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Loki x Reader One Shots by Lupine_Phoenix
Loki x Reader One Shotsby ❤ρяιηcε ℓσкι❤
Loki x Reader one shots. Mostly fluff, some angst. ° ♪ Requests are closed♪ °
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Unbroken  by loki__fanfic
Unbroken by loki__fanfic
What would the life of laufeys son be like if Odin had never adopted him? This story will tell of the life of the jotun prince as he was raised by laufey, and it will te...
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//TomHiddlestonImagines// by AsgardsAss
//TomHiddlestonImagines//by Jade Romanoff
Random short stories of many different scenarios with our favourite British actor. You will experience being Tom or Loki's girlfriend, wife or friend. I can't really say...
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Looking For Loki by Dream-daisy
Looking For Lokiby Dream-daisy
Post Infinity War Au. Thor collects green snakes and hopes one of them is Loki. When Loki finally decides to return Thor didn't expect his relationship with his brother...
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Safe In Your Arms (Thorki Fanfic) by heytherehiddles
Safe In Your Arms (Thorki Fanfic)by Payton
What happens when the one person Loki pushes away, is the one he needs most? Thor is just his brother. Isn't he?
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Loki After Endgame: Cheating Death by EmmalinaP
Loki After Endgame: Cheating Deathby Emmalina Pevensy
This is not an insta-love story, but if you want to read about two morally ambiguous, clever antihero's who learn to trust each other as equals on an epic & whirlwind co...
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thors daughter  by ilovethorr
thors daughter by ilovethorr
So Emma is the daughter of Thor and she come's home and See's a man in her house and she Fine's out that he is the god of thunder and that he is her dad so she always w...
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The Odinson Family | Completed by corsevans
The Odinson Family | Completedby cor
Just Thor, Loki and Hela as kids in Asgard. Until Hela goes to jail. Then it's just Thor and Loki. All character rights belong to Marvel.
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taken  by bellasorpes
taken by bella sorpes
*Loki and thor are not brothers but soulmates and the frostgaints aren't evil *Loki was taken by thanos he makes Loki believe he is his soulmate what happens when Loki s...
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Poison Love (Loki x Reader) by Roxie_and_Velma
Poison Love (Loki x Reader)by Spicy Baguette
After being discovered by the Avengers you began working for them. You were a Hydra Agent gone rouge. Loki saved you from near death and took you to the Avengers. So kno...
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Hug Me, Brother by OnyxandCrystal
Hug Me, Brotherby OnyxandCrystal
Thor and Loki talk after Ragnarok.
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The adventures of the odinkids by xLostandsadx
The adventures of the odinkidsby Ima
Kinda made this for fun
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Thor and Loki One-Shots by CuteAnimalDraws1324
Thor and Loki One-Shotsby Coffee-And-Books
Here you will find Thor and Loki one-shots. Most of them will be short but I will try to make some chapters longer. This is not a shipping Thor and Loki. I hope you enjo...
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High School again Avengers Au(Slow Updates) by kim-seokjin-my-love
High School again Avengers Au( bangtanhasruinedmylife
Dances, Test, Love, Mistakes. The possibility's are endless in high school. When the avengers are all teenagers again (Including Bucky and Loki) will it tear the team ap...
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Slay Them All by GabbyCollins17
Slay Them Allby Gabby the Guru
A Thor and Loki (but mostly Loki) fanfic. The untold story of how the God of Mischief came to be who he is and his perspective of popular moments in the Thor movies. No...
A Heart of Gold by _WeTheStrange_
A Heart of Goldby Kat and Emily
Elodie Coleman strived to become S.H.I.E.L.D.'s top agent. She has one last mission to seal the deal, when tragedy strikes. Someone calls to tell her that the woman who...
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My greatest hero by loki__fanfic
My greatest heroby loki__fanfic
Taking place A few years after the events on Svartalfhiem, and Loki's great turn of heart. When A young woman is found out to have special, potentially dangerous abiliti...
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Glorious Purpose (Completed) by worldsfinestadmin
Glorious Purpose (Completed)by Admin
As a child Venus is brought to Asgard by Frigga. She is accepted by the family as a maid and for years works for them and befriends Thor closely. When they grow, Frigga...
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Stupid Storms by Im_Not_Doing_GetHelp
Stupid Stormsby Im_Not_Doing_GetHelp
"The quiet was deafening. Thor suddenly became very aware of how numb he felt, mentally. He hadn't yet given in and allowed himself to grieve. He began to contempla...
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At least he stays by void_bellamy_valdez
At least he staysby void_bellamy_valdez
After the events of Ragnarok, Thor falls into depression over his friends death. Loki tries to help.
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