Chapter 79

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Loki dug his fingers into the blood soaked dirt and dragged himself across the battlefield. The ground was littered with dead bodies, Loki was the only person left alive, but he wouldn't be alive for very much longer. He wanted to stand, but that would never be possible, his left leg had been broken in battle, and his right leg... well, his right leg was almost completely gone. It had been chopped off at the knee by one of the frost giants during the fight. Loki tried to stay conscious, but he knew he was bleeding out, blood gushed from every wound, and even though he wrapped his leg, it was still bleeding profusely.
Loki panted, his lungs hurt, breathing took intense effort, he was seeing spots, and his remaining limbs shook from fatigue. He took a few deep breaths and pulled himself to a boulder so he could sit against it. He groaned as he pulled himself up to sit and rested his back against the rock. He breathed in the smell of death, feeling dizzy with pain, but he wouldn't let himself close his eyes. He wasn't going to die here.
"Get up" he heard Laufey's voice penetrate the dead silence. Loki saw Laufey approaching him, he was already in so much pain, but he knew Laufey could inflict more of he wanted to
"Get up!" Laufey barked again, sending a chill down Lokis spine. He wanted to get up, he wanted to obey and spare himself further agony, but it wasn't possible.
"I- I can't" Loki croaked, struggling against his fatigue, but he wasn't able to move a single muscle. Laufey came closer, Loki felt his own heartbeat quickening, he wanted to move, he wanted to run, but he was stuck in place.
"Of course you can't" Laufey said as he knelt next to Loki with a horrible grin. "Just look at yourself" he growled darkly. Loki was a mess of terrible injuries, there was no possible way he could hope to move.
"You think you've escaped torment" Laufey hissed as he grabs loki around his neck and pulled him up so that his foot couldn't touch the ground.
"You'll never escape it!" He barked as he slammed Loki up against a the rock and punched him hard in the stomach. Loki felt the air leave his lunges, Laufey let go of him and he crumbled to the ground, swallowing his screams of pain.
"you've lost, I will take you back to Jotunhiem, no one can stop me, your family is all dead, they suffered for helping you!" he said "Ive save one for last though; Trinity. I have her, and she will die last. I'll kill her in front of you so you learn not to love again!" Laufey barked as he kicked Loki in the ribs, loki felt his ribs break and he screamed in pain.
"Leave- leave her alone" Loki wheezed, holding his now broken ribs, though it did little to ease the pain. Laufey just leaned down and got so close to Loki that Loki could feel his breath on his cold skin.
"You can't give orders" he growled in Lokis ear. Laufey stood up, Loki couldn't focus on him, he could barely see anything in focus. But what he heard next was enough to make him learn to focus.
"Loki.." he heard Trinity's weak voice call his name and he forced his eyes to focus. He mustered up every ounce of strength he had in him and forced himself to sit up.
"Trinity" Loki whispered, seeing her being held captive by Laufey. Loki would rather Laufey torture him for another thousand years than witness his beloved Trinity be hurt.
"Don't hurt her!" Loki yelled weakly, it was barely a yell at all.
"You really should've surrendered" Laufey said mockingly, then kicked the back of Trinity's leg, forcing her to her knees. She looked over to Loki, fear in her eyes. Loki felt his chest crushing his heart, how could he let this happen? How could he let her die?
"Loki.. he's-" Loki stopped her.
"It'll Be Okay, I promise" Loki said, he couldn't stand hearing her voice that weak. She looked like she believed Loki for a second, then Laufey pulled her head back, leaving her neck open.
"He's dying, so this has to be quick. I want him to watch your blood spill" laufey hissed in her ear, her breath was shaky, she knew she was going to die.
"Laufey don't. Please, I'll- I'll do whatever you want" Loki begged as Laufey took out a knife an put it against Trinity's throat "please Laufey, she's- just leave her, please" he said desperately, he wouldn't be able to live with himself if he watched Trinity die.
"It's too late for that, I can't have you having a source of happiness" laufey said. Lokis mind stared to race, but before he could say anything else, Laufey cut the knife across Trinity's neck. Loki sat bolt upright.
"Trinity!" But he was no longer on the battlefield. He was back in his tent, sitting on his cot in a cold sweat, panting for breath. It was just a nightmare, but it was the worst kind. Loki knew in his mind that Trinity was safe, but he wanted to see her, he wanted to talk to her and hear her voice so he could be sure she was safe. But they were miles apart...
