Chapter 57

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Loki's hearing was muffled and he couldn't move a muscle, he felt like someone had locked him in place and no matter how hard he fought, his body refused to cooperate. It was getting to be too much, why wasn't his body cooperating? He started to fight harder, he needed to move, he felt like he was imprisoned because he couldn't move his own body.
After several minutes, a strained groan escaped his lips and everyone in the room rushed over to him, his eyes opened a tiny bit and all he could see was a blur of faces and all he could hear was muffled voices, all speaking at once. His head was beginning to clear more as he woke up, he was able to get his fingers to move and slowly he felt the ability to control his muscles return to him.
"Stop.." he said with a ragged voice, trying to silence all the people speaking to him. They were so loud, and they were all talking so quickly. He needed to get his head straight before dealing with them.
The room was suddenly silent. Loki blinked a few times to try and clear his eyes that were seeing everything in a blur, finally he was able to see Frigga, Trinity, Odin, and a bunch of other people he didn't recognize, probably more healers.
"Everyone back off. Back away" he could hear Trinity's voice speaking to the other people in the room, but it still sounded like someone speaking through water, it was muffled and hard to understand.
"Loki, try to focus on me" she said as she leaned over him and held his head steady, his eyes wandered for a little bit until they landed on her and were able to focus.
"Can you hear me?" She asked after he focused. He was able to nod a little bit, but he felt extremely groggy, like he'd taken a lot of sleeping medication.
"What's your name?" She asked him, trying to see if his head was in order or not.
"Loki..." he mumbled, his eyes starting to wander again. Trinity let go of him and he could see her blurry image pressing some buttons on the side of his bed to adjust his medications. He didn't even realize that he had needles in his arms, and he was just now noticing the highly annoying sound of the heart monitor.
"Turn that off..." he muttered.
He was starting to become more conscious, he knew where he was and he remembered bits and pieces of what had happened. He knew he'd been attacked, he knew he'd been bleeding a lot, he knew he'd been taken to the healing room, but the details were still foggy to him.
"I can't, not yet. Just try to wake up, take deep breaths. Once I know you can keep yourself alive then I'll detach everything" she told him, but he stopped listening after 'not yet'.
There was silence in the room for several long minutes as Loki was brought back to reality. He could see everyone's faces more clearly, he could hear better, he could feel the pain in his leg and his... chest? Why did his chest hurt so bad? He hadn't been awake when Trinity tried to get his heart started again by pounding his chest with her fist, so he didn't know why there was a big bruise there. But at the moment he didn't really care, he just wanted all these monitors off him, he wanted to rip off all the tabs that covered his chest, he wanted to get rid of the tube under his nose that was helping him breathe, he didn't like this stuff.
"How's he doing?" He heard Frigga ask, Frigga decided that she'd just talk to the healers instead of loki, he didn't really know anything about his condition.
"He'll be alright, it's just taking him a few minutes to gain his senses again. He was dead a few hours ago" Trinity told her. Dead? What? Loki's mind suddenly started working a little harder and faster. he remembered that, he remembered dying.... and he remembered more of the details now. He remembered wondering why he was dying if he was only stabbed once in the leg, he remembered the fight he had with the attacker, he remembered telling the guards where to find him, he remembered Trinity's voice as she tried to get him to keep his eyes open, he remembered the world becoming a black pit that he was falling into. He remembered his heart stopping and then starting itself again. It was all coming back to him in vivid detail now.
"I died.." loki mumbled "because of... a stab wound? Really?" He didn't understand how that could've killed him.
"I can explain it all to you when you're feeling a bit better-" Trinity started, but Loki cut her short.
"I feel fine. Fine enough to listen. How did a knife to the leg end up killing me?" He asked her. After everything he's lived  through, and he died because of one knife? He's getting weak.
"It was poisoned" Trinity said "the knife was coated with some kind of chemical that got into your blood and stopped your heart" she explained. Loki was a little shocked for a minute, then he realized that that explanation made A lot of sense, of course it was poisoned, that makes perfect sense. He wasn't taken out by a knife, he was taken out by a poison.
"And then what got it starting again?" He asked her.
"I don't know for sure... but I think that the chemical also got your heart beating again, it killed you, then brought you back" she told him.
He looked like something clicked, and he didn't seem happy about whatever he was thinking.
"Loki what's wrong?" Frigga asked, Loki looked oddly concerned now and he was being very quiet.
"It killed me and brought me back to life.... that- that's something that Laufey used to do" he said, breathing a little harder now. Trinity took the breathing tube out from under his nose
"He did that to you?" Trinity asked him.
"No not me, he did it to animals...'for transport... and if my attacker had that poison-" Frigga didn't let him finish.
"No, the man who attacked you isn't a frost giant" she said.
"How do you know?" Loki asked her, he didn't remember him being a frost giant, but he'd been poisoned so he could be wrong.
"We caught him. The guards went out and found him, and Thor has been interrogating him for a long time now. He's not a frost giant" Odin assured him. Loki didn't say anything, but he seemed less tense.
"You're sure?" He asked. Odin nodded.
"Yes, absolutely, he's an Asgardian" Odin told him again.
There was silence for a few minutes and then the questioning started again.
"Do you have any idea who would want to do this to you?" Odin asked Loki. Loki swallowed hard, his throat was dry and rough but he spoke anyway.
"No, the only person I've fought with is Jalil, and he hasn't seemed hostile since  the celebration" he told him, Trinity handed him a glass of water and he happily drank the entire glass.
"Alright, hopefully Thor can find out why this man wanted to kill you. Why weren't you training in the arena like normal?" Odin asked him, Frigga didn't really want him to start interrogating Loki, but she couldn't really tell him not to.
"I don't know, something felt off when I was training so I went to be alone, I thought it would help shake the weird feeling, but it was obviously a bad idea" he explained, sitting up a little bit more.
"How did you get back?" Odin asked him, he was surprised that Loki had made it back on his own.
"I don't know... I just did what I could to get away from the attacker, then I got to Sleipnir and he brought me back." Loki told him "I was half unconscious through
Most of it, so I don't really remember much of what I did" he added, he knew he'd be disappointing Odin with his answers, but he couldn't control what he remembered.
"Alright... well I guess I have nothing more to ask you then" Odin said. Frigga was about to speak but she didn't get he chance, Thor walked into the room with a very serious look on his face.
"Mother, father, and Trinity. I need to speak to you three" he said, they were all confused, especially because he included Trinity. They knew he'd just come from interrogating Loki's attacker, so they were a little bit worried. Nevertheless, they all got up and followed Thor out.
"What's wrong" Frigga asked him.
"Let's talk in the meeting room" Odin suggested, and they all followed him there. Trinity wasn't sure why she was coming, she shouldn't be involved in the royal's affairs, and she hardly thought that being in a relationship with Loki warranted her being involved in their meetings.
Once they got to the meeting room everyone sat down.
"Thor, what's going on?" Odin asked. Thor took a deep breath.
"I was able to get information out of Loki's attacker" he stated.
"And?" Frigga asked, breaking the tense silence that had risen in the moment after Thor spoke.
"Well.... like we assumed before, he's from Asgard" he said. But everyone knew there was more, there was some bad news to follow.
"But... he's working against us, he's made alliance with Laufey. And he was sent to kidnap Loki"

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