Chapter 54

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Loki fell to the ground shaking and sweating even though it was freezing cold. There was a searing pain in his stomach and he vomited as he fell to the ground of his cell on Jotunhiem. He made a mistake, a huge mistake and he'd soon suffer the consequences.
Loki laid on the ground of his cell, vomiting as the pain in his stomach continued to grow, he didn't know why he was feeling this pain.
"So you stopped to eat I see" Loki hadn't heard the cell door open, but he heard the awful voice of his mother. He was clutching his stomach, groaning and trying to move, but he was in so much pain that he couldn't.
"What did you eat?" She asked him as she knelt beside him, he didn't say anything, he wasn't supposed to have stopped to eat, but he'd been so hungry and he saw a rodent that would've otherwise been disposed of, so he'd stopped his work to eat it.
Ilkay got mad that her son wasn't responding, she grabbed his chin and forced him to look into her horrible face.
"Answer me!" She yelled at him "what did you eat?" She asked again. Loki's face was filled with fear.
"I don't know... some- some kind of rat I- i think" he stuttered, shaking with fear. Ilkay traced his bruised and bleeding face with her finger, his face was so sunken it that he looked almost dead.
"And now your stomach feels like it's burning" she said calmly, though it was always terrifying when she was calm, Loki knew that when she was calm it meant the worst kind of pain for him. "Because the rat was infected. It was a host to a parasite, and now so are you" she said as she let go of him and he slumped back down to the ground, clutching his stomach which was hurting more and more by the second.
"Don't worry sweetie, I'll take very good care of you" she told him, but he knew what that really meant, sure she might fix the problem he was facing, but she'd do it in the most torturous way possible.
"Guards!" Loki jumped when ilkay shrieked for the guards to come in. Immediately there were four men inside and waiting to take orders.
"Chain him up and bring me my knives" she told them, three of them advanced on Loki and the fourth went to retrieve her knives.
Loki groaned in pain as the guards forced him to lay down flat on his back, and shackled his wrists and ankles to the ground so that he couldn't move. Being laid out flat made his stomach hurt more, he could feel something moving inside him, but he almost wished ilkay would leave it there to kill him. He mumbled incoherently as he was chained down, but his mumbling quickly turned to strained screaming as he felt the pain in his stomach continue to increase. After a moment the guard came back and handed Ilkay a few knives, then they all quickly left the room, leaving just Loki and his mother. Ilkay took one of the daggers in hand and knelt beside Loki.
"Hold still, or this will be a lot worse" she warned, and before he had time to beg her not to, she raised he knife and plunged it into his stomach, tearing through his skin and sinking painfully into his stomach. He screamed in pain and tried to fight the chains that where holding him in place. Ilkay pulled the knife across his stomach, earning herself more agonized screams from Loki. Blood gushed from the deep long gash that Ilkay was making with her knife. Lokis thrust was becoming raw from how he was screaming, and he was starting to see spots. the blood loss and the pain were going to make him pass out, but he wasn't able to, he couldn't pass out even though he was in horrible horrible pain. Finally Ilkay decided that he cut was large enough, she put the knife down and looked up to Loki's face.
"Don't like surgery?" She said with a cruel smile as she did what Loki really wasn't expecting; she shoved her hand into the gash she'd created in his stomach. He screamed raggedly and could still feel whatever he was infected with moving around, and now she was trying to pull it out. Loki couldn't take it anymore, the pain was becoming too much for his mind to process.
"Please- stop! Please let- me b- black out!" He begged her, sweat pouring down his face and blood pouring from his stomach.
"Please! I can't-"
The creature inside him shifted and Ilkay had to do the same, cutting off Loki's pleading and replacing it with another scream in agony. This went on for minutes that felt like hours, Loki's entire body shook from the pain and he was somehow both sweating and freezing. Finally Ilkay was able to grab hold of whatever kind of parasite was inside Loki, she started to pull it out but it didn't want to leave, it liked feeding off of Loki, and it somehow managed to latch onto him. Ilkay didn't care about Loki's pain so she just pulled harder, somehow making the pain continue to increase and his screaming to grow louder and more agonized. Finally she gave it one hard jerk and it couldn't latch on anymore. She yanked it out of Loki's stomach and held it up for him to see. It looked like a huge worm, about two feet long, and on one end there were spiked points.
"This is what happens when you stop your work to eat" Ilkay said to Loki, like she was teaching a very simple concept. Loki couldn't listen to her though, he was in way too much pain. His eyes rolled around and he couldn't focus on anything in the room, the world was spinning and he wished he could die.
Ilkay threw away the parasite and looked at Loki, admiring her blood work; blood had stained the ground all around him and his entire front was covered in his own blood. Loki was shaking and groaning in pain as sweat and blood ran down his body.
"Well I guess I'll close up the incision" Ilkay told him. Loki whimpered and shook his head, trying to find a voice to beg her not to. He just wanted to die, why did they keep him alive? But Ilkay ignored his obvious plea for mercy.
"Don't worry, it'll only take me a few minutes to sew you back up" she said as she threaded a needle with an evil grin on her face. She knelt down beside him and was about to start closing up the gash when something happened. Loki's eyes shot open and he was back in his bedroom on Asgard. No Ilkay, no blood, no parasite. Only a scar, reminding him that it was just a memory visiting him in his sleep. He took a deep breath and then sat up, rubbing his eyes and wiping the sweat from his face. He stood up out of bed and turned the lights on, then went to the bathroom and washed his face with cold water to wake himself up. He'd gotten better at recovering from nightmares, but he couldn't keep them from coming, and he was starting to wonder if they would ever stop.
Loki wen track to his room and wrapped his robe around himself, then left to go to the kitchen and make himself some tea. He'd made himself tea a few times since Trinity let him drink it for the first time, and it typically helped. But when he got to the kitchen he saw Frigga there, and she saw him approaching.
"Loki?" She asked, confused as to why he would be there.
"I was having sleeping trouble, I wanted to make myself some tea" he said, entering the kitchen.
"Nightmares about Laufey?" Frigga asked "Odin told me that you found out about the messages" she added. Loki nodded a bit.
"Actually this one was about Ilkay" he told her as he started to make his tea. She was quiet for a minute and put a hand on his arm.
"Would you like to talk about it?" She asked him. He breathed deeply, then nodded.
"yes... I would" he told her. She smiled weakly and let him finish making his tea, then they went to sit in the lounge to talk about his dream.

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