Chapter 86

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Chapter 86:
Thor was waiting for loki and Odin to be finished, but As soon as He realized they were under attack, he ran back up to Frigga's chambers where Odin and Loki were. He didn't know what was going on, and he still didn't know what Loki had seen, and he also wanted to make sure Odin realized that Loki stabbing Quyen was the least of their problems. Thor made it to the room and shoved the door open, and was happy to see that Odin had released Lokis hands, and Loki was arming himself again.
"Where's father?" Thor asked. oddly, Loki was alone in the room.
"He's going to get the soldiers prepared. He told me to go to the treasure room and secure the casket" Loki said as he strapped knives to himself (in his sleeves, in his boots, under his coat. He had a lot of knives).
"The- what? Why? And why you?" Thor asked, baffled. Odin never let anyone in the treasure room, and he never let anyone near the casket. It was a dangerous and powerful weapon.
"It's what the Jotuns are after. I'm going to make sure they don't get it" Loki said. Odin had given Loki the orders to go to the treasure room, take the casket, and conceal it with magic so that no one else could get it. Loki hadn't argued, but he wasn't thrilled with the plan. The reason for the war is because laufey wants to re-enslave Loki, and now they also want to take back the casket, so Loki felt like he was making himself a double target by hiding the casket.
Thor had a million questions, but he didn't have time to ask them, they both dashed out of the room to defend against the invasion.
The soldiers inside the palace were ready to defend, and so far, the frost giants hadn't made it into the palace, but Thor saw ice forming on the walls, weakening the structures.
"Loki be careful, the casket is powerful and-" before he could finish, he was cut off by a loud crashing sound as the wall burst and crumbled from the pressure of the ice.
"Go! Go now!" Thor shouted at Loki as the frost giants poured into the palace itself. Loki hated to leave Thor to fight this battle, but he had his own orders from Odin; he had to get the casket.
Without any more hesitation, Loki bolted down to the treasure room, told the guards his orders, and ran past the other relics to get to the casket.
The casket sat on a pedestal in front of... well Loki wasn't really sure, there were bars that crossed over what looked like an entrance to another hall, but Loki couldn't see down the hall because it was glowing with a blinding white light. He assumed something else was hidden back there.
As soon as he was within a few feet of the casket, the air became cold, he could feel it's power, he was oddly drawn to it. It almost made him forget the fact that his home was being invaded by his demonic parents. He reached his hands out and wrapped his fingers around the case of the casket. He felt a surge of energy, his pain suddenly became an afterthought, he didn't care that his head was a foggy mess, or that he had a deep cut going across his stomach, or that he was starving, or that his wrists were raw from the handcuffs, none of it mattered, he felt a new sense of power wash over him and he loved it. He loved it so much that he almost became entranced by it, but he was snapped out of his thoughts when he looked at his hands and they were deep blue, like a frost giants. He suddenly remembered what this weapon was, it was the product of Laufey's lust for power, it was made only for destruction. He liked it a little less now. As soon as he picked it up off the pedestal, the wall behind it started to creak and groan, like an engine coming to life. Loki looked up and saw that the interlocking bars were dissolving, leaving the glowing hall unobstructed. Before loki could run, a figure emerged form the light. It looked like a suit of armor, but was about twice Lokis height, and didn't appear to have a person inside it.  It was just and empty shell of metal, but was clearly sentient as it walked toward Loki. Loki took a step back not sure what was going on, but then the mask of the figure opened, and where there should be a face, there was fire that glowed like a furnace, and Loki suddenly had the feeling he was about to be executed.
"Odin told me to take it" he said, thinking this thing was a guard for the casket and was going to burn him alive. But Lokis words didn't seem to have any affect, the fire burned brighter, Loki decided that his only choice was to try and run. He used the spell Frigga taught him to make the casket vanish in his hands, but as soon as the casket was hidden, the fire in the figures face grew brighter and a stream of fire shot from it, nearly hitting Loki, but going right next to him. Loki stumbled out of the way, then turned to see what the figures fire he hit. He realized hay he'd never been the target at all; four Jotun soldiers had somehow (probably with the help of Quyen) made it to the throne room, and the figure was warding them off. Loki pulled out a few knives to help get rid of the Jotuns, but the figure continued to blast fire u til they were all dead. Loki tried to run for the entrance back into the palace, But several more Jotuns broke in. Loki didn't wait for help, he attacked on his own. He looked over at the figure and saw its face beginning to glow again, but then for no apparent reason, it went dark. It was no longer helping Loki fight off the invaders. Typical.