He panted to catch his breath, his hand went to is leg, making sure it was still there. He took a few minutes to catch his breath, then realized that it was too late to try to sleep any more, besides, he was so uncomfortable that he wouldn't be able to get back to sleep even if he tried. His head was throbbing, and everything hurt. After the battle, one of the soldiers who had a little bit of medical experience did his best to patch up Lokis face, which was a mess of cuts and bruises after the beating he'd revived from the Jotun soldier, but even after being treated, Loki was still in a lot of pain, and he knew that the resting period would be brief; pretty soon they'll be up and moving again, off to defend the Jotuns' next big target. He rubbed his head and tried to make the pounding stop, but it was no use, he couldn't relieve this pain. His leg also still ached, the arrow wound was still relatively fresh, and even with proper care, it was hard to fight on it. He pulled himself up off his cot and forced  himself to his feet. As soon as he was standing, his tent opened and Thor was there.
"Loki, we- are you alright?" Thor asked. Loki was white as a sheet, he was in a cold sweat, and he looked like he was going to be sick.
"Laufey... Nightmares" Loki panted. He was still a little breathless, and his mouth was dry.
"Sorry... do you want to talk?" Thor offered. He knew this whole war hit a little too close to home for Loki. It was personal, and he knew it was a constant struggle to keep his fears under control. Loki shook his head though.
"No. Thank you" he said. Thor nodded.
"I hate to say this right now, but we need to get moving. It's a weeks journey to the fortress" Thor said. He and Loki and a small portion of the army were going to go to a military fortress near the south mountains of Asgard so get supplies before returning to the palace to assemble another team of soldiers.
"Alright... can I have twenty minutes?" Loki asked. He wanted to talk to Trinity. Thor nodded.
"Sure. Just come out when you're ready." He said as he left so Loki could be alone.
Once Thor was gone, Loki sat back on his cot, closed his eyes, and focused on Trinity. It took him a few minutes to get his focus right, but eventually his surroundings started to fade and his mind was sent to Trinity's room in the south fortress where she was stationed.
Trinity had just gotten out of bed and had just finished getting dressed when Loki appeared.
"Loki" she said, startled by his sudden and early appearance.
"Sorry" loki said, turning his head a little bit.
"It's fine, I'm dressed, you just startled me" she said. "Are you Okay? You look terrible" she said, seeing his beat up face, which was also chalky white.
"I'm fine. Sorry to show up, I just- I wanted to see you. I had a dream, Laufey killed you, i had to watch. I just wanted to see you alive, and not broken" he told her. Trinity smiled sadly, she wished she could jump into Lokis arms and kiss him, but he wasn't really here, she couldn't touch him.
"Well I can promise you that I'm perfectly fine. And we'll get to see each other soon right? I heard you and Thor were bringing some of the army here on the way back to the palace" she said trying to lift his spirits. Loki nodded.
"Yeah, Thor said it would be about a weeks journey... it'll probably be rough, but I can't wait to see you for real" Loki said, feeling much more at ease now that he was talking to her.
"I'll be waiting for you, as always" she said "be safe Alright? I know it's hard, but just don't be overly reckless" she told him. He nodded a little bit.
"I'll do my best." He said "I have to go, but I'll see you soon enough" he told her before his image disappeared and he was back in his tent.
Loki left his tent and went to join Thor. He had a group of about twenty men all ready to move out.
Unfortunately, They were barely able to take enough supplies for the trip. Even if nothing went wrong and they were able to get there in exactly a week, they would be stretching their food supply very thin, and Loki knew that there would be slight delays at least. Nothing goes perfectly according to plan, so he got himself mentally prepared to give up more meals.
"Alright" Thor said when everyone was gathered "we have just enough supplies to last us a week, so we need to do our best to get there early. I know you're all tired, but just look forward to getting to the fortress, once we're there we'll be able to get a full day of actual rest and full meals before going back to the palace, so try not to get discouraged" he said, trying to keep everyone spirits up even though everyone was completely miserable. They all had the attitudes of soldiers though, they were fighting a war and they wouldn't give in until it was won, so they all shouldered their limited supplies, and moved out.

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