Chapter 77

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Loki hadn't been able to see Thor since he called for the retreat. They went to one of the more protected medical facilities to tend to the wounded soldiers, and Loki was among the wounded. The medical camp wasn't extravagant by any means, it had to be moved easily, so it was just a series of large tents that were each divided up by curtains so that the soldiers who were badly injured could have his or her own private space while they were being taken care of. Sadly, there were more wounded soldier than there were individual spaces, so Loki volunteered his space up to one of the older soldiers.
So now Loki was laying on a thin mat in the corner of one of the tents while he was tended to. Trinity had been able to find a small space that wasn't totally out in the open, but it still wasn't very private. Loki didn't really care though, even though he'd gotten used to his own room, privacy, and people respecting his personal space, he was still used to always being on display. Prior to a little over a year ago, Loki was pretty much always naked, and always had at least one person poking and prodding at him, or otherwise humiliating him. So even if the entire army gathered around to watch, Having Trinity mend a wound in his thigh was one of the lesser embarrassing things that he'd been through.
"Here, drink this" Trinity said as she knelt next to Loki and he'd a glass of warm liquid to his lips. Loki weakly propped himself up on his elbow as sipped the liquid, at first it tasted bitter, but then it became sweet like honey, and warmth spread through his whole body. He was still freezing, but the drink helped a little.
"How do you feel?" Trinity asked as she ripped a larger hole in Loki's pant leg so that she could properly mend the arrow wound.
"Cold" loki said, which was obvious, he was very tense, he'd lost a lot of blood, and it was freezing outside anyway.
"And clammy" Trinity said as she put her hand on his face. "You need to eat something and drink some water, When was the last time you ate a meal?" She asked as she removed Loki's shirt/ bandage from his leg so she could drain any infection and then stitch it back up properly. The wound itself looked pretty nasty, and the skin around it was red and irritated, But Trinity was glad to see that nothing looked infected. She took a washcloth and wet it in warm water, then started cleaning the effected area.
"Yesterday morning.." Loki said "I couldn't make myself eat at lunch, and then obviously none of us got dinner" he told her.
"Well eat when you can, even if you don't feel like it. All of you are being pushed to your limits, you can't afford to skip meals, especially if you have access to food" she told him. He just nodded a bit.
"Tell me if I hurt you" she said, though she knew he wouldn't, His threshold for pain was unnaturally large.
"Where's Thor?" Loki asked. Trinity kept her eyes on his leg, but loki could see her mental gears turning. He knew Thor was probably mad him, he was the one that forced Thor to order the retreat, and he was a frost giant. Thor probably felt a bitterness toward him, even if it was subconscious.
"I don't know, but the last time I saw him he looked pretty angry. Which is to be expected I guess" she said as she finished cleaning the area. She then got out a syringe and injected his leg with something that made him loose all feeling almost immediately. Loki was already feeling a little dizzy and queasy, so he decided not to watch whatever she was doing. He saw her pick of a razor blade and decided to find the tent wall very interesting.
It didn't Take Trinity very long to finish with his leg, and once she was finished, she wrapped it up in gauze to protect it.
"Am I Good?" He asked her.
"You're not in danger. I'll say that much. If we weren't at war I would tell you to rest up, but that seems unlikely" Trinity said. Loki nodded a bit.
"Its impossible. In fact, I need to go find Thor right now to figure out our next
Move" he said as he clenched his jaw and got to his feet. Trinity didn't protest, it would be foolish to think that anyone was going to have time to heal properly. Loki turned to leave, but he Turned back around.
"Trinity" he said, she looked back to him, so he continued "thank you" he said. She looked confused.
"For what?" She asked.
"When I was unconscious, I had this vision. This kind of dream, and you were in it. I didn't know how to get myself to stop bleeding, but you made me remember how" he told her.
"That wasn't me" Trinity said "that was just your subconscious" she told him. But Loki shook his head.
"No, it was you. You made me remember, you calmed me down enough to keep me from going into shock... you saved my life" he told her.
"Well, that's what people do when they love each other" she said "and I love you, Loki. I love you like I've never loved anyone else" she added with a slight smile. Both of them wished that this war was over already. Ever since they got together there was just one thing after another that made it hard for them to relax in their relationship; Loki became a member of the council and was given a lot of new responsibilities, Laufey tried to get Loki back, then Laufey visited and threatened with war, then Trinity was given the secret task of setting up medical camps around the realm, and now there's the actual war. Their relationship was young, and it seemed that the universe was doing everything possible to make it hard. They loved each other and they would keep on fighting for each other, but both of them thought it would be nice to have a few weeks of being together without some disaster following them around.
"When the war is over, I'll take you to dinner. Just the two of us. No war, no Laufey, no anything to worry about" loki said. It seemed unlikely that Loki would ever be totally carefree, but she appreciated the sentiment.
"I'll be looking forward to it" she said. He leaned down a little bit and kissed her lips for a brief moment. When he pulled away, he looked very very serious.
"Really, I'm serious. Once this is all over... I have to talk to you about something" he told her. She suddenly felt a little worried, and very curious, but she nodded anyway.
"Alright" She said. Loki then stood up straight.
"I have to go talk to Thor" he said. She nodded.
"I'll be here if you need me" she told him. He nodded once and then turned to leave the tent.
Finding Thor wasn't too hard. He was pretty much right outside the tent, talking to a few soldiers.
"Loki" he said when he saw Loki. Loki was limping a little bit, but otherwise he wasn't in terrible shape. "How are you feeling?" Thor asked. thankfully, he didn't look angry as Loki feared.
"Well i have a hole in my leg, but I'm up to task." Loki said. Thor was glad to hear that he still had Loki's fighting skills to depend on.
"Good." Thor said. "We got orders from father; We are to return to the palace for reinforcements. Now that the frost giants have penetrated the realm, we need to focus on protecting the most valuable and vulnerable areas" he explained. He was acting calm and orderly, but Loki could tell there was a raging fire inside him that was waiting to wreak havoc. Loki was glad he was on Thor's side.
"When do we move out? And how many of us are going? A lot of the men are in critical condition" Loki said back.
"We leave tonight" Thor said "and anyone who can't move will just stay here until they're well enough to keep fighting. Trinity and her team will be doing their best to get everyone back on their feet" Thor continued, Then got called away by one of the generals.
Loki was left to think about what Thor just told him; he was going back to the palace with the army, but Trinity was remaining here. Somehow, I'm that moment, Loki was more upset about them being separated than anything else.

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