Hey//Perverted! Maki x Shy! Fem! Reader

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"Hey" with that one word you had casually said that day to that group of nine, you had ushered forth a wave of chaos that brought calamity to your days of peace and tranquility that came in the form of-

"(Y/N)-chan~" A certain red-haired immediately wrapped her arms around your body, hindering you from any movements.

This girl- Maki Nishikino- was completely infatuated with you. To the point where she would follow you around school to make sure her precious, little bunny wasn't getting hurt or sad. You didn't mind all that, for the girl was an acquaintance of your's since middle school, and you were stuck with her like super glue. No, the problem was her personality.

Maki appeared like one of those beautiful rich kids that were impossible to approach- almost like Heather Chandler from Heathers- but in plain truth, she had a perverted side to her 'rich-kid' demeanor. She would constantly make dirty comments, or even touch certain parts of your body.

The two of you weren't a lot closer back then since you had a different status than her and she was always followed around by an entourage of her own fangirls and wannabes. But when both of you found each other again in the first year of high school, things went slightly crazy, and it all started with that one word.

"H-how are you, Maki-chan?" You spoke quietly as you gazed down at your feet, looking away from the weird stares you and your girlfriend were having.

Did I mention that Maki was your girlfriend? After weeks and weeks of flirting, physical contacts and all of that things, she was satisfied to say that you had officially become her girlfriend.

Maki nuzzled into your shoulder like a little puppy begging for attention. "C'mon, (Y/N)-chan! The others are waiting for us"

You opened your mouth, but nothing, the words just seem to be trapped in your throat. You could feel a flush of blood heading northwards.

Impatient as ever, Maki grasped your hand and spun you around, an action you hadn't anticipated. But the next thing was what truly caught you into surprise. Maki immediately crashed her lips against your's.

She pulled away shortly, smiling ear-to-ear at your quivering figure- cheeks flushing red, hands covering face in embarrassment.

Maki smiled sweetly at your adorable reaction. "I'll give you more later in the bed" she added with a wink, causing you immediately faint from too much blood rushing to your head.

Looks like Maki had to carry you to the infirmary- again.


Omake (I just love these cos of my OCs-)

A certain English-teacher was in the infirmary- having suffered from a horrendous migraine earlier and was told to rest by the school nurse- when a grade-A student of her's came in carrying a (H/C)-haired girl in her arms. The red-haired beauty placed the unconscious girl in a bed next to the teacher's and confined themselves using the curtains.

The teacher didn't really think much about it, until she heard the bed creaking, and soft, yet audible groans coming from the bed next door.

The nurse came in to find a traumatized teacher, blood pouring down her nose.

The next day, the teacher patted the red-headed student in the back and gave a thumbs up, which baffled the matter greatly.


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