Sink// 'Ship girl'! Eli x Admiral! Fem! Reader

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(Be prepared a bit of kancolle, oh and I also recommended searching up the words and things that you don't know/ don't understand-)

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(Be prepared a bit of kancolle, oh and I also recommended searching up the words and things that you don't know/ don't understand-)


A battleship's gun's boomed, spilling fire and smoke into the darkness.

Elichika-or Eli for short- of the Elichika-class aircraft carriers; swerved to the left to evade the many shells that rained down upon her.

It was a pretty normal day at the start. The waters were quiet with no abyssal within sight. The sky above them; a perfect blue canopy, smothered by thin wisps of clouds that looked like brushstrokes; the unrelenting sun burning brightly overhead them. The sea was tranquil, waves; clean and gentle, it's ebbing tides harmonious like a song. The cool water splashed against Eli's heated face, as she skated along the water surface along with the rest of the 2nd and 3rd Fleet.

It really was a pleasant day.

Then the gunfire started.

And a battle had been ushered forth.

Chaos; as far as the eye could see, torn this once-dormant ocean, as the ship girls continued to push back the growing abyssal forces that were advancing for the base. Aircraft belonging to both sides streaked across the smoke-riddled sky, unleashing storms of ammunition, bombs, and torpedoes. Projectiles flew high above, erupting into towering pillars of water as they hit the water, or in some cases if they hadn't missed, erupting into a burning explosion when they landed in their targets.

Now Eli stood amidst the bodies of her fallen ship girl comrades as they begun to sink into the deep, Moderately damaged herself. The battle had raged for many hours, and Eli could feel her moral lower in an abdominal rate; but despite that and her injuries, she was determined to persist till the very end just to see another day-

And that very cute smile her lover- her admiral- adorned everyday.

"Elichika, of the Elichika-class carriers, reporting!" Eli cut down her saluting hand in a smooth, practiced motion, to the stoic-looking, (E/C) eyed woman sitting on the opposite of the huge desk in front of her.

"At ease, sailor" The woman replied as she looked over the paper containing the reasons of Eli's transfer to this base. "It says here you came from the Kure Naval Base, am I correct?"

"Yes, ma'am" The woman looked slightly irked from Eli's response.

"And also according to here, Admiral Yokaze of the Kure Naval Base has consumed a 'bit' too much resources in the development and construction warehouse..." The woman looked at the paper again. "Bismarck? Who the hell is that?"

"Bismarck, first of the Bismarck-class battleships and was constructed for the Kriegsmarine, ma'am" Eli informed.

"...Ah! Her!" The woman exclaimed. "Infamous for taking down Britain's pride; HMS Hood, was it?" Eli nodded.

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