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Shadows and Lies  by loki__fanfic
Shadows and Lies by loki__fanfic
When Thor finds Loki broken and dying on Nidavellir he decided to bring him home to Asgard to take care of him. Despite the fact that Loki is a wanted criminal. Loki has...
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Unbroken  by loki__fanfic
Unbroken by loki__fanfic
What would the life of laufeys son be like if Odin had never adopted him? This story will tell of the life of the jotun prince as he was raised by laufey, and it will te...
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A God and a Midgardian (Loki x Reader) by Phantom_Of_Asgard
A God and a Midgardian (Loki x Phantom Of Asgard
Thank you for #1 lokixreader!!! After negotiating with his father, Thor convinces Odin to allow Loki to assist him and the others in bringing peace to the nine realms du...
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Tracker ✔James Conrad x Reader by RavenQueen39
Tracker ✔James Conrad x Readerby DanSter
"I would've never learned to survive If I never arrived at Skull Island." ~°~•~°~•~°~•~°~•~°~•~°~•~°~•~°~•~°~•~ Y/n M/n L/n. A girl who never...
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G U A R D E D | Tom Hiddleston by UnityTheWilcox
G U A R D E D | Tom Hiddlestonby Unity Wilcox
Everyone knows these days would come. That our beloved celebrities were to be death threatened not only through via social media, but in real life as well. Tom Hiddle...
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Dangerous. Beautiful. Sight - James Conrad  by Billylover
Dangerous. Beautiful. Sight - wawa
"It's a dangerous, beautiful, sight, this island is" "It's funny. The most dangerous places are always the most beautiful" In 1968, you leave your h...
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Darling (a Tom Hiddleston fanfic) by circa1927
Darling (a Tom Hiddleston fanfic)by Gemma (Germy) Runner
Baby Darling has fallen from grace. Once an award winning pop artist, she now finds herself stalked and hounded by paparazzi, surrounded by people who don't have her be...
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loki x reader - threat by kiwifruithiddleston
loki x reader - threatby leah saw betrayal <3
Y/N works for S.H.I.E.L.D, and she is given the job of watching over Loki and making sure he is not a threat, but what happens if ends up falling for him in the process...
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✧ςματτεσεd✧ ∟οκι ∟αυξεγςοη #1 by Eggstorieswonderful
✧ςματτεσεd✧ ∟οκι ∟αυξεγςοη #1by Miss Egg
♢ςματτεσε⊅♢ ∟οκι ∟αυξεγςοη ✔(γ/η) μοωασ⊅ ςτασκ✔ ♡prettiest, most βαdαςς girl at school♡ ♡the one and only lady in ςτασκ family♡ 『Well, there is ONE thing you need to kno...
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Tom Hiddleston Imagines by dat__fandom
Tom Hiddleston Imaginesby dat__fandom
Imagines of Tom Hiddleston ((updated)) *Request are open* This is my first Imagine book Hope you like it! :)
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Tom Hiddleston Preferences by Billylover
Tom Hiddleston Preferencesby wawa
Preferences to do with you and Tom Hiddleston and some of the characters he portrays. -Tom Hiddleston -Loki Laufeyson -Sir Thomas Sharpe -Captain James Conrad -Adam -Fr...
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Mყ Lσɾԃ Kιƚƚყ #2 by Eggstorieswonderful
Mყ Lσɾԃ Kιƚƚყ #2by Miss Egg
❝𝓟𝓾𝓻𝓻❞ The black kitten purred in your ear. You stroked it's black fur gently and smiled, ❝I met some crazy guy today, he said I knows him, do you think I know him?❞...
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Mყ Lσɾԃ Kιƚƚყ by Eggstorieswonderful
Mყ Lσɾԃ Kιƚƚყby Miss Egg
You are a lady, raised at Asgard but from Midgard. You have an extraordinary and gorgeous look than other girls. You are Asgard's best warrior. You have a kind heart, a...
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Tom Hiddleston Fics by Lovesmesomehiddles
Tom Hiddleston Ficsby Leah Marie
Stories I have written on Tumblr that I decided to share. Mainly Tom and Loki. Pretty fluffy; a bit of angst; implied smut; smut
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The Writers' Hub | TWH by SaiShankar75
The Writers' Hub | TWHby Sai
Welcome to The Writers' Hub! (TWH) This is a place where writers can have fun and enjoy. If you want to join insert your name in the comments, and I'll accept you as a...
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Loki imagines/ one shots  by loki__fanfic
Loki imagines/ one shots by loki__fanfic
This is just a compilation of all the short imagines and one shots that I've written, most of these are only one or two parts. Enjoy!
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Tom Hiddleston Imagines [requests open] by AllieTheFangirl
Tom Hiddleston Imagines [ ☞allie ☜
These are some Tom Hiddleston imagines I thought of. Requests are open :) Hope you enjoy!
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Tom Hiddleston Imagines by Coniferous_bean
Tom Hiddleston Imaginesby Coniferous_bean
A booklet of Tom Hiddleston imagines! Enjoy my fellow hiddlestoners
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Safe Haven  by marvelousimagines1
Safe Haven by marvelousimagines1
One moment is all it took to fall apart. But will another moment be what it takes to bring everything back together?
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Breakfast by pseudonomy
Breakfastby pseudonomy
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