Requests + Contents

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Y'all can request any kind of imagine and I'll write a short about it (500-1000 words) and if I deem it necessary I will make them multiple parts long.

*requests are open*

Requests (random order):
BSM - You're Dating CC From BVB

BGM - You Take Him To A Marching Band Competition


BGM: You Have A Nightmare And He Comforts You*

BGM: He's Jealous of Your Best Friend*

BSM: You Break His Bass

BGM: He Left Marks*

BGM: Baby Fever*

DDM: Summer "Fun"

BGM: It's Late*

BSM: Worth A Shot

BGM: Makeup, Makeout*

BGM: Can't Remember*

BGM: You Meet the Band*

BGM: Snowed In*

BGM: Soulmate AU

BGM: Soulmate AU pt2*

DDM: Tag-Along

BGM: Not What I Expected*

BGM: Soulmate AU*

BGM: Mondays*

BGM: Break or Mistake pt2 (part 1 + alternate ending in Michael imagines)*

BGM: Cool Nights*

BGM: Four Months, One Week, Three Days*

BGM: All Wrapped Up With A Pretty Pink Ribbon*

BGM: A Long Story

BGM: A Long Story pt2*

BGM: Shhhhh!*

BGM: Antique*

BGM: Ruby Red*

BGM: You Taste Like Love (And I Would Know) - Soulmate AU*

DDM: New

BGM: Try Too Hard*

BGM: SnapBack*

BSM: Duck & (Under)Cover - Gang AU*

BGM: Frozen In Time - Soulmate AU*

BGM: Very Long Weekend*


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