BGM - Can't Remember

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I'm in a car on a ride to nowhere


I'm just going to sleep away camp lovely *cue sarcasm*

Anywho, without further ado I'm writing a Calum even though I know I did him like two parts ago but bear with me okay

"Hey Michael," you yawned, sitting down on the couch next to your best friend. You were staying with him for a few weeks in LA while the boys had a break from recording, and you'd just concluded a rather amazing nap.

"Sup Y/N?" He answered, looking up from his phone, "How was the nap."

"Best one I've had in a while. I was exhausted," you chuckled, rubbing your eyes a little.

"That's good," Michael nodded.

"Yeah," you agreed with a contented sigh, leaning back into the plush couch.

The conversation stalled until Michael's text notification went off. He swiped across his screen and then smirked when he read the message.

"What?" You asked curiously, trying to lean over his shoulder to get a peek at the screen.

Michael was too fast for that, he turned the screen off and faced you.

"What?" You repeated with a whine this time. You pushed out your bottom lip and pouted at him.

Michael's mischievous smile only widened, "Calum's coming over."

He had you at Calum. You had a massive crush on the bassist that only Michael knew about. You hadn't told him, mind you. Michael could read you like a book. He just knew. And it was rather irritating that he did, because he teased you incessantly about it.

"When? Does he know I'm here? Do I look okay?" You rattled off questions as you shot off of the couch. You knew that the answer to the last question was no, as you were wearing Michael's oversized sweatpants and a huge t-shirt that hung limply over your shoulder. There was no doubt in your mind that your hair, which you had left in a bun, was sticking up in a wild bedhead. 

"He's seen you worse," Michael shrugged and then grinned, "remember that time in London when-"

You groaned loudly, "noooo no no don't remind me." Another thing you hated was when Michael brought up all of the times you had all but humiliated yourself.

"Alright," he snickered and went back to his phone. You had a sneaking suspicion that he wasn't telling you everything, but you also knew that he wouldn't tell you even under the threat of death. He was a stubborn little brat.

You were about ready to scamper back up to your room and vainly try to make you look presentable, only you heard the door open. Loud footsteps pounded inside along with heavy breathing.

"Wow that was a steeper hill than I thought," you heard Calum pant just before his heavy footsteps started walking your way.

You froze, unable to do anything but watch as he rounded the corner. A shirtless Calum, greeted you. His exposed chest was sweaty and he was still breathing heavy, he was covered in a light layer of sweat as he pulled the earbuds from his ears.

"Oh hey Y/N! I didn't know you'd be here," he smiled widely, showing off his bright white teeth.

You smiled back, self-consciously pushing your hair between your ears.

"Bro, where's your shirt? Since when did you run shirtless?" Michael laughed, incredulously looking at Calum's bare chest.

"Aw shit," Calum teased, looking down, "and it's hot out."

"Mhm alright," Michael leaned back and out of Calum's view. You watched him, and as he lowered himself back into the throw pillows you swear he winked.

"So Y/N, what brings you here?" Calum walked forward, leisurely wandering toward you.

"Oh," you swallowed thickly, trying not to stare at his pretty tattoos, "oh uh, just visiting," you cleared your throat and looked away. Glancing at Michael, it looked like he was trying not to laugh.

"That's nice," Calum smiled and reached for a water bottle Michael had left on the table.

"Mhm," you let out a strangled noise as Calum began gulping down the water and staring at you.

"When'd your flight land?" Calum asked while wiping his mouth and then licking his lips.

You weren't sure you were focused enough to answer and Michael must have noticed because he finally came to your rescue. "You're so full of shit Calum," he snorted.

"What?" Calum snapped just a little too harshly. He noticed and immediately went back to his innocent demeanor.

"I mean I told you that Y/N was coming and then you asked me allllll about when her flight was and when she'd be here. So now you've conveniently forgotten huh? Just as you showed up sweaty and shirtless? I call bullshit," Michael rolled his eyes and leaned forward enough that Calum could see.

By now the bassist had flushed a light pink and flipped his bandmate off, "man you're the worst wingman in the history of wingmen."

Michael rolled his eyes even harder and then looked at you, "Y/N do you want to go out with Calum?"

"What?" You squeaked out, not ready for the question.

"Do. You. Want. To. Go. Out. With. Calum?" Michael repeated slowly, "Like on a date. Do you wanna rub your tongues together and call him gross pet names and hold hands and all that mushy crap?"

"I- I-" he had really put you on the spot there, you looked down at your feet and mumbled a yes.

"What was that?" Michael cupped a hand over his ear, "I didn't hear you."

"I said yes. Okay?" You grumbled, feeling like flipping him off too before you looked over at Calum.

He was absolutely beaming. Staring at you with twinkly brown eyes.

"Well Calum does too," he replied before turning to Calum himself, "see? I'm a great wingman."

"Yeah yeah," Calum brushed him off, instead moving to stand in front of you.

"You like me?" You questioned, wanting to hear him say it.

"Yeah. You wanna do all that mushy crap with me?" He wiggled his eyebrows.

You just shoved his shoulder, "shut up Hood."

"Make me," he dared you.

"Fine," you stood up on your tippy toes, gripping Calum's biceps as you pushed your lips up to his. He was kinda sticky and smelled like a locker room but hey, it was Calum so you were completely fine with it.

"More like finally," Michael said just before a camera click went off, "say, 'get a room!'."

"Fuck off Michael," you both mumbled instead.

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