Loki didn't waste time to get mad at the poor timing of the guard, he just fought off the jotuns. Thee were only a few who were able to get down here, so Loki summoned the casket and decided to teach himself some new tricks. As soon as he had the casket back in his hands, everything came naturally. He didn't know why, but he knew how to use it, he knew what to do with it. He held it in front of him and willed it to kill the Jotuns . And it did. Ice ejected from the cube in a stream of violent shards and fragments. Loki hit the three remaining Jotuns with its beam and they all died instantly. He liked this weapon. Several more came down into the room and saw Loki holding the casket, they also apparently noticed that the metal figure, who was supposed to be a guard, had vanished back behind the glowing wall and the bars had reappeared.
"You have no idea how to use that. Put it down" one of the Jotuns ordered.
"It's funny that you still think you can order me around" Loki said back "now get out. You're not getting the casket" he said, still holding it up threateningly. The leading Jotun nodded to the others toward Loki so that they'd attack him. They advanced to attack, but he shot them all with the caskets power and wiped them out. He was a little bit in shock, he just took out a team frost giants in a matter of minutes.
"Alright, Get it to Odin" he told himself to get himself refocused. He concealed the casket again and then ran out of the treasure room back into the palace. Loki ran back up and saw that the Asgardians were barely able to hold off the Jotuns. Loki felt a pit in his stomach grow, if the Jotuns made it into the palace, that would be it... Loki knew that if laufey was able to penetrate the palace, to get the casket,  he would either take Loki back or kill his entire family. He was trying to focus on getting back to Odin, but he saw everyone struggling, he saw his friends barely able to keep back the Jotuns, then he saw Trinity. She was fighting the Jotuns too, like the soldier she was. He wasn't going to stop, but he saw a frost giant throw a bomb in her direction, it landed feet from her and she didn't notice it.
"Trinity move!" Loki shouted as he ran toward her, but apparently he wasn't the only one who saw the bomb. Thor saw it and took action. Everything happened in a split second; Loki shouted, Thor jumped in front of Trinity and knocked her to the ground just as the bomb went off. Trinity was shielded, but Thor was caught in the explosion.
"Thor!" Loki shouted as he ran over to where the explosion was. Thor was barely conscious, covered in his own blood, and severely burned.
Loki made it to Thor at the same time Trinity did.
"I'll take care of him. Get to Odin" Trinity told Loki, forcing him to look at her instead of his brother.
"I need to get him out of here" Loki said, trying to move Thor.
"Loki listen to me" Trinity said, grabbing Lokis shoulders.
"Get the casket to Odin, once Odin has it he'll know what to do, if you waste your time here we could all die. I'll take care of thor, you need to go" she said. Loki hesitated, but he knew she was right. He nodded, picked himself up, and ran to The meeting room where Odin told Loki to meet him.
Loki ran into the room, his heart racing, but when he got into the room, Odin wasn't there. There was only Frigga
"Where's father? He was supposed to be here" Loki said to her. She stood up, Odin's staff in her hand.
"He's fallen into the Odinsleep. Thor will have to lead" she said. Loki read a lot of books since coming here, he knew what the odinsleep was. Odin wouldn't be any use until he woke up again, which was unpredictable.
"Thor.... Thor was caught in an explosion, he's alive, but he can't- he's not conscious, he can't lead" Loki said. For half a second Frigga looked scared, then she looked orderly.
"Then it's you" she said.
"What's me?" Loki asked, adrenaline still pumping. Frigga held the staff out to him.
"The leader. Odin and Thor are both compromised, you're the second son, so the throne falls to you. Until one of them recovers, you are Asgard's leader-" she put the staff in his hands "-and king"

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