BGM - You Meet The Band

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"What if they actually hate me? Like through and through find no redeeming qualities in my character," you gripped Calum's hand tightly as he led you out to the car. "Or lack thereof," you added as an afterthought.

Your boyfriend snorted and looked back as you were trailing behind him, "they'll love you. And even if they don't, they won't say anything... to your face."

"That is the least reassuring reassurance I've ever received," you whined and tried to dig your heels into the concrete to prevent any more forward motion.

Calum sighed and readjusted his hands in your sweaty ones so that he could face you, "baby, they love me, and I love you, so they have to love you. It's like, science!"

You narrowed your eyes, "sounds more like pseudoscience to me."

He groaned and took in a deep breath before facing you with tender brown eyes. Letting go of your hands, Calum instead cupped your face, tilting your head back so you'd look at him, "do you trust me?" He asked.

You nodded automatically, you trusted Calum with everything. Your heart, your soul, your emotions, and your body. He held it all in the palm of his hands.

"Then trust me on this. They'll love you, stop worrying," he said softly, leaning down to press a featherlight kiss on your forehead.

You let your eyelashes flutter shut before you nodded in reluctant agreement, "okay Calum, I trust you."

He smiled brightly, and took your hand again. You kept up the pace with him as he led you around to the passenger's side of the car, like he gentleman he is, Calum opened the door and shut it for you when you were safely buckled inside. Then he walked around to the driver's side and climbed in himself.

He could tell from the way you were biting your lip and squirming in your seat that you were still rather nervous, so he let a hand sit warm and heavy on your thigh just above your knee. A reminder that he was there, and that no matter what he was with you.

You smiled and laid your hand on top of his, tracing the tattooed initials with your pointer finger to try and distract yourself.

It kind of worked, until the car again came to a halt in Ashton's driveway. The boys were all watching the big game today, and after being with Calum for several months, you were invited along.

Calum's hand was a firm pressure against your back as you walked up the pathway that led to the front door. He let the same hand slide down until it rested against your hip. He squeezed a little in an attempt to give you some more comfort as he knocked on the door.

It didn't really work but you appreciated the gesture.

The door swung open right away like they were waiting for you, which they might have been. Standing in the doorway was none other than Ashton, you shifted on your feet as his warm gaze immediately settled on you.

"Calum! You're here!" He said, while never removing his hazel eyes from yours.

"I am. And I brought Y/N. Y/N, meet my bandmate Ashton, Ashton, this is my girlfriend Y/N," he stepped aside as he made the introduction.

Ashton came out of his house and onto the porch, opening his arms wide for a hug, "it's very nice to meet you Y/N. Calum's been talking about you for a long time."

You returned the hug, letting Ashton's warm arms, and soft curls relax you. He seemed nice, and not at all like he hated you.

"Likewise Ashton," you smiled as you detached yourselves, "and thank you for having me."

"Please, we've been trying to get Cally dearest to bring you around for weeks and he just finally manned up enough to do it," a different voice rang out from within the house.

You watched as Michael appeared in the doorway, his bright blue hair was sticking up and he grinned when he saw you.

"I'm Michael, glad to see the weenie finally brought you along," he was holding a beer so all he did was grin and nod at you, so you did the same back while internalizing what he said.

"Glad to be here," was what you said, but, "Calum didn't tell me you wanted me over," was what you thought. Maybe he thought you weren't ready till now. Maybe he was right.

"IS THAT THEM? ARE THEY HERE?" Loud footsteps accompanied the excited voice as a tall blonde quickly appeared. None other than Luke Hemmings looked at you with interest from the doorway.

"Are you Y/N?" He asked, his tone was one of pure curiosity and awe.

"I am," you nodded and smiled at him, "and I take it you're Luke? Calum talks about you all the time."

"He does?" Luke looked over at Calum with interest, "All good things I hope?"

No. "But of course," you giggled.

"Nah, that was a lie, you don't have to spare his feelings or protect Calum or whatever," Michael waved you off.

You shrugged innocently and turned to bat your eyelashes at your boyfriend.

"I think that we should head in now," was Calum's reply, quirking an eyebrow at you.

The other three boys filed in first, then you with Calum close behind. You made a pitstop at the kitchen where beverages were handed out, and then everyone moved to the living room. Calum had a couch that was "his" and he plopped it, beer in hand, as soon as he walked in. You sat down on his lap and let him rest his chin on your head as he talked stats, players, and the projected winner with the other boys.

As the bad jokes were cracked and the game progressed with you being included more and more info the conversation, you grew to like the members of the band, and they in turn you. You really did have nothing to worry about after all.


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