Chapter 7

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Chapter 7
Laufey stood there still holding his son by his hair. He wasn't expecting frigga to ask to take him home with, this was interesting.
"What want to take him home?" He asked as he looked at his son. "This? You actually want this? What would you use him for?" He asked with a wicked laugh.
"That's none of your business. You clearly aren't attached to him so just give him to me and let me take him to Asgard" Frigga said again.
"Well I'm not attached to him but I'm going to keep him. He provides a lot of entertainment for my men" he said as he turned toward a few of the servants and shoved his son at them, they caught him and shoved him to the side so he wouldn't be bothering Laufey.
"Give me one good reason to give him to you" laufey said to Frigga, she looked to the young frost Giant who was now on the ground near the wall, being guarded by the servants in the room.
" you have no need for him, look at him, he can't possible be very helpful anymore, and you clearly don't care about him so just give him to me" she said "you'd be getting rid of someone you hate, what harm would it do you?" She said, looking at the young frost giant who seemed to be becoming more and more scared every minute. She didn't understand why he was so afraid of her taking him away from here, but she would figure that out later, even if he is scared she's not going to leave him here. Laufey looked over at his son and saw how afraid he was. He walked over and forced him to his feet again and dragged him back to where Frigga was.
"Please- please don't send me there-" the young frost giant had spoken for the first time since Frigga saw him. Laufey became outraged.
"You know the rules!" He yelled at his son as he struck him hard across his face, making him fall to the ground. He held out his hand and one of he servants gave him a rod. "You know you aren't allowed to speak!" He yelled as he started beating him with the rod.
"Stop he hasn't done anything!" Frigga yelled at Laufey. Everything got chaotic after that. Frigga wanted to go make him stop but the servants wouldn't let her get close enough, Odin got up to try to get frigga to calm down,
Laufey kept beating his son and the servants watched with amusement. Frigga shouted at Laufey to make him stop, the guards were shouting at Frigga to make her stop shouting at Laufey, Odin was trying to prevent the situation from escalating further, and Laufeys son was begging Laufey to stop beating him. It was loud and everyone was yelling at someone, but Frigga only cared about the poor boy being beaten to death for nothing. Laufey just kept hitting him harder and harder every time while shouting at him about not being allowed to talk, by now he was bleeding all over and was trying to protect his face from further strikes wth no success.
"Laufey leave him alone!" Frigga yelled again, Laufey stopped for one moment and looked over at Frigga.
"You think I'd give him to you? I enjoy this far to much" he said with a wicked grin, before he could continue his son looked up at him.
"Father please- please stop... " he begged with a weak voice.  He couldn't take it any more. At that moment everything went silent and laufey turned on him with a dangerous level of rage in his face. he had said one word no one was expecting to hear; 'father' Frigga looked between him and Laufey, that's his son? This slave is his own son?
Laufey was looking at his son with burning rage, he got down and grabbed him around his neck and forced him up to his feet.
"YOU KNOW WHAT I SAID! YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO USE THAT WORD!!" He shouted in his sons face as he shoved him down onto the table and grabbed a knife.
"You're going to suffer for that" he growled in his face as he repeatedly cut him across his face.
"Stop! Stop hurting him!" Frigga shouted, Laufey ignored her. He pulled his son to his feet again and shoved him at the servants.
"Take him to the lower dungeons" he ordered. A new Kind of terror washed over his sons face, a desperate fear.
"No please-" laufey cut him short.
"Cut out his tongue and sew his mouth shut, I'm tired of hearing his voice" he said as he waved them away. The guards started to drag him out.
"No- no Please! Please don't- send me there!" He cried weakly as he was dragged toward the door, he tried to fight but he was too weak from all the beatings and he couldn't stop them.
"Laufey don't, please" Frigga begged as she saw the young frost giant being dragged out, he was already so broken and beaten that she just couldn't let him damage him any more, he looked so scared and terrified and he kept mumbling as he begged laufey not to take him to the lower dungeon, but the guards didn't pay his pleadings any attention. Frigga desperately tried to think of a way to convince Laufey to let her take him home, what would Laufey want though?
"I'll buy him!" She shouted above all the noise. Laufey held up a hand and the guards stopped dragging out Laufeys son, his breathing was panicked but at least he wasn't being taken to the dungeon again...
Laufey looked to Frigga with a amused look.
"Say that again" he said. This was interesting indeed. The guards stopped holding her back and let her get closer to laufey.
"I'll buy him from you. I'll pay you whatever amount you want, just stop all this" she said "I want to take him home with me, just name your price. And don't-" she was going to say 'don't hurt him' but she knew that was a stretch "don't do anything to him that can't be fixed, I don't want permanent damage on him when I take him home" she felt terrible talking about him like he was a piece of furniture, but Laufey wouldn't listen to her if she talked about how she wanted to give him a good home and a comfortable life. Laufey smirked a little bit, sure he liked abusing his son, it was funny and entertaining, but she just said she'd pay any price. It could be worth it.
"How much are you willing to pay?" He asked her, he waved for the guards to drop his son and they did, letting the weak boy crumble to the ground in a heap, he was in unbearable pain and couldn't even sit up to look at Laufey and Frigga, he was shaking all over, he was terrified at the thought of being sold and taken to Asgard.
"Anything. Just name your price and I'll pay it, just let me have him" she said. Laufey laughed a little
bit while looking at his son.
"Well... this is very interesting, but I think I can agree to that" he said, Frigga sighed in relief, not even noticing that Laufeys son was wanting to beg them not to take him to Asgard.
"Then we'll leave tomorrow and I'll take him with me-" Frigga started to talk but Laufey interrupted.
"No. You two will return to Asgard tomorrow without him, I'll bring him to you when we visit you in a week" he said "you don't get to have him till I have my money" he said. She opened her mouth to argue but Laufey didn't let her start.
"If you don't agree then the deal is off and I'll have his tongue cut out" he said. She didn't want to leave him there for another week, but at least she knew she'd be getting him out in a soon. it was the best she could do.
"Fine. Deal"

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