Snowed In - BGM

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Hiiiiii im back again bc this is what I'm supposed to be doing today.

Tmrw is 5SOS AUs so I have to write the 4th (and maybe last idk) Bleeding Hearts part

"And the radar is showing at least six more inches of snow over the next two hours, so we advise residents to break out the cocoa and light their fireplaces because we're in for a cold night!" The weatherman for the local television station looked a little cold themselves as they had been sent out to do the forecast in the blizzard that was the outside world.

"Who thought it was a good idea to go somewhere that could even have blizzards?" You complained, sinking back into the plush couch in the rental house while watching as the radar showed the massive storm snowing you in was really only getting started.

"I think it was you babe," Calum chuckled as he walked back into the room with two mugs.

You had no idea how he was still in such a good mood, your flight home tomorrow would undoubtably be canceled and then he'd be home late. Not to mention you'd he homeless as you'd only rented the beautiful cabin for the week.

"I don't," you grumbled but accepted the cocoa. Calum had made it just as you liked, half marshmallow.

You took a sip and tried to stay angry as Calum sat next to you. He maintained eye contact and you watched as he tried to hide the grin he always seemed to get when you were mad behind the mug.

"Don't laugh at me," you grumbled and set the cocoa down on the side table.

"Don't be so cute when you're mad then," he finally looked away and shook his head fondly.

"I'm not trying to be cute. Calum we're going to be homeless and stuck in this- this- frozen Hell!" You exclaimed, throwing up your hands and sighing loudly. You couldn't understand how he was so calm through the whole ordeal.

"Babe," he put down his cocoa as well with a sigh and pulled you onto his lap instead. His warm arms encircled your waist and he rested his chin on your shoulder. "I called the rental company and extended our stay a week," he kissed your exposed shoulder while you gaped.

"You did what? Without telling me?" You whined. Not that it wasn't good news, you just wanted to know how and why the decision was made without you.

"Mhm," he flipped over, so that you were laying flat on your back and he was hovering over you, "wanted it to be a surprise." He tucked his head back into your neck and lazily pressed a few kisses to your chilled skin.

"Well I guess that's good considering we couldn't leave even if we tried and it's going to take them forever to dig us out of here," you reasoned while your hands came up to tangle in Calum's curls.

"Guess I'm just the weather whisperer," he came out of your neck to kiss your lips.

You giggle and leaned away, "the weather whisperer? Really Calum?"

"Really," he confirmed between kisses to your cheek, nose, and forehead.

"Well what's your twenty four forecast then?" You questioned. Calum pulled up and his face looked thoughtful for a few moments before grinning down at you.

"A fuckton of snow with an eighty percent chance of staying up too late," he winked and then moved his face back into the crook of your neck.

"You really are the weather whisperer."

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This could so be a smut

Also just a note when I tried to write cocoa I did it wrong and it tried to autocorrect to Croatia 🇭🇷

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