Chapter 95

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It was finally here. After all the craziness, all the stress, all the chaos of getting things ready for the wedding, and it was finally here.
Loki stood in his room, trying to make his hands stop shaking. That was always his giveaway, his shaking hands, whenever he was nervous his hands shook, he couldn't stop it. He didn't know why he was feeling jittery, he was about to be married, he was finally happy, he wasn't having second thoughts about it, he knew this was right, so why was he nervous?
"Breathe" he heard Thor tell him. "Once you're out there it'll be fine" he added. Loki just nodded.
"I know, I'm not really nervous. Im just...." he didn't know what word to use, but Thor knew what he was trying to say.
"I know. But you can't stall any longer, it's time for you to get out there" Thor said as he put a hand on Lokis shoulder and pushed him toward the door so he could take his place out in the garden. Normally a wedding ceremony would be held in the throne room, but Frigga arranged for it to be out in the garden, hoping the open air would keep loki from getting claustrophobic. It worked, when Loki got out and took his place at the front of the huge crowd, he didn't feel suffocated. He was able to stand there before thousands of people and wait peacefully for Trinity to walk down the aisle to him.
After a few moments, the soft sound of playing violins was heard throughout the garden. Everyone stood up as Trinity came into sight, her dark curly hair brought up into a soft, elegant bun, her white dress catching the sunlight and making her shine like the night stars. Loki smiled the most real smile he'd ever felt as Trinity got to the end of the aisle and stepped up to face loki in front of everyone. She smile up at him, his blue eyes radiating nothing but happiness. He seemed so tall now, for some reason he always seemed taller when she was admiring him in depth.
The people sat down, and Odin began the ceremony. Honestly, Loki wasn't listening to Odin though, he was caught up in Trinity, in the peace and joy he found knowing that after today, They'd be together for the rest of their lives. He got so lost in thought, and was only brought back to the present when Odin said his name, indicating that they would exchange their vows now.
Loki nodded to Odin, then turned to Trinity. Looking into her eyes made everything else disappear, they were the only people in the world right now.
"I remember once you told me not to over think things... so in the spirit of that, I didn't write anything down" he took a deep breath and then continued "when I first met you, I was afraid of a lot of things. I was afraid of most things actually, I didn't fit in this world, I felt like I had been dropped in the ocean and was just trying not to drown. And then I met you, and things just.... changed. You made me realize that I did have a place here; you joked with me, you talked to me, you just treated me like I was normal. You were- Well, you are beautiful, and kind, and gentle, but also smart, and cunning, and strong, and the moment I started getting to know you, I started falling in love with you" Loki thought it would be hard to speak in front of so many people, but it was like he was finally saying everything he'd wanted to say for a long long time. "Trinity... I can't promise to be perfect, because I'm not perfect, but I can promise to do my best to protect you, and respect you and always have your back, and do my absolute best to keep you happy and secure. I will never leave you, I will always love you, you gave me purpose, you gave me courage. You captivate my mind every time I look at you, and I don't ever want to live another day without you right there with me, right at my side" Trinity was smiling ear to ear. How did he not write that down? She hadn't had he guts to go up there with nothing on paper, so she took out her cards.
"Loki, I first saw you the day frigga first brought you here, and then every time I saw you after that I fell more in love with you. I loved you when were were weak, and afraid, and I love you now that you're a strong and powerful king. And I used to be afraid of what would happen if we were to get married, I wondered if it would work, I tried to stop myself from loving you because I didn't think that after everything you'd been through you'd be able to trust love. but now I have no doubts. You have been through things that no one should have to go through, you have experienced horrors that can't be described, and yet somehow you came out as the man I see before me; a Prince, a true prince of Asgard with pride and courage and strength, but also compassion and kindness. together we fought off the people that tortured you, our relationship lasted through war, it lasted through separation, so I'm convinced it can last through anything. I know our lives won't always be a fairytale, I know we'll have our problems, and our fights, and our struggles, but after everything you lived through, and then everything we've lived through together, I just know that there's nothing, no force, no enemy, no argument, nothing that can be strong enough to split us apart. My love for you is deeply rooted, and we will have our struggles, but in the end I know that I will always come back to you, no matter how hard things get. I promise to lever leave your side Loki, I promise I'll be loyal to you, always" Loki had to fight the urge to kiss her right now, apparently he had to wait until Odin told him to, but it was a tough few minutes as he waited for his father to be finished announcing their eternal bond.
"Loki, everyone can tell that you want to, so go ahead and kiss your bride" Odin finally said. Loki didn't hesitate, he put his hands on her waist and pulled her toward him, then leaned down and kissed her lovingly. He didn't even notice the terribly loud sound of the huge crowed all screaming and clapping in celebration, he was still in the world where only he and Trinity existed.
Neither of them wanted to break the kiss, but they had to eventually, so Trinity pulled back slightly.
"I love you" she said, though the sound was drowning her out, so Loki could only read her lips.
"I love you too" they intertwined their fingers to hold each other's hand as they walked back down the long aisle, into the palace.
"I love you" Loki said as soon as they were out of view of the people, then before she could speak, he leaned down and kissed her again, more intensely this time. After about a minute, he pulled back.
"Wow.... you've never kissed me like that before" she said, a little breathless.
"I know, I've been saving it" he quipped. She looked toward the palace entrance, soon their coveted solitude would be disrupted for the wedding reception.
"You know this is going to be another party, right? And we can't leave this one" she told him, his hands were still on her waist and she was holding his arms.
He shook his head, looking happier than she'd ever been able to see him before.
"I don't care. as long as I've got you, I don't care who else is around" he told her. She stood on her toes and kissed him shortly.
"Well.... You've got me. Forever, you've got me".
Soon the palace was flooded with people, but thankfully, Formalities were kept to a minimum; a few speeches were given, and then it transitioned into the reception. People were talking to Loki and Trinity all day long, but neither of them really minded, they had each other and that's what mattered. for the rest the day, they didn't let each other go, Trinity kept loki by her, and Loki didn't want to leave her, and really, that theme kept them strong for their entire marriage.
For the rest of their lives together, they knew that they could take on the universe as long as they did it hand in hand, and yes, they fought, they had their hardships and struggled, but they never drifted apart, they always ended the day embracing each other.
Loki often looked back on his life and realized how lucky he had been that day the royal family came to Jotunhiem; he had been sold, treated like property, looked at like a wild animal, and then handed over to someone who cared about him... he had resented Laufey for a long time because he sold him, but as it turns out, being treated like property, being brought out for humiliation and mockery, being shamed in front of the Asgardians led to him meeting Trinity, and having a good life; if laufey hadn't found sick pleasure in showing Loki to every one of his visitors, Frigga never would've known to get him out of there.
Loki always hated Laufey, that would never change, but sometimes when he woke up from a nightmare he was able to remind himself that without laufeys abuse, he would never have been able to meet Trinity, and that thought gave him peace, because after everything Laufey did, after all the hell he put loki through, after all laufeys efforts to make Lokis life as miserable as possible, Loki was still able to find happiness, and that was The ultimate victory. In the end, Laufeys attempt at hurting Loki was the very thing that led to loki falling in love and finding peace.

This is the last official chapter, but there will be an epilogue. So hang tight for a bit, and I hope you enjoyed this overly long story!

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