SOULMATE AU - Beside You

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You felt warm. There was a gentle buzz of music in your ears and a lingering tang of alcohol in your mouth like you had just settled down for a dinner party. It felt nice, but considering it was six in the morning on a Monday, you were inclined to feel a bit jealous that your soulmate was having a much better time than you.

The sensations faded as soon as you swung your legs out of bed and it was again time for a long day of studying and working, dreaming of expensive wine and soft lighting across from the man who you'd come to know in the strangest of ways.

Your very existence was somehow tied to his, intangible strings pulled taunt that allowed feelings, thoughts, sensations to occasionally pass down to the other. All you knew was what you'd felt, but somehow it seemed like an awful lot. You'd felt pressure against your fingertips and the soft thrum of a baseline envelope you enough times to make you think he was a musician. You thought he had tattoos, or at least that's what the soft burn in your skin had seemed like. You knew his hair was soft and curled around his fingers when he brushed his hand through it in the morning. You had your own picture of him, strong and tall, ink pictures dotting his skin and callouses on his fingers from playing his bass night after night.

You pulled on your coziest leggings and a warm sweater, dreading leaving your quiet bedroom for the shared commons of your apartment and the loud hustle and bustle of campus. You always felt closest to him when you were alone and in the quiet.

You didn't have much of a choice though, the world didn't stop just because you wanted it to. Besides, he'd always be there for you when you came back. Bitter coffee taste and the lingering scent of cologne that never quite faded from your bedsheets like had been sleeping there.

"Goodbye my love, hope to meet you soon," you mumbled quietly as you closed the door behind you. The latch quietly clicked and you looked straight ahead, moving into the kitchen.

"Morning beautiful," your roommate and best friend greeted you with a steaming mug of coffee and a smile. She was a morning person and always up before you with a smile, it really wasn't fair.

You accepted it gratefully, "morning sunshine, you seem happier than usual."

She wiggled her eyebrows, "today just seems like a good day, I can feel it."

"Feels cold to me. Nothing great about trudging through six inches of snow to go listen to a calculus lecture." You couldn't help but sound bitter. She didn't have any classes today, and could lay around as long as she'd like.

She only shrugged at your usual morning grouchiness, "you never know Y/N. Today could be amazing cold and all."

You just sighed and put your then empty mug down into the sink. Her endless optimism was annoying especially when you just wanted to be negative in peace. "Yeah, maybe I'll bump into my soulmate and he'll sweep me off my feet and we'll live happily ever after."

"You never know," she stubbornly agreed.

You rolled your eyes, "now you're just being unrealistic."

"I'm just agreeing with you," she called as you walked out to pull on your boots and get as bundled up as possible.

You didn't bother replying as you needed to leave and it wasn't worth an argument. Your soulmate was so far away and you knew it. Acting any other way was idiocy and not worth the heartbreak of disappointment.

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