Fifty Shades of Loki (One-Shots) by EireKriso
Fifty Shades of Loki (One-Shots)by EireKriso
A collection of Loki oneshot smut and non-smut stories for your enjoyment! *UPDATE* Hiatus June 2016 - December 2017 Continuation of series January 2018
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Loki Imagines (Loki X Reader) by Lokis_ice_rose
Loki Imagines (Loki X Reader)by Lokis_ice_rose
A collection of Loki imagines. Mostly feelsy ones (used to be called Feels Queen by my ig followers), with few happy and cute ones here and there :D All characters belo...
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Unbroken  by loki__fanfic
Unbroken by loki__fanfic
What would the life of laufeys son be like if Odin had never adopted him? This story will tell of the life of the jotun prince as he was raised by laufey, and it will te...
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My daughter... A Loki Story by GhostbusterMARVEL
My daughter... A Loki Storyby BuckyBear_FanFicGirl
"Why does everyone run away from me daddy?! Everyone thinks I'm a monster!!" Cried little Stella as her face turned blue. Loki kneeled to her little daughte...
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Loki's Fangirl Problem by SailorRose19
Loki's Fangirl Problemby Lydsa Maldonado
Uh oh! Looks like Loki's got his hands full with some fangirls of his own. How will the trickster god handle this?! Read and find out
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Sweets And Sass (SPN Gabriel X OC) by Gangstadactyl
Sweets And Sass (SPN Gabriel X OC)by Queen_of_Whatevs
Sweets? Check Sass? Check Dat ass? CHECK CHECK Need I say more ^=^ *psst* Don't forget to sub, vote and comment if you really wanna!!! '\^~^/' And remember, Stay beauti...
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I Need You // LokixReader One Shot by Ms_SkyeClark
I Need You // LokixReader One Shotby Skye Clark
Okay, so this is for all my fellow fangirls who desperately wanted to comfort Loki in that sence when he found out he was adopted. Obviously he had many emotions in that...
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A Heart of Gold by Lokis_ice_rose
A Heart of Goldby Lokis_ice_rose
[Loki fanfiction] Can a young maiden turn the terrifying second son of Odin into a decent person again? Everyone one around him gave up on the idea but she did not. Will...
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Into Eternity {A loki fan fiction} by moonkid69
Into Eternity {A loki fan fiction}by 69
( Sequel to Into The Blue {A Loki Fanfiction} ) ***READ THE FIRST BOOK OR YOU WILL NOT UNDERSTAND IT*** Arabella finally finds her lost sister, along with one hand...
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Little Loki's Illusions by UstaQueen1221
Little Loki's Illusionsby The Barefoot Pianist
"How did you do that?" exclaimed Thor. "It's just magic." Loki turned around, his eyes sparkling with delight. "Come, you Asgardian scum, and...
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Till Death and Beyond [COMPLETED] by Lokis_ice_rose
Till Death and Beyond [COMPLETED]by Lokis_ice_rose
[Loki fanfiction] Marriages bring families together. When your fiancé is a prince from another world and his father does not approve of your relationship is when your ha...
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Thor Ragnarok- The Abridged script by notme2003
Thor Ragnarok- The Abridged scriptby
Loki, Thor, their crazy goth sister and their father, Odin, the God of failed parenting. BTW there is a SECOND part
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