Chapter 50

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"Just sit there" Trinity said to Loki when they entered the healing room, gesturing to the healing table.
"It's really fine" Loki said, holding a tissue to the cut under his eye. It was only bleeding a little bit and he didn't want her to bother with it, this isn't really how he wanted this evening to go.
"I'm sure it is, but it'll only take me a second" she said. Loki took a seat as she had instructed.
Trinity got a small cloth and wet it with some cleansing medicine, then went over to Loki and moved his hand away from the cut, then started to dab the medicine on the cut. Loki's eye twitches a little bit at the sting from the medicine, but otherwise he sat still until she was finished cleaning it. She then took a small bandage and put it over the cut.
"There, good as new" she said "except for the bruise... you should put some ice on it if it gets any worse" she added. Loki nodded a bit.
"It's just a bruise" he said as he stood up again. There was a moment of silence and then Loki offered her his arm again and they headed to return to the party.
"Most people would've punched him back" Trinity said. She wasn't to fond of Jalil now, she didn't know if she didn't like him because he was mean to the maid, or because he attacked Loki.
"There wasn't really any point, I just wanted him to leave the maid alone and then leave" Loki said back. Trinity was about to speak again, but they got to the party again and Loki looked hesitant to rejoin. He'd probably had enough socializing for one night.
"Um... Would you mind terribly if we went outside for a while? Away from the people. I sometimes feel like I can't breath in large crowds like that"  Loki asked Trinity. He was afraid he'd be irritating her, but they'd been among the people for several hours now and he was reaching his limit. Thankfully, Trinity didn't seem bothered.
"I wouldn't mind at all" she said back. She would be happy to be with just him outside, maybe she would get to hear his wonderful laugh again.
They walked through the crowd to get outside, and were only stopped once or twice by people who wanted to introduce themselves. But once they got outside Loki felt a whole lot better, the open air made him feel less caged, and there were only a few couples walking around, and they were all more interested in each other than they were Loki and Trinity.
Trinity kept her arm linked with Loki's, and then put her free hand on his upper arm as they walked through the garden. The garden was lit only by a few hanging lanterns, and the light was quite dim, but whenever Trinity looked at Loki, she couldn't help but think that he looked dashing and rather regal. Maybe it was the way he was dressed, or maybe it was the way the dim light hit his face and drew attention to every feature, But he looked more handsome then ever.
"That was brave of you, to defend that maid" she said after they had been walking in silence for a little while. Loki's  eyes shifted down a little bit, but no one else would've noticed.
"Well... I know how she felt.... I didn't want to let it continue" he said back, his voice was low and laced with pain, and suddenly Trinity decided that she didn't want to fight herself anymore. She had been fighting her feelings for a while now, but she new that she was falling in love with him... she had had so many battles with herself, but what Loki did tonight finally ended the war. He was always so afraid of angering people who had power, and tonight he had stood up to a man much stronger than himself in order to save a stranger who was weaker. He could have stood by like he rest of the people and no one would have thought any less of him, but he did what everyone else was too afraid to do. He did the right thing when it meat facing one of his biggest fears, and it was for the sake of someone he had never even met before. She didn't care if he got nervous in crowds or didn't like to be the center of attention, she just wanted to be with him. She wanted to be the person he turned to when he felt alone, she wanted to be the person he laughed with, she wanted to be the one to make him feel loved. She had wanted this for a while now but had tried to deny it, but she didn't want to deny it anymore.... why did she have to feel this way toward a man who would most likely never be able to trust love?
She stopped walking and turned to be in front of him. She reached up  and put a hand on his face, lightly stroking the bruise with her thumb. She had no idea that Loki was having the same war with himself, he had been attracted to her for a long time too, but he thought that there was no way she would feel the same.
"Loki..." she said softly, he shifted his eyes to meet with hers and she felt an ache in her chest, she wanted to tell him what she was feeling, she wanted to feel his arms hold her close, she wanted to lean her head on his chest as hey danced, she wanted to feel his lips on her own, and not because she was thinking of him lustfully, but because she wanted to be his, and she wanted him to be hers.
"Dance with me" she said, his brows furrowed in confusion.
"There's-" he was going to point out that there was no music, but he didn't actually care, he'd learned to dance for a reason, and the reason was that he wanted to hold her just as much as she wanted to be held by him. He didn't finish his sentence, instead, he put one arm around her waist and held her hand in his other, she put her free hand on his shoulder and stood so close so that they were almost touching. And they started to dance, the only sound in the garden was the streams.
They danced for several minutes, then Loki decided that he was going to do a second bold thing tonight.
"Trinity" he said, she looked up at him and he stopped the dance. He brought a hand up to her face slid his fingers through her hair so that he was holding the back of her neck. He then leaned down so that their lips were almost touching, if she wanted to slap him she could, but she moved up and closed the space small remaining between them, meeting his lips with her own in a gentle kiss. For one amazing moment they both felt like there was noting wrong in the world, Loki forgot his pain that he always carried and just felt right, and Trinity felt all her doubts evaporate.
Unfortunately, the moment had to end. Loki moved one hand to her waist, and just when Trinity didn't want the kiss to end, it did. Someone had come looking for Loki, and he had found him.
"Loki?" Both of them pulled away from each other quickly when they heard Thor say Loki's name. They let go of each other and turned around to see Thor looking at them, an extremely confused expression on his face.

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