Chapter 89

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Chapter 89
Loki turned on the other frost giants in the room, they were both ready to kill him.
"You just saw your king die. Surrender now and maybe I won't kill you" Loki told them. The two Jotuns looked at each other, then lunged at Loki to strike him down. Loki stabbed one of them with Odin's staff, then threw a dagger at the second. It look less than ten seconds to kill them both, and now Loki was standing above three dead Jotun bodies. One of which was Laufey.
"You should've surrendered" loki said to the dead frost giants.
"Loki" Loki heard Frigga enter the room, she didn't look great, but at least she was standing.
Loki said as he went over to help he stand.
"You saved him" Frigga said, seeing the dead frost giants. "And you killed laufey" she added, sounding a little bit surprised to see Laufey among the dead.
"I know, but-" the ground shook below them. No one knew laufey was dead, and the battle was still being fought.
"The war isn't over yet, I need to show them that Laufey is dead, they'll surrender then".
After Loki disappeared, Trinity took charge of the army. No one really questioned it, if someone was willing to give orders, everyone else was willing to follow them. The Asgardians were finally getting the advantage back. now that Zenoch was dead, the jotuns had no one giving orders, and the destroyer was making it impossible for them to get past the front entrance room. Trinity was wondering where Loki went though, she saw him fighting Zenoch, then he was gone. She couldn't imagine that he ran, and she knew he hadn't been captured, or the frost giants would've use him to get a surrender. So where we He? Trinity, like everyone else, had no idea that Loki was in Odin's chambers executing laufey, and winning the war.
"Fandral, where is Loki?" Trinity asked in irritation. He's supposed to be leading and he just vanished?
"I don't know. No one can find him, the last I saw he was fighting a frost giant, and then I saw him run toward the staircase" fandral told her. She looked confused as she wiped blood off her face.
"Why was he running upstairs?" She demanded.
"I don't know, but-" Fandral hesitated "I know Lokis not a coward, but the frost giants put him through a lot, if he ran to avoid getting captured it wouldn't be that unreasonable" he continued. Trinity shook her head, panting tiredly as she shot down another frost giant.
"No, no I refuse to believe that he fled. If he left the battle then he must've had a good Reason" she insisted.
"But why else-" fandral never got to finish, the room suddenly filled with a deafening booming sound that caused everyone to stop fighting and look for the source. The source became obvious as soon as the fighting stopped; Loki was standing on a raised platform, Odin's staff in his hand and Laufey's dead body at his feet. Everyone looked at him in shock.
"Frost giants, your king is dead" Loki announced as he dumbed Laufey's body off the edge of the platform "lay down your weapons and surrender, or I'll have your queen join him" he said as two guards dragged Ilkay out onto the platform and shoved her to her knees in front of Loki. The fighting had stopped completely, the frost giants couldn't believe that Loki, the tiny slave they all used to torture, had actually successfully killed Laufey. One of the frost giants spoke up.
"If Laufey's dead then the throne falls to-" Loki didn't let him finish.
"Me. The throne falls to me. Or did you forget that I'm Laufey's only son?" Loki challenged.
"He made Zenoch the next in line" the frost giant argued.
"I killed him too" loki said, there was no retort this time. There was only silence. The frost giants knew their defeat, they knew they'd lost, but they refused to kneel to Loki.
"I'm losing patience" Loki said as he put a knife to Ilkay's throat. "Lay down your weapons and get on your knees. I have the destroyer and the casket, and a thousand years of reasons to kill all of you. What makes you think I'll spare a single life?" By now, even some of the Asgardians were looking Intimidated, until they remembered they he was on their side.
The frost giants hesitated to obey, but the destroyer was towering over them. Loki had the casket, their king is dead, there was no point in resisting. The sound of a weapon clattering to the ground echoed through the room as the first Jotun surrender. after that, the room was filled with the sound of dropping weapons, every frost giant got on their knees, and the Asgardian army started taking prisoners.
Loki turned to his guards "take all the leaders prisoner, you'll know them by the seal on their armor. The rest of the soldiers can be banished back to Jotunhiem" he told them.
"What of the queen?" The guards asked. Loki looked down at Ilkay.
"I'll deal with her" he said. The guards nodded and left to carry out Loki's orders. Loki grabbed Ilkay and forced her to her feet, then brought her down to the dungeons. It was dark and eerie down there, and the bright white light in each cell just made it seem more cold.
Loki intentionally found the smallest cell available and removed the forcefield in front of it.
"This will be your room" loki said as he pushed her inside. He was about to close the field but she spoke up.
"What are you going to do with me?" Ilkay demanded, but she sounded more angry than scared. She wasn't afraid of Loki. She was convinced his strength was all an act.
"For now, I'll leave you in here. When father wakes up we'll have a trial and decide what to do with you" he said.
"But you're the king. Can't you decide that on your own? Or are you still only able to take orders instead of giving them?" She challenged, looking very pleased with herself. Loki stepped into the cell and grabbed her neck.
"Let me make one thing very clear" he said in a low, deep voice "I have the right to kill you, I'm king, no one would question it if I decided on my own to have you executed. But I know that my anger toward you would take charge. I know that if I decided to have you executed I would cross the line from justice to vengeance; if I were to kill you it wouldn't be quick, I'd torture you mercilessly, I'd put you through so much agony that you'd be begging me to end your life, then when You've lost your voice from begging for mercy, I'd burn you at the stake and watch in satisfaction as the flesh melts from you dying body" his grip grew tighter and his face became dark with hate and revenge.
"Be thankful I'm sensible enough to wait for Odin, and next time you think about taunting me, or challenging me, don't" he let go of her neck and pushed her to the back of the cell, he then took a step back, closed the barrier on the cell, and left the dungeons. He'd won the war, but he didn't feel victorious, not while Ilkay lived. He wanted her to be executed, and he only hoped Odin would decide upon that when he woke from he Odin sleep.

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