Chapter 84

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Chapter 84:
"Loki!" Thor shouted as they all searched around for him. hours had past since the strange ending of the battle, and no one could find Loki anywhere. Thor's mind raced as they searched for him. the Jotuns had fought for a while, then randomly retreated, did they kidnap Loki? Did they kill Loki? He tried not to think about those options, but what else could explain they're sudden falling back?
They kept calling, searching for Loki, but Thor was starting to think that the frost giants had taken him back to Jotunhiem...
"Thor!" He heard Trinity call him and he was pulled from his thoughts. "I found him!" She shouted. Thor immediately ran to where she was. She was far from where the battle had taken place, but Thor found her.
Trinity was kneeling over Loki when Thor got there, and when he saw Loki he felt his stomach knot up; Loki was laying on the ground, unconscious, and his body was twitching and jerking suddenly, like he was having a seizure, and somehow, Thor knew he was in pain.
"What's wrong with him?" Thor asked as he kelt beside Loki to try and figure out what was going on.
"I don't know, I've never seen this" Trinity said. She was as confused as Thor was, Lokis state didn't make any sense.
"Is he alive?" Thor asked. Trinity nodded.
"He has a heartbeat. But we need to get him inside so I can figure out what's happening to him" she said. Almost before she was finished, Thor grabbed Lokis arm and hauled him onto his shoulder to get him inside the compound. It took them a while to get back, but once they got there Trinity started to work on him. Neither her nor Thor truly understood what was going on, they couldn't know that Loki was stuck in a mental loop, unable to break out without the help of someone who knew magic. They didn't know that they were wasting time they didn't have, they didn't know that what Loki was experiencing could send his brain into shock and kill him...
Trinity spent a long time trying to figure out what was going on with the man she wanted to marry, but nothing added up, everything contradicted itself. She was frustrated and terrified because she couldn't help him.
"We need to get back to the palace" she said to Thor as she shakily ripped off her gloves.
"We don't have time-" Thor started to speak but Trinity snapped and cut him off.
"I can't help him!" She shouted "whatever is going on with him is beyond me, it's not- it's not anything that makes any kind of medical sense!" She yelled.
"It'll take us all night to get back to the palace. We need to fix this here" Thor said. Trinity got angrier.
"he's unconscious, he's exhibiting all signs of being unconscious, and yet-" she shoved a piece of paper that displayed lokis brain activity at Thor. "His Brain is somehow hyperactive, as if he's awake and running for his life" she continued, Thor didn't bother looking at the chart she gave him.
"That's not possible" Thor said.
"I know!" Trinity yelled "and somehow, here we are. He's unconscious, low heartbeat, slow breathing, not responsive to stimulation, yet a hyperactive mental state and increased amounts of adrenaline. This defies logic, and I only work in logic. I need someone who knows how to defy the rules of nature. And the only two people I know who can do that are Loki, and-" Thor cut her off.
"My mother" he said. "Will he survive that long?" Thor asked.
"I don't know. If we hurry then maybe he cane make it, but if he's stuck like this for too long it could very literally drive him crazy" she told him. He nodded and started thinking.
"We have one emergency escape ship, I think now is the time to use it" Thor said as he put Loki over his shoulder again. "We should be able to make it by morning if we don't stop for anything" he added as he and Trinity went to get on the ship and race back to the palace. When they got to the ship, Thor put Loki down and let Trinity watch over him while he flew them back to the palace.
They had been flying all night, the sun was peaking up above the mountains, and Loki hadn't gotten any better at all. In fact, he had progressively gotten worse. The twitching turned to aggressive jolting, Trinity still couldn't wake him up, and he still wasn't responding to stimulation.
"Thor hurry, I don't know how much of this he can take" Trinity urged, but Thor was going as fast as they possibly could, then they finally saw the palace.
"We're almost there" Thor said, but it sounded more like he was talking to Loki, telling him to hold on.
They made it back to the palace and raced to get to Frigga. Thor grabbed Loki and luged him inside.
"Where's my mother?" Thor demanded of one of the guards. Before the guard could speak, Frigga entered the hall.
"What-" she was confused by their presence, but Thor knew they didn't have time to explain.
"Mother you need to help him. Someone attacked him with some kind of spell and we can't do anything to fix it" Thor said quickly. Frigga forgot her questions and had Thor put loki down so she could see what was happening to him.
"When did this start?" Frigga asked.
"Some time yesterday. The compound was attacked and loki went missing, he was like this when we found him" he said. Frigga didn't respond verbally, but her urgency seemed to increase. She knew someone was toying with his head, she'd seen things like this before.
"Hopefully it'll be easy to expel it" she said as she put a hand on his forehead to try and bring him back to reality, but as soon as she touched his face she pulled her hand back, like his skin had burnt her.
"No..." she muttered, now seeming far more concerned than Thor or Trinity.
"What? What's going on?" Trinity asked.
"You say he's been like this all night?" Frigga demanded. Thor stammered a little bit.
"We tried to get here as quickly as possible-" Frigga didn't let him finish.
"Get him to my chambers, now" she commanded. Thor scooped Loki up once more and brought him to Frigga's room.
"Put him on the bed" Frigga instructed as they made it to the room. Thor did as she told. 
"When He Wales up I need you two to help me reorient him." Frigga said to Thor and Trinity as she ripped halfway down the front Lokis shirt. "He could go into shock, and we need to avoid that" she added. They were both wondering what was going on, but they were ready to follow instruction.
Frigga took a short breath, then put one hand on his forehead again, and the other on his chest. For a moment nothing happened, then Loki suddenly tensed, Friggas face hardened with determination, like she was fighting something. Lokis skin was burning hot, but Frigga kept her hands on him, trying to break the dark spell that was keeping him captive. Her face darkened, Loki stopped breathing.
"Let go of my son" she growled, then suddenly Lokis eyes burst open and we woke with a sharp gasp. Frigga pulled her hands back, Lokis eyes darted around the room, but panic and confusion were leading his mind at the moment.
"Calm down, we got you out" Frigga said, trying to get him to focus on her. His whole body was shaking, his face was tinted green, and he looked like he was going to be sick. Loki started coughing and clutching at his chest; he was having trouble breathing. Frigga moved aside and let Trinity take over.
"Breath, take a deep breath" Trinity said to Loki, but he still wasn't inhaling. He couldn't. Trinity grabbed his face and forced him to look at her.
"Inhale. Now" she ordered in a very commanding tone that made Thor happy he wasn't in Lokis place. Loki hesitated, he had to concentrate hard on the fact that he wasn't underwater anymore, he could inhale without drowning.
After a moment, he took a deep breath and his mind seemed to focus. He was back to realty. Trinity thought he was okay, but then he sat up suddenly, pushed her back with surprising force, and vomited over the side of the bed.
"We-" Loki tried to talk, but just vomited again. When Thor was sure he was done, he handed Loki some water. Loki took it with a shaky hand and drank some of it. Then a looked of horror took over his face. He looked between Thor, Frigga, and Trinity.
"Run" he said before his eyes rolled back and he fell unconscious again.

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