Chapter 88

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Loki ran past the fighting soldiers, up to Odin's chambers. His heart was racing, all he could think about was the danger he put Frigga in. He told her to go to Odin's chambers, if laufey was there and Frigga ended hurt or dead, Loki would never forgive himself.
Frigga was with Odin, she could hear the battle raging down below, she knew loki was doing his best to lead the people of Asgard, but she still picked up a sword and got ready for the frost giants to break in. She wouldn't be able to fight many on her own, but she would defend herself and Odin for as long as she could. She was facing the door, but then she heard the loud footsteps of the frost giants coming from the other end of the room where a hidden door was. She didn't know that Quyen had shown them the hidden passage, but she now knew that somehow they found out about it. She faced the hidden enterance, waiting for them to come out.
The footsteps got louder and then suddenly the entrance burst open and three frost giants entered. They didn't seem to mind that Frigga was there.
"Put down the weapon, you can't stop laufey now" one of them said. Frigga ignored him.
"I've met Laufey, he's not that impressive. His main hobby seemed to be beating up people half his size, that's not exactly a sign of great strength" she said back, she then lunged at him with her sword, he wasn't expecting he attack and before he even drew his weapon, Frigga had lopped off his head, she swung the sword at the second frost giant but he was ready and stopped her attack. He knocked the sword out of her hand and grabbed her throat.
"Be thankful that Laufey wants Loki around for your death" he growled at her before hitting her on the head and knocking her unconscious.
"What do we do with her? Laufey isn't here yet" he asked the other frost giant that was still alive.
"Throw her into the hall. Once the king is dead it won't matter anyway" the other responded. The frost giant dragged her over to the door and threw her out into the hall. They knew Laufey would be there any minute to kill Odin.
Loki had never run so fast in his life. He thought he'd be scared, he thought he'd be afraid or feel overwhelmed by the whole situation, but he was wrong. He wasn't scared or nervous, he was just angry. He was angry that Laufey was trying to hurt the few people who Loki loved, he was angry that he'd put Frigga in danger, and he was angry that he'd been blind to Laufey's real motives. His anger gave him strength, his physical issues were nonexistent in his mind, all he wanted to do was end Laufey's life.
"Mother!" He shouted, making it to the top of a staircase and rounding a corner into the hall leading to Odin's chambers. He stopped immediately. Frigga was laying on the ground, she looked dead.
"No no no mother" he said as he dropped to the ground next to her. She had a cut on the side of her head. More anger rose in Lokis chest.
"Mother wake up, come on" loki said, trying to get any kind of response from her.
"Loki..." she groaned, wincing a little bit as her eyes slowly opened. "Loki... get to your father" she said "the frost giants... they made it into his chambers" she told him. Loki didn't know how long Frigga had been here, but he was now starting to think that the odds of saving Odin were very slim.
"Mother-" she cut him off.
"Laufey isn't there yet.... but we don't have long. Go, save Odin" she said urgently. Loki didn't take the time to argue, if laufey was going to try and murder Odin loki would be there to stop him.
Loki moved Frigga to the wall so that she at least wasn't just laying out in the open, then he got up and ran to Odin's chambers.
Laufey got there just before Loki did, but he didn't know that Loki was on his way, laufey thought he'd already won.
"Odin, I wish you could be awake for this" laufey said when he walked over to Odin's bed. He always wanted to see the look on Odin's face when he killed him, but this would have to be enough, he wasn't going to wait for Odin to wake up to kill him. Laufey walked to the bed and leaned over Odin, forcing his eye open.
"They say that even in the Odin sleep, you can still see and hear what transpires around you." As laufey spoke, a sharp shard of ice formed in his hand. "I hope it's true, so that you may know that your death came at the hand of Laufey".
Laufey raised the ice dagger to murder Odin, he was finally going to be rid of the man who always stood in his way. Pride rose in laufey's chest as he realized that he'd finally won, Odin was going to die at his hand, Odin's life would end and laufey could finally rule the nine realms, nothing would be in his way ever again. He plunged the dagger down, But before it could touch Odin, laufey was blasted back by a strong force of energy. He was hit in the side by a ball of fire and was sent crashing into the wall. The energy was so strong that he couldn't even move. In one second his victory had been foiled.
He was confused for a moment and then he looked up to see who had stopped him from murdering the king. To his surprise and disgust he saw that the man who had stopped him, the man who had fired the weapon that prevented laufey from getting what he'd always wanted, was none other than Loki.
Laufey wasn't used to seeing Loki look Unafraid, but now loki stood in the doorway looking like the king he had become. He looked powerful and regal in his glittering gold armor. He stood there in a green cape and a horned helmet and didn't look or feel at all out of place, he looked powerful and cold, and he looked to be standing exactly where he belonged. He wasn't a slave pretending to be a prince, he was a king. A strong and powerful king. Looking at him now no one would have ever guessed that only a year ago he was a timid caged slave, and there was no fear of laufey left in him; he looked like a king, he felt like a king, he was a king.
Loki looked down at Laufey with indifference, he wasn't afraid or nervous, he looked at Laufey as if he was nothing more than a petty murderer. Loki opened his mouth to speak, Laufey was expecting his voice to be weak and frail like it had been when laufey controlled him. But when Loki spoke, his voice was deep and carried authority and power and hatred.
Loki raised the staff again and pointed it at Laufey, then spoke the last words Laufey would ever hear.
"And your death came by the son of Odin"

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