BGM - Four Months, One Week, Three Days

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Four months, one week, three days. That's how long it'd been since you started dating Calum. Four months, one week, and three days ago the feelings you had been trying to hide from him were suddenly revealed when he heard you talking about them to Luke. You went from worrying about ruining your friendship with Calum, to being more than just friends.

It had been so surreal then. Just lacing your fingers together felt so different, so new, even though it was something you had done many times before when he was dragging you around. It took you a while to put your finger on it, but you realized that even though he had held your hand, or put an arm around you so many times before, now when he did it it felt like love. Yeah, you had loved him platonically for a long time, but him putting his arm around you because he wanted to be close to you physically, was romantic. It was new and it was Calum. When he did that he made you feel so loved and wanted. When Calum your friend grabbed your hand, he did it generally to make you speed up. When Calum your best friend and boyfriend grabbed your hand, he did it to show affection, whether to comfort you or himself, or just because he liked the feeling of your hand in his, it was a gesture that made you blush and your heart soar. You loved being close to him, and he knew it so he'd do his best to stay by your side.

Now, over a quarter of a year later, he still made the same butterflies erupt in your stomach. Even through arguments and separation, your affection persisted. You began to wonder if the warm tingles and floaty feeling he gave you was more than just general romantic affection. What if it was love?

You hadn't been dating that long, sure. But love doesn't have a timetable, or a schedule it has to follow. Sometimes it happens slowly, and sometimes in a blink of an eye. You weren't sure it was love, but you were definitely liking him more and more with each day. Everyday when you laid your head down on your pillow, you were eagerly anticipating seeing him the next day. It came to the point where he was now staying at your house several days a week, and you, his for the remaining nights. It was fairly rare you slept alone, and probably soon you'd move in together but you weren't there yet.

Still, being in his house was a new normal for you, and one you were excited about. You smiled up at him as the two of you laid in bed for the night. It was beginning to get cold, so you were laying practically on top of him, with your head resting in the crook of his neck. One of his arms was draped over your back, and the other propped his head up on his pillow so he could see you better.

You snuggled further into his chest and pulled the blankets tighter as they were warm and you were cold.

Calum noticed and detached from you momentarily to grab another blanket and spread it over the both of you, adding another layer of insulation.

"Thanks babe," you smiled and pecked his lips, exhausted from another long day.

"I just want you to be comfortable. Now, go to sleep! You're tired," he chided you as your eyelids started to flutter.

Sleep sounded like a great idea, so you took no more convincing to lay your head down on his chest, and you quickly fell asleep.

Calum on the other hand, was a little preoccupied. He had been noticing more and more lately, how much he loved being around you, and that moments like then, when the two of you were just close, were some of his favorite. He felt uncharacteristically content. You hadn't even been together that long, yet he'd count your days together as some of the best in his life.

What was this? What was the weird warmth that you created in his heart that spread through his body like fire? What was the erratic beat of his heart, the soaring pulse that took place only when you were around? How could you never fail to make him smile with things so stupid as knock-knock jokes? Why were you so perfect? Why did you fit so well in his arms?

But most importantly, why did he never want to let you go?

He knew this feeling was different from any he'd ever really felt before. Yeah, he'd had other girlfriends that he liked a lot, but this, this was another level.

He stared down at your face, your cute little mouth, half open and drooling on his chest while you slept, and suddenly the words were there.

Words that had never held this much meaning to him.

Three overused, but still immensely powerful words.

"I love you Y/N."

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