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Trinity woke up, it was early, but not terribly early, the sun was just starting to peak over the mountains in the distance. She turned over and looked at Loki, and saw him still asleep on his stomach,  the blankets had all shifted and fallen onto the floor, leaving just a sheet on him, and even that was only covering part of one leg.
Trinity sat up and looked over her sleeping husband And put a hand on his shoulder, then traced a scar down his back. They'd been married for three years now, a lot had changed for the better, but a few things never changed; one thing that Loki never cared to change was the fact that he didn't like to sleep with tons of clothes on; unless he was sick, he'd sleep in nothing but a pair of shorts. That's how he always slept, and he never cared to change it, he was comfortable that way, Even during the cold months he just couldn't sleep in more than a pair of shorts, if he was cold he'd just pile on more blankets and cuddle up next to Trinity. Trinity absolutely loved this trait in Loki. Not only was he very nice to look at, but when he held her close to him at night and she could feel his warmth, and touch his skin, she just felt like there was nothing between them. However, she wasn't ashamed to admit that she also just enjoyed looking at him. Seriously, he was gorgeous, sometimes when she looked at him and really paid attention to his toned muscles, and muscular frame, she couldn't really believe this was the same person that Frigga dragged in all those years ago.
There was, however, one thing that made Trinity wish he would cover up more, and that was all the scars. No, she's not a terrible person, she wasn't disgusted by them, she didn't want him to hide them, it was sometimes just hard to look at him and see all those scars and be forced to imagine what caused them. And worse, Loki could tell her what the cause of each scar was without even thinking, she could point at any mark on his body, ask how he got it, and he'd immediately be able to recall what exactly was done to him in order to leave that mark; it broke her heart that he remembered -and could so quickly recall- that much suffering.
Trinity sighed a bit and smiled weakly, her hand still over Loki's back and her middle finger just barely touching him, following the lines on his back that had been made by whips, She traced the burns and the teeth marks all over his body, wishing she could make them disappear.
She laid back down beside him, her hand still on his shoulder. There were a few moments of still silence, and then Loki woke with a gasp for air and scrambled into a sitting position, looking terrified and lost. Trinity sat up quickly.
"Loki it's okay, it was just a Dream" she said as she put a hand on his face for comfort. She could tell he'd been having a nightmare, over the past three years, she'd gotten very used to the nightmares.
That was another thing that hadn't gone away, and probably never would. Loki hoped that they would fade away and eventually disappear, after the first year of marriage, he was still hopeful, after the second year, he was doubtful, and now after three years he had accepted that the nightmares of Laufey would always plague his mind. No mater how great his life got, the memories of what Laufey and Ilkay did to him would always be tucked away in the back of his brain, waiting to surface.
Loki took a few deep breaths, holding her hand against his face, her touch was always a comfort.
"Did I wake you up?" Loki asked, still catching his breath.
"No... no I was already awake." She told him. He still looked pretty shaken up, so she was guessing his dream was a memory, not just an arbitrary nightmare. "Are you Okay? Do you want to talk about it?" She asked him as she raked his hair- which was damp from sweat- back and out of his face. He shook his head.
"No I'm fine... I'm fine..." he told her, but he was still holding her hand and she could feel his trembling. Always the giveaway.
"Lay down" she told him. He didn't argue or question her, he just laid back down like she said. She was good at calming him down, so he always just did what she said. As soon as he was laying down again, he felt her hands glide over his back, gently but firmly massaging his tense muscles. She could feel him relax under her hands, which was good, because she needed him to be happy today. Not only was today his birthday, but she had something to tell him and she didn't want it to be ruined by Laufey.
"Feel any better?" She asked him after she heard a very slight moan escape his lips.
"Mhm.... a lot better..." he sounded sleepy now, but he turned over, making her stop rubbing his back, he just wanted to be able to look at her. "I love you" he said in a rough, tired voice that she loved. She smiled a bit and climbed over him, straddling his waist. She leaned over him and put her arms around his neck, then kissed him deeply and intimately. His hands found her waist and his arms wrapped around her, pulling her closer to him. He felt his heartbeat start to race again, but it was now from the excitement he felt by passionately kissing his wife.
They didn't have a lot of time alone, so these moments of privacy and intimacy were cherished by both of them.
After a long time, she gently broke their kiss, moving back just enough so that their lips weren't touching.
"Loki.... I have to tell you something" she said softly, one of her hands had moved to his chest, she was again tracing his scars.
"Okay... what is it? Is something wrong?" He asked her, absentmindedly running his finger under the strap of her nightgown.
"No, nothing is wrong" she told him. She sat up and pulled him along with her. She didn't move off of him, so now she was on his lap, her legs wrapped around him and her arms around his neck. She wasn't sure how to tell him, or how he'd react, this wasn't something they had really talked about yet, they both silently agreed that it just wasn't possible, but....
"Loki...." she moved one of his hands to her stomach. "I'm pregnant.... we're going to have a baby together" the moment before he reacted felt long to her. At first his face just filled with shock, but then through the shock, there was joy.
"We- you're- we're going to-" be couldn't finish a sentence, but she nodded, now smiling widely.
"Yes. Yes Loki, we're going to have a baby" she told him again, he finally smiled too, then pulled her in and kissed her again, smiling against her lips. He moved forward and dropped her on her back, leaning over her for another deep kiss. She still had her legs around him, but she pulled away a bit when he stared to hold her more tightly.
"Loki, careful, I've got a baby in there" he said with a Slight laugh, her hand on her stomach.
"Right, obviously" he said to himself as he sat up with her again. The idea of having a baby was overwhelming, but in a good way. Loki had no idea how to be a father, he had no idea how to raise a baby, and normally that would be terrifying, but he was just excited to be able to give a child the kind of love that he'd never been able to receive himself.

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