute shopping before seeing Mali and Joy and David next week," you smiled back at them apologetically. That wasn't even completely a lie because you still hadn't technically finished putting together your in-law's gifts.

"No, that's not it," Juliet purses her lips and looked down at the baby doll on her lap, deposited by Ava a few moments ago for safe keeping. "Here take this," she placed the doll in your arms like it was a real baby and then leaned back.

"Yep, nope that's definitely it," Kate grinned and let go of Jason, who immediately bobbed off, probably off to find his father and sister.

"What's it?" You looked down in confusion. It was just a plastic doll?

"You have baby fever, I can tell you were thinking about babies because you took that baby doll and cradled it like it was your own," Eliza spoke like she knew her stuff and in this case she definitely did.

Unfortunately, they were making it harder for you to keep the cat in the bag. You tried to play it off, "Calum and I have been talking about it, but we've been waiting for the right moment to have kids, ya know?"

Juliet and Eliza both nodded while Kate did kind of a half-grimace. This was the precise moment Michael walked back in with their newborn daughter tucked into one arm, and a plastic bag containing the soiled onesie in the other.

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