Chapter 6

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Chapter 6:
Frigga wasn't able to sleep at all. She couldn't stop thinking about that boy and the fact that she caused him to get beaten further. He even tried to back away and she wouldn't let him. She felt incredibly guilty.
When Odin woke up he got up and went to breakfast, Frigga had told him she was tired and wanted to stay in their room, but she was really just thinking of a way to get that young man out of here. She'd never be able to go back to Asgard knowing he was here living in such torture.
So Frigga had been in her and Odin's chambers all day, thinking and trying to find a way to help him.
"Frigga" Odin came into the room, she looked over at him "its time for dinner, we'll be meeting the queen and discussing things about the realms, you have to be there" he told her. She knew she couldn't get out of it.
"Of course" she said as she got up and left the room with Odin. They were brought back to the dining room and saw that Laufey was already there.
"I'm glad you could make it Frigga, I trust you slept well last night and had a pleasant day today?" He asked.
"My night was interrupted. But my day has been a little better" she said as they were shown to their seats and they sat down. Laufey didn't make any more comments about the previous night.
"My queen will be here shortly. She had something to take care of" he told them. For some reason Frigga instantly thought of the slave from the night before, but no, that couldn't be, he wouldn't send the queen to take care of torturing a slave. After several minutes of silence a woman came into the dining room.
"I apologize for the delay" she said. Everyone stood up to greet her.
"This is my queen Ilkay" Laufey said to Odin and frigga. They nodded in greetings.
At first glance she looked just like a normal frost giant. She was tall, her skin was blue like the jotuns, her eyes were red and her hair was jet black. But after looking at her for a moment it became clear that she was different; her skin was blue but a much softer lighter blue, she was tall, but not as tall as the other women jotuns Odin had seen, it was like she was trying to be taller, her eyes were red,
but only the irises were blood red like a normal jotuns, around the iris was a much more faded red that almost just looked bloodshot, and the way she carried herself was awkward, like she wasn't used to her own body and had to adapt.
"Something troubles you all-father" Ilkay said as they took their places at the table.
"Nothing at all" he said, tough she was very.... confusing. It was like he knew what was wrong with her but couldn't put his finger on it.
"She used to be human" laufey said, as if reading Odin's mind. Suddenly he knew what was wrong with her, Laufey had just told him. She looked human but she also looked jotun. Like someone had put a filter over a light, she was human, but distorted to be jotun. It also explained why their son had been so small when Odin found him, he was of a human mother. And thinking of there son, why hasn't he  seen him yet?
"Used to be human?" Frigga asked.
"It would take to long to explain" Laufey said shortly "besides, it's not important. I'll have the servants bring out dinner now that we're all here" he nodded to one of the servants in the dinning room and he left to go have their food brought out. Frigga watched the servant leave, then turned to Laufey.
"Speaking of the servants, what happened to that boy I met last night?" She asked. Laufey put on a fake look of confusion.
"What boy?" He asked.
"The boy that-" she wasn't able to finish, as she was speaking the doors opened and in walked Laufey's son, bringing in plates of food for each of them. Of course Laufey would have him serving the meals, there's no better way to torture someone who's starving.
The dinning room was lit up for the meal and Frigga was able to see the young frost giant very clearly now. She wished she wasn't able to see him, in the light he looked even worse, he wasn't just dirty and bruised, he was a total mess of injuries and scars.
She couldn't see one speck of his skin that wasn't either cut, burned, bruised, or covered in old blood, every time he took a step he limped and looked like he had to think about staying upright, and as he handed them their plates Frigga could see his whole body shaking. She wondered if he ever wasn't shaking, he kept his eyes on the ground and avoided eye contact with anyone, so he was clearly very afraid and he was probably always living in fear.
Frigga looked up at him and caught his eyes, he was so scared, her heart broke every time she looked at him. He came to Frigga and put down her plate of food, she could see that all he wanted to do was eat, he was staring at the food like he'd never had a bite to eat in his life. Frigga put her hand on his. He instantly pulled away the way he would have if he'd touched something hot. She looked at him sadly.
"What's your name sweetie?" She asked him softly. The young frost giant froze, Laufey and Ilkay were looking at him intently. He looked at frigga and gave her a terrified look before walking away to set down everyone else's plates of food. Why did he never speak?
Once he was finished serving the food Two guards came over to him and chained his hands behind his back and dragged him to the side of the room, he had his eyes fixed on the table, silently begging everyone there to give him something to eat. Frigga looked to Laufey and Ilkay.
"Give him something to eat" she said.
"Who?" Ilkay asked, as if she didn't even see him.
"That boy you've been abusing, he's starving, anyone can see that, and he does not deserve to be treated this way" she said, feeling herself getting more and more angry for the young frost giant. No one should ever be treated like this, it's sick, it's disgusting that anyone could abuse another person like this.
Ilkay looked at the young frost giant, who was now chained up on the ground in the corner.
"Oh... that... he's nothing, he's just a horrendous mistake" she said while looking at him with disgust. Frigga looked between the boy and Ilkay.
"How can you treat someone like this? How can you beat and starve this poor boy and act like it's nothing?!" She yelled at Ilkay and Laufey.
"He is nothing, he's just a disease. I tiny piece of filth that shouldn't have even lived" Laufey spat. "Bring it over here" Laufey said to the other servants in the room, they went over and grabbed Laufey's son and dragged him back over to Laufey. Laufey stood up and grabbed him. the young frost giant shuddered in fear, making Frigga stand up too, she wouldn't let him get hurt again.
"This is a slave" he said, pulling his hair back so he had to look at Frigga. "He is a creature, he is worth less than dirt, he is-" Frigga didn't let him finish.
"Give him to me" frigga said. Everyone looked shocked and confused.
"What did you just say?" Laufey asked.
"Give him to me. If he means nothing to you then let me have him, let me take him to Asgard with me" Laufey looked baffled but amused. Odin looked shocked, Ilkay was looking up at Laufey expectantly, and Frigga was holding eye contact with Laufey. She thought for sure the young frost giant would be overjoyed to maybe be getting out of here, she looked at his face expecting to see excitement, but when she looked at him he was looking right back at her, his face filled with fear. He was afraid of her

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