BGM - Soulmate AU pt2

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Heeeere we go. I think I'm gonna make a full-length one soon.


- Previously -
"Well? Did you meet them?" Y/BFF/N pulled away from you excitedly.

"Yeah," you smiled and looked away.

"YESSSSS! Do you know how to find him?" She beamed.

"Not yet."


Her dazzling smile shriveled into a disappointed frown as she processed the information. You could see the gears turning in her head as her eyebrows pulled down and her eyes narrowed, "did you see him?"

You sighed, "well... no."

"Hear him?" Michael jumped back into the conversation, looking down at you from his place behind Y/BFF/N.

"No," you shook your head and looked down at your hands.

They were beginning to make you feel foolish. Y/BFF/N always told you about their first and only dream, in which they both saw and spoke to each other, exchanging information right away. They were the ideal match and you had an invisible hand on your face, a single word, and a two second kiss. What was that in comparison to a conversation? Especially over a four hour period. Their shared dream formed the beginnings of their rock-solid relationship while you only had a handful of sand slowly falling through your fingers.

You watched as she tried to maintain her composure while trying to ask her next question. She failed though, as the corners of her mouth slowly turned up, "did you taste him?"

You flushed and buried your face in your hands. Technically in a way you did, but not in the way she was insinuating.

"She did!" Y/BFF/N squealed. You watched through the slits between your fingers as she looked straight up at her soulmate, "she got some in her first dream."

"Very exciting, invisible dick," Michael chuckled.

"No invisible dick! I kissed him!" You groaned. They went from concerned to perverted in like two seconds. Some friends.

"So you kissed him? That's it?" She actually seemed disappointed that you didn't go any further.

"Well I mean I closed my eyes and there was this hand on my face, so I opened my eyes but there was nobody there. Then I closed them again and the hands were back and there were lips and he said 'beautiful' and then kissed me and then I woke up," you quickly summarized your encounter with your soulmate for your two curious friends. But before they could respond you blurted out a sudden epiphany, "put me back under right now." If he was still asleep then you still had a chance.

Michael made a noise in the back of his throat, "it took him four hours to say one word. In the time it would take you to exchange information I'll be a grandparent."

You frowned and sunk back into yourself. What if he was right and there was no hope? You didn't want to go into a coma or anything.

Y/BFF/N luckily had your side. She swatted at his shin and scowled, "with an attitude like that you'll never be a parent let alone a grandparent." She then turned to you and nodded, "I'll help. I want you to find him."

Your apprehensions dissipated as soon as you thought about actually meeting the owner of those hands and lips. It had to be worth it. "Thank you."

You laid back down flat and closed your eyes.

"Okay Y/N, I need you to relax again, starting with the crown of your head and working down to your toes. That's it. With every breath out let the tension leave your body," you welcomed the familiar tingly sensation of your muscles relaxing, "in, and out. Again. In and out. One more time. In, hold it, and out. Now that you're relaxed, I'm going to count down from five and when I get to one you're going to go back and find your soulmate. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1."

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