Chapter 62

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Fandral was completely shocked to hear that Laufey would be coming tonight. He thought they would still have several days, but no, he's arriving tonight.
"How have you not told loki yet? He should've been the first to know" Fandral said. Thor nodded
"I know, I know. I guess I was just hoping that Laufey would change his mind or something." He said "but I'm going to tell Loki, that's why I wanted to get him out of the palace. I thought he might take it better if we're far away from where Laufey is going to be" he explained, hoping they agreed with him.
"Do you know when he's coming?" Fandral asked, but before Thor could answer, Loki rode up beside them.
"I didn't even want to come, why am I being left behind?" He asked in a half joking tone. Thor Sif and Fandral tried to play it off like everything was fine.
"Sorry Loki, we didn't mean to get so far ahead of you" Sif said. But Loki could tell she was hiding something, he knew how to lie, he lied a lot with Laufey and it took years to get good at it, and he knew what a bad lie looked like.
"What's going on?" He asked, looking more serious now. They all exchanged nervous glances and Fandral's horse conveniently slowed down so that he was now behind Loki.
"Loki, there is something I need to tell you. It concerns laufey" Thor told him, he may as well just spill it now.
"What about Laufey?" Loki asked, gripping the reins a bit tighter.
"Well, to put it simply... he's coming. Tonight" Thor said, hoping that if he said it bluntly Loki might be too shocked to panic. But Loki's face went white and he stopped the horse.
"Laufey- tonight?" He asked. He felt like he was going to fall, so he climbed down from the horse. Everyone else got off their horses as well.
"I know it's a bit of a shock Loki, but trust me, he's going to be under close watch the entire time" Thor said. Loki was silent, he was just standing there staring at nothing for several minutes, everyone was worried that he was just having a total mental shut down, but after a few minutes he surprised everyone with what he said.
"That's okay" Loki said calmly. No one understood why, they were expecting him to panic. But Loki stopped staring at the ground and looked up to Thor, he didn't seem upset anymore.
"I knew he was going to come eventually, there's no reason to be shocked.." he said, trying to think logically and reasonably. He wasn't going to start panicking and stuttering again, he worked hard to break those traits and he wasn't going to let laufey into his head anymore.
"That's okay?" Fandral asked, he wasn't expecting this level of calm. But Loki nodded and took a breath.
"Yes. That's okay. It had to happen, I knew it was going to happen, so the sooner it's over the better" he said. There was a silence as no one knew what to do now, the situation had turned out to be much simpler than anyone was expecting.
"When did you find out the date of his arrival? No one has been telling me anything for the past week" Loki said to Thor. Thor nodded.
"Right, yeah, sorry about that. I didn't want to tell you so far in advance because.... well honestly I was expecting you to be more anxious than you are, and I wanted to spare you as much anxiety as possible" he said. Loki nodded a bit, he looked like he could use a few minutes to breathe, but he didn't ask for any space so no one made a move to leave him alone.
"Thanks, that was probably a good idea. When will he be arriving? I'd like to be in my room when he gets here so I don't have to see him" loki asked. Thor wished he could talk to Loki more privately, he knew loki was mentally panicking and just keeping it under control, but he'd always been there for loki and he wanted to be there for him now.
"In a few hours... do you want to head back now?" Thor offered, maybe he would feel better if he was in his room.
"Yeah, if you don't mind" loki said "I can go back alone, the rest of you can keep going" he added, he didn't need Thor to follow him around, though he wouldn't be opposed to it.
"It's alright, I'll go back with you, I should be there when Laufey arrives anyway" Thor said, trying to sound casual, but he couldn't imagine what this must be like for Loki. He was starting to move on from Laufey and now everyone is telling him 'oh by the way, that man who used to beat you every day is coming for a little visit. Don't panic'.
Loki and Thor both stayed quiet all the way back to the palace, and then once they got there Thor walked Loki back to his room.
"Hey, Laufey will probably not get a chance to talk to you, but if something comes up and you feel unsafe, you're welcome to bunk out in my chambers, I have a couch" Thor told him, he didn't want to make him feel stupid, but he wanted to make sure Loki didn't feel vulnerable.
"Thanks. But I'm going to try to be okay with this. He isn't king here, he can't hurt me" Loki said back, but there was a hint of trying to convince himself of that.
"Okay good. Laufey and Ilkay will probably be here soon, I'll come let you know when they've been escorted to their room" Thor told him. Loki just nodded.
"Thanks" he said with a nod, then closed his door and locked it.
Thor left loki to be alone and then went back into the throne room. He saw that Frigga and Odin were already there so he assumed that Laufey and Ilkay were expected to arrive any minute.
"How's Loki?" Frigga asked Thor.
"He is surprisingly fine. He's really calm about it" he told her. Before she could say anything else, several guards entered the palace.
"The king and queen of Jotunhiem have arrived and are being escorted inside" the guard said. Odin nodded.
"Have them come here immediately" he instructed. The guard bowed and left, and several minutes later the doors opened again and Laufey and Ilkay were brought in by a few guards. Odin and Frigga already met them both, but Thor hadn't ever actually spoken to them face to face, and as soon as they walked in, he hated them even more. Laufey was as wicked looking as he imagined, and Ilkay... well she just didn't look like any real creature. Loki said she was an experiment, she was somewhere between human and frost giant, but she didn't really look like either. Her skin was a pale blue that made her look sick, and her eyes were red but not red enough, they just looked bloodshot.
"Welcome Laufey, Ilkay" Odin said in a very forced tone of respect.
"Please Odin, spare me the artificial respect. We're here on business" he said coldly. Odin was glad to be able to drop his act.
"Laufey, Ilkay, this is my oldest son, Thor. He will escort you to your rooms" Odin said.
"Your oldest son? That implies that you have a second" Laufey said, as far as he knew, Thor was the only prince of Asgard.
"I do, but he keeps to himself, I doubt you'll be seeing him at all while you're here" Odin said, and before laufey could say anything else, Odin continued to speak "you should know that neither of you are guests here. You are here to avoid a conflict between our worlds and that's it. If you wish to leave your chambers, You will be escorted by guards. If we feel threatened by either of you we will take any defensive measures we have to" he said simply, wanting to discourage any of their potentially hostile intentions.
"Relax Odin, were here to prevent a war, not start one" laufey said.
"There is no reason to start a war, our realms have been able to maintain a peace for a thousand years" Odin said back. He was a bit angry that this meeting was even happening.
"True, but you're refusing to return my property to me" Laufey said "I want him back, and I won't accept no as an answer" he added. Frigga looked angry now. Loki wasn't his property, Loki isn't anyone's property.
"If you think you can take him back-" she started to speak but Odin held up a hand for her to be quiet.
"We will discuss this all tomorrow morning. Right now it's late and they should get settled. Thor, escort them to their room" Odin said. Thor would've rather done anything else, but he had no choice, so he stepped forward and directed them out of the room and toward their chambers. Thankfully, Odin was careful to put them in a room very far away from Loki's.
"This is where you'll be staying" Thor said as they got to the room and the guards opened the doors. "You'll be escorted to breakfast in the morning, and if you have any other requests just send a guard" he told them, not trying to hide his dislike for them. Neither of them said anything as they guards let them into the room and closed the door behind them. As soon as Thor was sure they were in their room for the night, he went to tell Loki that they were here.

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