Lies// Nozomi x Shy! Childhood Friend! Fem! Reader [PT2/L]

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The real one

You stomped out from the student council office and headed down the corridor, eyes overflowing with salty tears. You couldn't do it anymore, you couldn't handle it anymore. You waited for ten years for her to return, and here she was, without your consent of her arrival and one meek apology. And for Christ sake, she was also your only friend and childhood crush and you couldn't bear thought of being angry at her or saying things that could harm her. And anyways, you weren't furious at her.

You were furious at your self

Furious for being too dependent at Nozomi. Furious for being weak. And furious for being angry at your own best-friend. You knew that you couldn't fix your mistake even as much as you wish you could. If only you hadn't opened your mouth earlier, then you would have be friends with her still-

"(Y/N)chi!" Nozomi grabbed your hand and pulled you towards her, immediately embracing you, something you hadn't expected, as your mind was all clouded with self-doubt and rage. You felt a kind of liquid dripping down from above you, landing on your cheeks and rolling down to your chin.

It was Nozomi's own tears. She was in tears.

You felt bad. Like really bad. You made a poor cinnamon roll like Nozomi cry. You knew how sensitive she was, having spent most of her life rid of any parental figure. And yet, you had hurt her feelings.

"I'm s-so, so sorry...please don't leave me...please..." She was literally shaking by this point. Thoughts raced through your mind as you tried to find a way to settle this once and for all.

"I hate you..." Those words came out from your mouth without you realising.

"I know..." Nozomi whispered, holding you tighter than before.

"You left me here..." You cried harder than ever, tears gushing out from your (E/C) eyes like a rushing waterfall.

"I know..." She spoke softly, her voice like a beautiful melody.

"I'll never forgive you..." Now you were struggling to get out from her embrace.


Rage was all you felt.

All emotions lost. But for rage.

All those years of loneliness, sorrow and anticipation, and Nozomi was the cause for all of this. She was the reason for your pain. She started it. She started everything. Everything,


but then why do i still love her?

She was also the reason for your joy, happiness, and freedom. Every moment you spent with her, you felt alive.

As if your soaring across the wispy clouds

As if you could run across the grass of windy plains without thought of the concrete world that trapped you.

As if you were one of those specks of light in the star-studded sky.

Then silence.

Nozomi buried her nose among your wild mane of (H/C) hair and stayed there. And everything felt like it was the two of you in the Earth, peaceful and content in your own Garden if Eden.

Words left unsaid, spoken in silence

You stopped lashing and closed your eyes, concentrating at the taller figure hugging you. You felt yourself in peace, an emotion you had not felt in these past ten years.

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