SOULMATE AU - Cupid's Kiss

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Uhm I feel personally victimized by the new wattpad update

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Anyway it's like almost Valentine's Day and I'm feeling single so I figured I'd write a soulmate AU

I write a lot of Calum soulmate AUs

Basically the premise is that before you meet your soulmate you get a mark in the shape and place they'll touch you for the first time

Sometimes it felt like anyone ever focused on were marks. Those cherry red spots that were supposed to be promises of a future love. Almost everyone got one at some point, although there were the unlucky who stayed forever unmarked or unmarked until they were well into old age.

You were a part of the lucky few that was born with your mark. It was more common for marks to gradually appear on the skin during early childhood, but you had the same rose read shape on the back of your hand for as long as you'd had skin. Since marks didn't grow or change, when you were younger it stretched all the way around to your palm, and it had been unclear exactly what it was supposed to be. However as you got older and grew into the spot it became clear what it was supposed to be, a plush pair of lips pressed into the back of your hand.

"It's not fair!" Y/BFF/N would often complain. "You know what my mark is?"

"Of course I do." Was always your reply whenever she felt it necessary to complain about her own mark. (Which was more often than it should)

"A HANDPRINT," she'd yell in frustration, "ON MY ASS!"

"I've seen it," you'd affirm. It was certainly a statement piece and got her plenty of stares whenever the two of you went swimming. You thought it was funny, she didn't.

"It's not fair. Yours is all gentlemanly and romantic and I got a handprint on my ass," she grumbled.

"Who knows, maybe you won't mind when he touches you for the first time," you bit the inside of your lip to keep a straight face and turned to look at her where she was draped dramatically across her bed.

"I mean I guess," she shrugged and rolled onto her face, "I just can't see my first skin on skin contact with anyone being that. Like not even kissing him first, just straight up bare ass spank is the first thing."

You couldn't help but agree that it was a little odd, "I'm sure it'll make sense in the moment."

"God, I hope I'm drunk," was all she should conclude with.


"Why do I need a soulmate when cotton candy exists?" Was Y/BFF/N's comment as she licked the sweetness off of her fingers, "what can a man give me that cotton candy can't?"

"More than five minutes of satisfaction at a time," you responded automatically, glancing over at her sticky face.

She just laughed, "HA! Can't count on that, wouldn't want to get my hopes up there."

You just rolled your eyes and looked around for something new to do. You'd already gone on the swinging ride, the house of mirrors, the bumper cars, and of course the concessions stand. There was just one thing left on your list-

"Ooo! Look over there!" Of course it was Y/BFF/N who started pulling you in the opposite direction of the Ferris wheel and toward a patched-up tent near the back that you hadn't even noticed.

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