Chapter 92

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Chapter 92
Ilkay was executed that night. Loki was glad it was all over, but it still took a while for him to recover from everything that happened. He barely slept at all that night, he thought he'd be at peace after she was dead, but he wasn't. He just kept hearing her horrid voice echo through his mind, and he just wanted her to leave him alone.
The days immediately following Ilkays death (which marked the official end of the war) were dedicated to honoring the fallen soldiers who fought for Asgard. There were a few days of grief for the dead, but they were followed by days of celebration. Asgard had won a war against Jotunhiem once again, and Laufey was dead, so the palace became open to anyone who wanted to participate in celebrating Asgard's victory.
For a week and a half, the palace was filled with people all day every day, all night every night, the celebration never stopped for the entire time.
Loki wasn't a fan of parties, especially parties like this. He'd much rather be alone- no, actually, he'd much rather it be just him and Trinity. They hadn't been able to enjoy much peace in their relationship, and they were now engaged, he would've liked to get a moment alone with her, without he lingering thought of death and destruction in he back of his mind.
Loki had finally told Frigga that he and Trinity were getting married, which apparently meant that he had to announce this piece of information at the party one night. He didn't realize that royal weddings were such a big deal, if he had, he would've waited till he party was over to tell Frigga.
"Is this really necessary? No one cares" Loki argued with Odin, Thor, and Frigga, as they tried to convince him to go up on he platform and make the big announcement.
"People do care, you're a prince" Frigga explained.
"Barely" he countered
"You were king" Thor interjected.
"For a day" Loki said, not seeing what the big deal was. So he was getting married, what does it matter to anyone else?
"Loki, royal weddings are a big deal. The people want to know, they want to be there for it" Odin told him, if Loki didn't want to make the announcement that was fine, Odin would just do it himself. Either way, it was going to be announced.
"Wait, all these people are going to be at my wedding? Why?" He barely knew any of these people, why did that have to be there when they got married?
"It's just traditional. Please Loki, I know how you feel about big crowds, but all you have to do is go up and say that you and Trinity are getting married. Aren't you excited about it? Don't you want people to know?" Frigga asked. Loki was quiet for a minute as he tried to think of a good counter argument, but he came up empty.
"Okay fine" he said begrudgingly. "I'll go find Trinity and then I'll make the announcement" he said as he turned to enter the sea of people to find Trinity.
There were hundreds of people, but he was able to find Trinity relatively fast. She was wearing a deep sea blue gown that was embellished with crystals that caught the light and made her look like a beautiful night sky, which made her stand out among the rest of the crowd. At least, she stood out to Loki, but maybe that was because she was the only person on his mind at the moment.
"Trinity" Loki said as he took her hand from behind. She turned around and smiled at him. Her bright smile made him feel less annoyed at the announcement situation.
"Hey, you disappeared, where were you?" She asked as she linked her arm in his.
"I've been fighting my family" he told her. She just looked confused, so he went on.
"I have to make an announcement about us getting engaged. They want me to do it now" he explained to her. She didn't seem as annoyed or surprised by this as he had been, Apparently everyone on Asgard knows these traditions.
"Okay. And you want me to come with you, right?" She knew how these went.
"Yeah, don't worry, I'll make it fast" he said as they both walked back inside and navigated their way through the crowd, getting to the platform of the entrance hall.
As soon as they were on the platform, a loud boom echoed through the room, making everyone fall silent. Loki assumed that Odin had done something to cause that sound.
Everyone turned to face Loki and Trinity. Loki suddenly realized that he had no idea what he was supposed to say.
"Alright..... well I am very unfamiliar with the traditions concerning this area. So I'll keep it short" he said, then looked at Trinity, trying To block everyone else out "Trinity and I are engaged" he said. Lokis ears were immediately met with the deafening sound of applauding and shouting. He tried only to focus on Trinity, she was all that mattered now. But after a moment they had to step down; Loki took Trinity's hand and they both re-entered the crowd, which Loki immediately regretted. As soon as they were within reach of the people, they were pulled apart by everyone wanting to ask questions or congratulate them. Within two seconds Loki couldn't even see Trinity anymore and he had seven or eight people all talking to him at once. He tried to answer all the questions that were being thrown at him, but he could barely get a word out before someone else jumped in with something else to say. Thor noticed that it was getting chaotic and Loki was getting annoyed and overwhelmed, so he stepped up to the platform.
