Why?// Chika x Tall! Depressed! Fem! Reader

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Requested by @melon_crow

Requested by @melon_crow

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The orange-haired girl held you in her arms as you continued to sob uncontrollably on top of her head, being the talker of the two of you.

Your arms that were wrapped around Chika's neck were bleeding profusely from the cuts that who had inflicted on yourself earlier that day. Blood and tears stained Chika's white blouse, but it didn't matter to her. Right at that moment, you had mattered the most.

"I-I never asked for any of this! I-I n-never asked for them to d-die!" You croaked out as memories flooded through your fragile mind.

The monstrous flames that swallowed your parents whole burnt them to crisp. The turf war between two gangs that left your older brother hospitalised. The car accident that took your aunt's life. Now it was just you and your stupid conscience that's been debating whether you were at fault of their deaths or not. For years you sought comfort from others, from friends, from distant relatives, but they always turned you away and had the audacity to say "Get over it!".

Your mind was always filled with thoughts; audible voice that whispered sweet words into your ear. Then those whispers turned into yells, then to piercing shrieks that made you want to rip out your ears. You just couldn't take it anymore, you couldn't get any help or even comfort; no one was there to help you get through.

But then this girl came.

She had become the light of your life. Her dazzling eyes that captivated you, her bubbly personality that shone and radiated like the sun, it was hard to not like her, that smile of hers that was infectious. It was hard to not like her.

And now, this girl you barely even knew, was holding you in a tight embrace as she rubbed your back in attempts to comfort you.

"Shhh, it's ok, (Y/N)-chan..." Chika had managed to silence you with a few spoken words. "Your gonna be ok now, we're all here"

"What do you mean all-?" The entrance to the rooftop burst opened, and eight girls you had already familiarised with ran out, huffing and puffing, save for one stoic third-year who you knew was the most athletic of the bunch.

"Did...you-?" Riko smiled as she got a glimpse of the two of you hugging and collapsed to her knees in exhaustion.

"Ah...looks like...we...didn't have...to run here..." Dia gasped out.

"See? You're not alone, (Y/N), there will always be someone in the world that will care, you just haven't found them yet" Chika whispered to your ear, much different than the ones in your head that nearly drove you insane.

"Why do you care, Chika-san?" You asked her.

She released from the hug and gazed up at you for a second, before going up to her tip-toes to plant a chaste kiss on your chapped lips.

"Because, I love you!" You could never be happier when you heard those words.

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