Chapter 70

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Chapter 70:
Loki was worried. After he left Trinity he received a message from Odin telling him to be sure to be present for dinner that evening. Apparently this was going to be the final night of Laufey and Ilkay's stay, they would be returning to jotunhiem that night. Loki was glad to see them go, but he knew that this dinner wouldn't have a happy ending, Laufey was more angry than ever before now. Not only did Loki beat him up, interrupt him, talk down to him, and state that he wouldn't take his orders, but Laufey wasn't able to punish him for any of it. Laufey wanted to have Loki beaten in the most horrific ways possible and he wanted to do it until Loki begged for his life, but he wasn't able to lay a finger on him, and Loki knew that that made him dangerously angry.
Loki knew that this was laufey's last chance to convince Odin and Frigga to return Loki to jotunhiem, and Loki was sure that when Odin and Frigga refused, laufey would make threats that he indented to live up to. 
Loki sat in his room watching the clock, tapping his foot as he waited for the time for dinner to come around. He tried to keep himself busy, but he wasn't able to focus on anything after Odin delivered he message. Finally it was time, so he got up and left his room to go meet everyone in the dining room. He was still in quite a bit of pain when he tried to walk, but he kept reminding himself (and everyone else) that he'd lived through worse, and a few broken bones wasn't a big deal. Nevertheless, on his way to the dinning room for dinner, Thor met up with him to help him get there.
"Thor I'm fine, I can walk" loki told him, which didn't stop Thor from putting an arm around Loki's waist and making loki hold onto his shoulder for support.
"I'm sure you can. And I'll let you walk into the dinning room on your own, but until we get there, I'll make sure you stay on your feet" he said. Loki was quiet, he appreciated Thor's help even though he didn't want to need it.
"Thanks" loki said. They walked the rest of the way in silence until they got to the door of the dinning room. Thor let go of Loki and they went into the dinning room, Laufey and Ilkay weren't there yet, so Thor grabbed Loki again and continued to help him walk until they got to their seats.
"Where's Laufey?" Loki asked Odin once he sat down. Loki throat was still very sore, and any talking was painful, but he did his best to ignore it.
"He's on his way" Odin said, Odin looked a little bit frustrated.
"I didn't intend to make things worse, I'm sorry" loki said. He knew that beating Laufey on the head pretty much ruined any chances of ending this peacefully.
"You're allowed to defend yourself" Odin said, though it sounded a little bit rehearsed, like he actually was mad at loki, but Everyone knew odin was just angry at the whole situation.
After a few minutes, Laufey and Ilkay walked in, Laufey glared daggers at Loki, but Loki just shifted his eyes a little bit so he didn't have to look at him.
Laufey and Ilkay walked to their seats but didn't sit down. Thor, Loki, Frigga, and Odin all stood up. Loki payed little attention to the sharp pain that shot through his ribs.
"I have no interest in dinning with you. I want to speak with my son alone" Laufey stated. Odin and Frigga exchanged glances and so did Loki and Thor.
"Are you crazy? You tried to kill him, why should we trust you?" Thor said. But before Laufey could respond, Loki spoke up.
"It's fine. I'm sure there's nothing to worry about." Loki said raggedly. Laufey smirked a bit but Thor, Odin and Frigga didn't seem happy about it.
"Loki-" Frigga started but Loki politely interrupted.
"It's fine mother, I'm sure he wouldn't be foolish enough to try anything. The guards are only a shout away" loki said. Frigga didn't know what to say, something had drastically changed in Loki over the past few days. Ever since coming to Asgard he'd been growing stronger, but there had always been a small hint of fear behind his eyes. Not anymore. He stood there as a prince of Asgard, strong and confident despite his injuries. She also couldn't help but notice that he'd called her mother. He'd only ever called her by name before now.
"Of course. It's up to you" she said. Her, Odin and Thor all left the room, though Thor was the last to leave, he didn't like the idea of leaving Loki alone with Laufey and Ilkay, they were both horrible people and he didn't trust them not to stab loki on the spot. But he was forced to leave eventually, he stood by the door and made eye contact with Loki, Loki nodded once so Thor would know that he had it under control. Thor then reluctantly left the room.
"You'll still deny being his pet? He's so protective" Laufey mocked after Thor left.
Loki turned to Laufey.
"I'm not anyone's pet, and he's not protective. He's cautious because he knows you aren't trustworthy" loki retorted.
"It doesn't matter what he thinks. I'll be taking you back to jotunhiem tonight no mater what" Laufey said, glaring down at Loki. Though Loki wasn't afraid to fight laufey, he still didn't like the feeling of Laufey staring down at him like he was.
"You're not taking me anywhere" Loki stated. He would've sounded authoritative, but his voice was still not working properly.
"Yes I am. I'm taking you back, and you'll come willingly" Laufey announced. Loki didn't want to hear any more from Laufey, but he was intrigued.
"And why would I do that?" Loki asked.
"Because if you don't, I will declare war. And Trinity will be the first to suffer" Laufey said. Loki's fists tightened slightly.
"Don't you dare touch her" look said back, his rough voice sounding like a growl.
"I won't if you come with me willingly" laufey said back. It would seem that he could control loki after all.
"No" Loki said, looking more determined than ever "no I will not return with you. You aren't going to win this time Laufey, we will fight. I will fight, and I will not allow you to harm the people I love" Loki told him, he was struggling to not attack laufey again, he really wanted to kill him now.
"You won't be able to Stop me, boy" laufey hissed.
"Oh I think I will" Loki said "and I think you know that" he added. Laufey looked confused, but it was false confusion. He knew what Loki was talking about, so loki went on.
"You know, I was confused at first. I didn't know why you wanted me back so bad. But I understand now; you're afraid. You're realizing what you've created in me. All those years of torture, all those years of being thrown into arenas with wild animals, all those years of starvation, you thought you were simply torturing me, but you weren't, you were also teaching me. Thanks to you, I can go days without eating, I can think on my toes even in the most intense situations, I can withstand any kind of torture that you can dream up. you've created something that can live through your worst, something stronger than you. And I think you're finally realizing that it was a seriously bad idea to let me go. Because not only did you teach me how to be stronger than you, you taught me to hate you. So wage war Laufey, I'm not afraid to fight back anymore, I'll be happy to have a reason to kill you." Laufey was turning purple with rage at Lokis words "and Next time you create something stronger than you, don't make it hate you so much." Loki added. The amount of hatred and anger in laufey's face was more satisfying than loki thought it would be. He didn't care that his throat felt like it was being ripped to shreds, he liked talking to Laufey like this. He loved not being worried about what laufey would do.
"I will win this war. And I will make your life more miserable than it ever has been before" Laufey growled.
"Go ahead" loki said, then shifted his eyes to Ilkay "both of you. Go ahead and try to make my life miserable again. I have room for more scars, but that's all you'll ever be able to do; give me scars, and scars are only marks of being stronger than whatever attacked me" Laufey raised a hand to strike Loki but the dinning room doors opened and the royal family entered, so laufey quickly lowered his hand.
"That's enough time." Odin said "Laufey, we've tried to reason with you, will you end this peacefully? Will you compromise?" Odin asked with a tone of finality.
"No" laufey said "I will not stop until loki belongs to me again" he went on.
"Then there's no reason for you to be here. Leave Asgard immediately. You are no longer welcome here" Odin said, then the guards came to escort Laufey out. Laufey glared back at Loki as he left.
"I'll see you again. And when I do, you'll beg for mercy until you drop dead at my feet!" He shouted as he and Ilkay were taken out and forced to return to jotunhiem. War was on its way.

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