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Young God | L. Laufeyson by getbuckyplums
Young God | L. Laufeysonby Jessi ☂
▷Set before Thor: The Dark World and includes Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and Thor: Ragnarok A simple accident turned into a huge misunderstanding and that's what bas...
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Never Hit a Maid ↠ Loki X Reader by msbelieveroh
Never Hit a Maid ↠ Loki X Readerby anna
Maybe giving some well-deserved talkback to Thor and getting punched in the face isn't always a bad thing, cause there is always gonna be a god of mischief to protect yo...
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Strife of Misfortune(Wattys2016) by AnkhGoddess
Strife of Misfortune(Wattys2016)by Ja'Onna Wilson
* All credit for the book cover goes to DeviantSmiler* When trickster gods strike, darkness falls. Destructive and troublesome, the high school dropout Egypt Alb...
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Moonage Daydream ▷ T. Odinson by -mxrlin
Moonage Daydream ▷ T. Odinsonby alisson
❝ My brother isn't totally useless ❞ ❝ Yeah, I'm not! ❞ ❝ He can be used as a bad example ❞ Where Peter Quill's half-sister crash-lands on Earth after Yondu sends...
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Phoenix 。 Bruce Banner by pepperronys
Phoenix 。 Bruce Bannerby 𝓚.
PHOENIX. ❝ we're accidents that never should have happened, but they did, and now i'm not sure i would change what happened to me for the world. ❞ MARVEL CINEMATIC UNIVE...
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« IGNATIUS » ✓                                      THOR RAGNAROK: BRUCE BANNER  by seio113
« IGNATIUS » ✓...by Kirichan
«WHAT AN UNUSUAL HAIR COLOR... ...GIVE HER TO MY CHAMPION» °°∆°°∆°°∆°°∆°°∆°°∆°°∆°°∆°°∆°°∆°°∆°°∆ «WHAT THE HELL» °°∆°°∆°°∆°°∆°°∆°°∆°°∆°°∆°°∆°°∆...
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Gods and Monsters (Loki Laufeyson x Reader) by lydiaofthefallen
Gods and Monsters (Loki Laufeyson...by Fallen Author
"(Y/n)." (Y/n)'s surroundings changed. She was in the Asgard throne room, Loki in front of her. "(Y/n) you must leave Thor, so that you may come home.&quo...
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All an Illusion - A Loki and Sigyn Story by LAC1940
All an Illusion - A Loki and Sigyn...by Lindsay
From the world of Marvel's 'Thor'! Lady Sigyn of Asgard grew up with Thor and Loki, close with both of the brothers, but especially the youngest... Being in love with th...
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Linnea,Princess of Asgard by MariamGabunia7
Linnea,Princess of Asgardby Mariam_Marvel
Linnea is the only child of Thor,god of Thunder and Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel.This is the story about Linnea herself and also about her parents ,how they met each ot...
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My Burden To Bear by LexyDunbar
My Burden To Bearby Lexy Dunbar
(This takes place right after Thor Ragnorak and straight into Infinity War) Yeshlynn, a young greaving widow is on the ship of Asgardians and is also 9 months pregnant. ...
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Queen Of Peace - Ivar The Boneless (book 2) by cynicalwhiskey
Queen Of Peace - Ivar The Boneless...by Rhiannon
Book two of Blind Love After being saved from the Saxons and brought back to the man she loves, Ailbe has grown far less naive. Still a gentle soul with a heart of gold...
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HEROES | T. ODINSON 1 by Cavelnimicum
HEROES | T. ODINSON 1by Cavelnimicum
Thor: Ragnarok - The Avengers: Infinity War - The Avengers: Endgame __________________________________________________________ Tony stark gave his life so we could make...
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Celestial || T. ODINSON {DISCONTINUED} by metalarm_h0e
Celestial || T. ODINSON {DISCONTIN...by Lou
❝WHEN I LOOK AT THE S T A R S THEY REMIND ME OF Y O U.❞ the goddess of wisdom was meant to be with the god of thunder, it's as simple as that, right? hey g...
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Thor X Reader (My Lady) by Fanixxxx
Thor X Reader (My Lady)by FANIX
After Ragnarok destroyed Asgard, Thor decides to evacuate his people to Earth. It had been a while since he had visited the planet, and he didn't know a lot of people...
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Two Sides of a Mirror | Loki Laufeyson ✓ by lahotaste
Two Sides of a Mirror | Loki Laufe...by ˗ˏˋ ᴊᴇᴀɴɴɪᴇ ˊˎ˗
In which they corrupt each other for better or worse. Loki Laufeyson is not a monster. Like all organisms, he was born into the world as an innocent. To become evil, a w...
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Lost Loki x reader lemon Book 2 by Luv4ever2121
Lost Loki x reader lemon Book 2by Luv4ever2121
Book 2 picks up right after book 1 and follows the events of Thor ragnorak. I want everyone to be aware that parts of this book will be directly taken from the actually...
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wonderℓand ー L. LAUFEYSON  by roonilwazlib__
wonderℓand ー L. LAUFEYSON by needs food.
W O N D E R L A N D ー ❝I would like to call myself alice, who is lost in a strange place.❞ [ thor : ragnarok ] ©roonilwazlib__
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Loki x reader Ragnarok by DimensionJumperXE
Loki x reader Ragnarokby DimensionJumperXE
"So where is he then?" I asked getting impatient "I don't know this planet may have a very different way of perceiving time then Earth" "So how...
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Transparent ஐ Loki by Sierra_Laufeyson
Transparent ஐ Lokiby S. R.
"тнe тrυтн ιѕ rarely pυre and never ѕιмple." The Goddess of Truth and the God of Lies, together, they shall be each other's demise.
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Love and War by katiesimaginelife
Love and Warby katiesimaginelife
Watch Freyja, the Goddess of Love and Thor, The God of Thunder and their amazing adventures together. They go through ups and down but will their relationship survive wi...
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