Go Away// Nozomi x Cold! Male! Reader

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Requested by Miki_jr1

Requested by Miki_jr1

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I was just walking to class, ignoring the whispers of the other students as I passed them by. Currently, I was the only male in Otonikizaka high, which was once an all-girls school, until it became a co-od one as not that much people enrolled here and were in the verge of shutting down. Apparently, there is an idol group here that actually saved the school, but it wasn't enough. I came here by a recommendation from my mom, whom was actually friends with the chairwoman here. To tell the truth, I hated going here due to many things, one of them is that things get really awkward being the only guy and all.

"(Y/N)-Kun~!" I heard the cheerful shout of a certain shrine maiden. The new boy's restroom. It was probably the only place to hide, but knowing Nozomi, she'll probably burst in with no shred of decency.

This girl was also one reason why I also hate going here.

"(Y/N)-Kun! There you are" Nozomi appeared before me in all of her glory. I stared at her in bewilderment, maybe the rumors of her being able to travel at the speed of sound were probably true.

I decided to make a break for it. Nun-uh I wasn't gonna stay there and possibly get raped. Now that was a strong word, maybe sexually harassed? No rape is a more 'better' word to describe what she would do to me.

I evaded past girls that clustered themselves into little groups, past teachers that suddenly turned angry as they saw me running down the hallway, which was actually against the rules. And do I give a fuck? No. I looked behind me to check if that crazy idiot was chasing me, she was. At an abdominal speed.

"Aww don't be so cold, (Y/N)-Kun~!" I flinched a little bit from her words. Truth be told, I sometimes get irritated when someone calls me 'cold'; even though I am cold, I just find it quite annoying that I get called that. You can call me Strange, but it's just how I feel.

I sighed as I swept around the corner. And what luck I seem to have, there was a dead end.

"You can't run away forever, (Y/N)-Kun!" Suddenly, a shadow towered over me and made me gulp.

"Found ya'~" A grin appeared on her shadowed face, I am so fucking screwed.

She advanced towards me slowly, it felt she was trapping some wild animal, the wild animal being obviously me. I felt the wall behind me pressed against my back as Nozomi got closer and closer until her face was inches away from mine. She was smirking quite evilly now, her hands outstretched to form that washi washi action she usually used as means for punishment for those girls in that idol group.

However, as she was about to attack me, the school bell rang. I had never been so relieved in my entire life. I saw Nozomi's confused expression suddenly changing back into a devilish smirk.

Suddenly, with no warning, she dived in

And gave a small peck on my lips.

"Well, see you later then, (Y/N)-Kun~" Nozomi cooed as she walked off whilst waving at me.


What the actual hell?

I touched my lips gingerly. That moment when our lips made contact, I felt a spark; a strong sensation running through me. And it was...strange. It was the first time I've felt this way, and for someone like Nozomi to make me feel this was, I was honestly quite frustrated with myself.

I shook those thoughts away and trudged on for the classroom.


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