It's just a friendly competition!// Kanan x Short! Trap! Fem! Reader x Sarah

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It's just a friendly competition! What could go wrong?

That was what all of Aqours had said, but really, you wouldn't describe it as 'friendly'.

Currently, you were hiding in the janitor's closet, away from any of your fangirls and definitely away from Sarah and Kanan; those two have been competing for your feelings ever since you joined Uranohoshi. At first, it were just normal and friendly games of paper, scissors, rock and who gets to do what, but as things started to get difficult and competitive, the games evolved into things that god would refuse to witness.

One of the games that you hated so much, involved one of them kidnapping you in the middle of broad daylight, right at class time, and whoever managed to get you to a specific location, would earn a little peck on the lips from you- a rule of the game you had never heard of until Sarah suddenly closed in for the kill after kidnapping you in the middle of one of Aquor's practice session.

Yeah it was obvious that they were head-over-heels for you.

This wasn't the only problem as well; your fangirls were hazardous and would constantly follow you every school day, it was if the demons of hell came to torture your poor being, wrecking your innocent mind. They were one reason Sarah and Kanan became crazy. However, thank god that they weren't that obsessed with you to the point that they would actually stalk you home; like those two crazy, love-struck wolves that you presume were hunting you down just of now.

"(Y-N)-Chan! Where are you?" You heard Kanan's voice out in the hallway which made you cower in your spot; thank god you were small enough to fit through tight and small spaces.

"I've made you some bento, (Y/N)-chan~" Sarah's voice could also be heard. You turned sickly pale. One, rickety old door was the only thing that separated you from the two wolves, from certain death. Your eyes directed to two weather-worn coats hanging near you, and you immediately grabbed them and covered yourself with it to make it appear as if you were just a pile of clothes.

"Oh, it's you slut..." looks like the two found each other. "You better fucking go away, it's mine and (Y/N)'s cuddle time"

"Do you suck your dad's dick with that mouth?" Kanan scoffed.

"Not as hard as you do" Sarah retorted.

Suddenly, you heard banging and shouting, as if there was a fight going on. You were tempted to go out, but that meant dealing with those two. However, your curiosity got the better of you and you exited your hiding spot and went out to the hall.

The first thing you saw was Kanan pulling on Sarah's hair and Sarah trying to give Kanan a Chinese burn on her arm. The sight of them fighting was enough to anger you, and that was hard to do considering you were always happy.

"GUYS, STOP FIGHTING!" You yelled, making the two pause in an uncomfortable position. Their gaze turned from each other and to you, and they broke into wide smiles. They let each other go and ran towards you.

"(Y/N)-chan!" They tackled you and cuddled up to your arms, which you found rather soothing actually."Found ya'/you!" And they gave a small peck on both of cheeks.

You know what, maybe it may not be a friendly competition for your love,

But you could still get used to, after all, they were two of the most beautiful and nicest girls you had ever met.


In the end of your last period one day, Riko had came to you to ask you one question that had never come into your mind since the competition started.

"So, who're going to choose in the end?" She had asked as she was packing her items up.

Your answer?

You just gave her a grin, and went off outside.

Riko was confused with your answer and went out to follow you, only to see your small figure retreating into the distance.


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