"Attention please, I have another announcement" Thor said, his voice was loud enough for everyone to hear. They fell silent again and gave their attention to Thor.
"Loki, my brother, is not the biggest fan of crowds or parties like this, and he's already had a rough couple of weeks" Thor stated "I know everyone wants to congratulate him on getting engaged, but the best way you can congratulate him right now is by just leaving him alone" he said it in a slightly joking tone so the people wouldn't be offended, but they knew that he was telling them to back off and give Loki space, so they did. Loki got a few more shoulder pats, but then everyone left him alone like Thor said. Loki looked over to Thor and mouthed 'thank you', Thor just nodded and rejoined the group.
Loki reached out to get Trinity's attention, then remembered that she'd been pulled away. He had no idea where she was or where to even look for her, he scanned the crowed with his eyes for a moment and couldn't see her, and he was starting to feel suffocated, so he navigated through the sea of people and made it out of the palace and into the outside air. The gardens were occupied by people too, but it wasn't nearly as bad as inside, and the air was more open, which let Loki breath easier. Most of the people were closer to the place entrance, so as he walked further into the huge garden there were progressively less and less people, which made Loki happy.
"Trinity?" Loki called, hoping she was somewhere out here in the garden. He didn't see her anywhere, but he couldn't go back inside, so he walked a little further until he was a good distance from anyone, and he decided he'd either wait for her to find him, or he'd wait until he could handle the crowd and return. To his surprise though, neither plan worked out; as soon as he made it away from everyone else, he felt a hand grab his arm and yank him backwards behind a tree. He was about to get mad, but then he saw that it was Trinity.
"Be quiet" she said "people will hear you" she added. Loki was confused for a moment, then realized that she wanted to be alone as much as he did.
"What are you doing out here?" He asked. He didn't know why she would leave without him.
"I was waiting for you. I knew you'd get out of the crowd as soon as they let you go" she told him "now come on, I've got something for you" she said as she walked ahead, further into the garden.
"Where are we going?" He asked as he followed her.
"Just follow me" She said again, not even turning to look at him. They came to a wall covered in ivy and Loki was even more confused than he had been before. Trinity reached up and opened a latch, and Loki realized that it wasn't a wall at all, it was a gate.
"What is this?" He asked, now very confused.
"It's a date" Trinity opened the gate and walked into another area of the garden, Loki close behind. Loki hadn't been here before, he didn't even know it existed, but they were now in a much smaller, enclosed garden, the walls all covered in vines and branches, the grass thick and soft and undisturbed, everything that was growing was full and luxuriant, like this small piece of the garden had been left to grow naturally. It contrasted sharply with the garden loki knew, which was always perfectly manicured and pristine. Though the main garden was beautiful, this small piece was relaxed and much more intimate. In the middle of the garden there was a big blanket on the ground, with glasses and bottles of wine that Trinity had put out for them.
"Come with me" she said. Loki was getting what was going on a little more, and he was happy to be alone with her. Finally they would have a moment themselves. Loki sat down, and Trinity sat down close to him, so close he could smell her sweet fragrance, and could almost feel the heat emanating from her. They were alone, away from the eyes of strangers, and Loki felt a rush of feelings he'd never quite experienced before; he wanted to hold her, he felt his heart pounding as he forced himself to keep his hands off her. Trinity looked up at him, her bright green eyes reflecting the starlight.
"Since we've been together there has just been one problem after another; we haven't really been able to find peace with just the two of us. And I don't know what horrors tomorrow might hold for us, but for now, for tonight, it's just the two of us, alone, drinking wine. No one else exists, we have nothing to think about except each other" her voice was low and soft, like speaking too loudly might make it all disappear, her eyes were filled with nothing but admiration for the man before her. She wanted to feel his hand brushing her cheek, she wanted to feel his soft lips colliding with her own, she remembered a time when she fought her feelings for him and she wondered why she ever tried. He was irresistible, she was so in love that she could easily spend her whole life with no one in the world but him. And Loki.... well Loki had never felt more at peace than he felt right now; she somehow made his clouded and distracted mind clear of anything but her. When she was with him she was all he could think about, she was the universe, she was all he wanted, and he wanted her so badly it hurt to resist her. she was beautifully intoxicating.
"I hate not being married to you" his voice had gone low and husky.
"Soon" she whispered back "soon you'll be mine for the rest of our lives, and I'll be yours" she said with a weak smile before closing the small gap between them with a gentle kiss.

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