Chapter 85

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Chapter 85:
Loki woke with a gasp. His lungs hurt, his throat hurt, his head ached, his stomach felt like it was on fire, everything was in pain. It made him have childhood flashbacks.
Before he could even get his eyes open, his ears were flooded with the sound of a crowded room muttering and asking questions. When he opened his eyes he saw that the entire council was surrounding his bed, eagerly waiting for him to wake up and tell them what he knows. He was immediately swamped with questions about what he'd seen, what he meant when he told them to run, what the Jotuns were planing, and what he suggested they do to escape.
"Stop" he said when they attacked him with questions. He couldn't take it right now, his mind was already shot, he couldn't handle all the noise, all the questions, he couldn't think clearly and they were just making it worse.
"Everyone be quiet" Odin said above the noise. They all fell silent. Lokis eyes scanned the room quickly, he saw Odin and Thor, but then he saw a man named Quyen. He was the man from the vision, the councilman who told Laufey how to take the casket, the traitor that would get them all killed. Everyone in the room slowly started talking again, asking him questions, but his eyes we're focused on Quyen. Loki sat up and silence came over the room once more. Loki looked to the bedside table and saw his dirty clothes in a pile, his daggers with them. He was having a hard time finding words, maybe his brain was just slow, maybe he didn't want to explain what he'd seen, either way, he planned to take action right away.
"Quyen" he said, looking to the councilman that only Loki knew was a traitor.
"What is it?" Quyen asked, coming closer to loki so that he was right in front of him. Loki looked up at him, then pulled himself to his feet. He looked glazed over and worn out, but he also had an air of determination.
"Traitor" Loki muttered, then before anyone had time to look confused, Loki grabbed his dagger and plunged it into Quyen's chest.
"Loki!" Odin shouted as he, the other councilmen, and several guards rushed over to split them apart. Loki ripped the dagger out and tried to stab Quyen again, but the guards grabbed his arms and pulled him away from Quyen. The room filled with panicked shouting, the guards pulled Loki back and cuffed his hands behind his back, the other councilmen tried to help Quyen, who was bleeding at an alarming rate, everyone was confused and concerned, and because everyone was shouting over each other, no one heard Loki shouting that Quyen was a traitor. Thor saw the guards cuffing Loki and tried to stop them.
"Leave him alone, he doesn't know what he's doing!" Thor yelled at them through all the commotion.
"He's a traitor!" Loki yelled as loud as possible. The guards were still tying to shackle his hands, but he was fighting back. Quyen was being taken out of the room to have his wounds mended.
"Quiet!" Odin shouted to the room. Everyone settled down. The guards took Quyen out of the room and Odin went over to loki. The guards had just gotten the cuffs around his wrists, but Odin didn't take them off. Loki turned around and sat on the bed, looking up at Odin.
"Get Quyen to the healing room. The rest of you get out. I will speak to my son alone" Odin announced. The guards were quick to obey, getting Quyen out and leaving the room. The councilmen hesitated, not wanting to miss whatever was about to Happen Between Odin and Loki, but they eventually left the room as well.
Odin turned on Loki, looking angrier than Loki had ever seen him.
"Father-" Odin didn't let him finish, he grabbed his shirt collar and pulled him to his feet.
"If you aren't able to explain yourself in a thorough and convincing manner I will put you in a dungeon" he said in Loki's face. Loki was terrified, but he understood Odins perspective, and he did have a great explanation, so he knew he shouldn't be worried.
"I can. I can explain myself, I swear" he said. Odin let go of Loki and he dropped back down on the bed.
"Speak quickly. You just attacked a government official, and if you can't give a good explanation I will be forced to put you in a cell" Odin said. Loki swallowed hard, he knew he wasn't really going to be put in prison because he had an amazing reason for what he did, but his hands were still bound behind his back and his mind was still weak, so he was worried that his nerves would prevent him from being clear.
"One of Laufey's men told me that Quyen was a spy, that he was telling the frost giants how to break into the palace and appropriate the casket" Loki said. Odin seemed to follow what he was saying, and Loki was glad. He didn't really know what exactly the casket was, Laufey didn't give him history lessons, and he hadn't asked about it since living on Asgard. "They're going to use it to wipe out Asgard. Zenoch, Laufey's soldier, he showed me. He showed me a vision of what Laufey was planning" Loki explained as quickly as he could. He knew they didn't have a lot of time, laufey wouldn't have given them time to get ready.
"And What was Laufey planing?" Odin asked.
"Annihilation" Loki said "I saw everything. The palace was in ruins, Asgard was frozen, and you were all dead. You and Thor and mother, and Trinity, all of you were dead, I was his slave again. He had Asgard under his control" Loki went on. Odin didn't look totally convinced. "Father please" look nearly begged, his panic peaking again "We don't have time to think about this, you have to believe me or we are all going to die. We-" Odin cut him off, looking angry again.
"Why would Laufey tell you his plan, Loki? Did you not think that was foolish of him? What makes you think he's not just trying to get you to turn on us?!" Odin yelled, pulling Loki to his feet again. "You have to stop believing everything that man tells you! He lied to you to manipulate you, and now you may have murdered a councilman!" Odin shouted.
"He's not manipulating me this time!" Loki yelled "he wanted me to know hat he was doing-" Odin interrupted again.
"Why would he want us to know?!" He shouted.
"Because he knew I'd have to return here to wake up! He knew Thor and I would have to come back here and get Friggas help!" Loki said, he was getting as angry as Odin now.
"What does that have to do with anything?" Odin asked.
"Because now he has one target! Why can't you see that?!" Loki shouted in frustration. Something clicked in Odins mind, the pieces were fitting together "he now has the entire royal family, and the entire council in one building. And he knows how to break in and steal one of the most powerful relics we possess." Loki said more calmly, seeing Odin start to take him seriously. "Please father, I know I sound crazy and delusional, and I know I just stabbed a man in the chest, but Zenoch gave me this warning when we were on the battlefield, it took us hours to get home and then I blacked out. We've wasted more time than we have, Laufey will be here any moment now and-" as if On cue, the ground shook violently, the alarms sounded, sending the palace into panic, and Loki heard the guards shout
"We're under attack!".
It was too late. Loki knew the Jotuns had successfully made it inside the palace, they're defenses were broken, the palace was under attack, and everyone of importance was within the palace walls, vulnerable to the oncoming danger.

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