Chapter 35

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Trinity came into the room and saw Loki and Thor talking to each other. She smiled a little bit and nodded to Thor as she came over to them.
"How are you feeling? any better? Thor told me you got more sleep" she said to loki as she looked at the monitors to make sure everything was fine with him.
"Yeah, um... I'm not dizzy anymore" he told her, that was really the only thing that had changed for the better so far. Trinity nodded a bit and started to take the wires off the tabs on Loki's chest, which he was happy about because it meant he could finally be free from all this monitoring.
"Well that's good, how's the headache? Still bad, or has it gotten any better?" She asked him as she finished with the wires and checked his eyes for any pupil dilation. Thankfully his eyes had gone back to normal.
"Still hurts.." he told her, not really sure why she kept checking his eyes like that, but he tried to cooperate and not pull his head back, even though that was his first instinct.
"I'm sorry, it probably will be hurting for a few days. I can give you some meds to ease the pain though. You can start taking them once I take this out" she said as she stopped checking his eyes and took his hand to remove the IV.
"Oh, Sir, the queen asked me to tell you that dinner was ready" she said to Thor, he forgot about dinner for a minute, but was now realizing that it was pretty late.
"Alright, thank you. Keep me updated" he told her as he gestured to loki, and left the room.
Trinity was still working on getting the IV out of Loki's hand and he was watching with curiosity. after a minute, she got all the tape undone and slowly pulled the needle out of his vein. Loki's eyes widened a little bit, and he tensed quite a bit when he saw what had been in his hand.
"Never had this done before?" She asked when she saw the look on his face. He looked both shocked and a little horrified. He did not know that big of a needle had been in his hand for so long.
"I actually have.... I just- I didn't know that's what it was and I was surprised" he told her. Laufey had Injected him with things many many times before using things like the IV, but it typically made his pain increase exponentially, he didn't think they could be used to ease pain and he had had no idea that's what had been in his hand.
"Yeah that's okay" she said as she moved to start peeling the tabs off his chest "most people don't like watching that part, it's a bit creepy isn't it?" She said.
"Yeah.... little bit.." he said quietly.
He wanted to thank her for everything that she had been doing for him, but he couldn't think of what words to use. She had done a lot and he wanted to express his gratitude.
"Um.... I-" he cleared his throat "I wanted to say... uh, thank you" he finally said. Trinity finished pealing the tabs off of him and put them in a small bin, then looked back to him.
"For what?" She asked, not really sure what he was thanking her for.
"Everything.... you went on the search party, and then you tended to my head injury in the healing room... and Thor told me that you stayed up all night to help me... that's a lot, so... thank you" he told her. He wasn't sure he was making sense to her,  he knew he was babbling a little bit, but then she smiled warmly and he felt much more at ease.
"Well you're welcome, but that's my job, it's not really a big deal" she told him.
"It is to me" Loki said immediately, before even thinking. He wasn't sure why he said that so quickly, but it was a very big deal to him. "You uh... you did a lot for me, and- I know it's your job, but I was talking to Thor and it sounds like you did more than your job.." he wasn't sure what was making him talk so much, but it felt alright for some reason. "Thor- um, the prince- he told me that the others offered to give you a break but that you refused and- it's just that I've never had anyone care about what happens to me.... so when Thor told me what you did I just-" he wasn't really sure where he was going, he knew what he was trying to say in his head but it was hard to word it, especially when she was staring at him, he was so uncomfortable when people looked at him expectantly, he felt like he was under pressure and it made it harder to find words.
"It might not seem like a bit deal to you.... but since coming here, people have been telling me that I don't need to be afraid... I don't really believe that, but when they show me with action that they're on my side.... " he thought about how he felt when Frigga let him breakdown on her " makes it easier" he explained, he doubted it made any sense to her, but he did the best he could to explain what he was thinking.
Trinity smiled slightly when he finished, she didn't realize that small things meant so much to him.
"Well I'm glad I could make things easier for you" she said as she sat down in Thor's chair "and just so you know, it's okay if things are difficult for you. I've never met anyone with a background like yours, but I've seen what trauma can do, and I can tell you with certainty that you being afraid or cautious isn't unreasonable. You just need to know in your head what's real, then give yourself some time to actually believe it." She told him, trying to be encouraging but not condescending. Loki just nodded a bit, he had said what he wanted to say and wasn't really sure what to say next. he wasn't good at conversation and after he told her why she'd been helpful he wasn't sure how to just talk normally to her now.
Trinity cleared her throat after a few minutes of silence.
"Um... is there anything I can get for you? I have dinner on the way, is there anything else you need?" She asked, for some reason she found herself wanting him to say he needed something else. She wasn't sure why, but she wanted to talk to him more.
"Oh, uh.... no thank you. I'm fine" he told her.
"Alright... well then I'll leave you alone" she said as she stood up. She wished she could think of something else to use to start another conversation, but nothing came to mind.
"Do you want me to get some clothes out for you?" She offered. He hadn't been able to get dressed yet and she figured he wasn't enjoying that, and if he got dizzy again he wouldn't be able to get himself to the closet and back.
"Oh... um, I uh.... I think I can manage" he told her, he was pretty sure he could handle it and he was still not used to being waited on and taken care of, and though it was getting easier, it was still weird to have someone help him when he was sure he could do things himself. Trinity nodded a little bit.
"Okay, well if you need anything just let me know alright?" She said with a small smile. Loki just nodded.
"Thank you" he said when Trinity turned to leave the room. She just smiled again and nodded as she left the room and closed the door behind her.
Loki moved the blankets off himself and sat up more, he tried to move slowly so he wouldn't get dizzy again. He then got himself to his feet and made his way to the closet to get clothes, he still got lightheaded a few times but he was able to get clothes and then get back to bed and get himself dressed. Once he was dressed he just sat in bed for a few minutes to think about what had been happening since he came to Asgard.... his whole life was quickly flipped upside down, nothing was making sense to him because he was so used to abuse. It was all so confusing and he had a hard time letting himself believe anything, he was so afraid that once he accepted that maybe his life could be better, someone would turn out to be horrible like Laufey and hurt him again. But then again.... everyone had been so different so far; Fandral was impressed by Loki's ability to fix that bow. Thor had been nothing but kind to him this whole time, he gave him a name and was teaching him how to read. Frigga had been by his side too, she was supportive and had treated him so lovingly. And even Odin -though Loki was still not comfortable being with him alone- had been understanding when Loki lost his horse.
And then there was Trinity, she did so much for him when she didn't have to. All of them had been kind to him when he had always thought no one would ever treat him as anything but a slave and a pet.
Loki wanted to stop thinking about everything, he was making his headache worse, so he tried to go over what Thor had been teaching him about the alphabet, he was doing well with it now, but he couldn't focus at the moment.
He didn't know why, but his mind kept shifting back to thinking about Trinity.

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