Lies// Nozomi x Shy! Childhood Friend! Fem! Reader (PT1)

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"Hey, Non-tan!" A young (Y/N) ran towards her friend, ignoring the pleas of her mother to come back.

"(Y/N)-chan!" Young Nozomi shouted, ditching her bag to meet up with her only friend. The two kids embraced each other tightly as if they were to let go, the other would disappear.

"I heard you were moving- again" (Y/N) stared at Nozomi with wide, star-struck eyes. "I've never been out of this city, what's it like out there?"

Nozomi grinned. "So many things, the skies are so beautiful at night, no buildings to block your sight. Oh! And the trees, tall as skyscrapers, lush and green unlike the ones here!"

(Y/N) listened intently to her friend's long tale about the world outside the city. Hearing such stories- even if they were untrue or not- had always made her excited.

"I wanna go out there someday..." (Y/N) sighed. "But, Y'know, as an orphan..."

"I understand, (Y/N)-chan," Suddenly, Nozomi's eyes lit up. "I know, when I get older and have a lotta money! I'll marry you and we can travel the world together, just the two of us!" And her usual smirk was formed on her face.

(Y/N) nodded quickly. "I'd like that!"

"Then that's a promise!"


That was 10 years ago when you were so young and naive and you believe the lie your bestest friend- your only friend- told you. You waited for her to come back, but she never did; it was if she left you in the dirt, broken and unwanted. Over time, you became withdrawn from society and became a shy and timid person- a completely different person.

And your best friend, Nozomi Tojou? You came to despise her, for lying to you. Anytime someone mentions a word that reminded you of her, you always feel yourself becoming furious and usually, you would lash out.

Today, it was just another boring day in class. Another day of teachers rambling about useless topics.

Your classmates were chatting amongst themselves, separated into different groups, while you sat all alone at your desk, drawing something in your sketchbook.

"Alright class, its time to start" Your teacher entered the room in her usual cheerful mood.

"Today, we're going to use microscopes to look at some unicellular organisms..." Your mind wandered off, the voice of your teacher, becoming muffled to your hearing.

You just didn't care anymore, I mean, what was the point of learning and planning for the future, when in the end, all of it would be-

"(L/N) (Y/N), would you please come to the student council office~" A familiar voice called out from the school's intercom. The teacher stopped talking and looked at you, so did your other classmates.

"E-erm...c-can I...?"

"Go ahead." The teacher gave you a warm smile, before continuing on with her lecture


You arrived at the office unsurprisingly quickly, well since her classroom was literally next door to the student council office. As you reached for the doorknob, thoughts raced through your mind as you tried to figure out why you were getting in trouble; all you ever did in school was the normal routine. Arrive in time. Learn. Eat lunch. Learn more. Then go home. You didn't remember breaking the rules or doing anything suspicious. 

You entered the room and noticed two individuals sitting beside the huge desk in front of you, busy doing some paperwork. As the door shut from behind you, they paused in their work and looked up at you. Your eyes widen as you finally took in the features of one of the figures.

"Ah, looks like she's here, Nozomi"

Purple hair. Green eyes. That familiar smirk. And that almost mother-like aura. You couldn't believe it. You old friend was part of the student council, and you didn't know it.

Because maybe she couldn't be bothered to tell you.

"(Y/N) really is you!" Looking closer, you could just barely see, small, trickles of tears from the corner of her eyes. "I knew it was you...I missed you..."  Those tears began to continously roll down her cheeks, staining the papers below. She immediately jumped out from her seat and ran towards you, catching you in an embrace. 

Peaches and cream. You missed that scent.

You abstained yourself to reciprocate the action, even if deep down, you wanted to. You still felt furious about what she had done to you. 

 "I know, when I get older and have a lotta money! I'll marry you and we can travel the world together, just the two of us!" 

"Goodbye, (Y/N)-chan..."

"I love you"

Those memories. It was coming. Coming back. Coming back again. In a blur, you pushed Nozomi off you, face twisting in rage as you glared at her.

Needless to say, Nozomi was shocked at your action, so did the other figure- whom you recognized as the student council president- despite having not met you before.

"D-don't you dare fucking lie to me ever again! 'Miss me'? Oh please, you think that's going to fix everything!?" You shouted, your own tears spilling out like a waterfall. "10 years, Nozomi, 10 fucking years!"

"I know (Y/N), I know. I'm sorry-"

You chuckled bitterly, interrupting Nozomi mid-sentence. "Sorry? Sorry!? Is that you've got to say!? Well, sorry. But your so-called apology is 10 years too late" 

Nozomi looked straight at your (E/C) eyes and saw just how furious you really were. She wavered slightly, as her cowardice got the better of her, and she backed away from you. Your bright, cheerful self she remembered years ago, now replaced with a stranger; she had never seen so much hatred in someone, let alone you, before in her entire life.

"(Y/N)..." Nozomi reached out to you, but you swatted her hand away, glared at her for a second, before turning around to exit the room.

"Don't ever speak to me ever again, you selfish little..." And with that, you shut the door, leaving Nozomi in bafflement and tears, as her blonde friend who watched the scene unfold, got up to comfort her.

"Sshhh, it's alright Nozomi, she'll be calmer later" 

"Don't you get it, Eli? I promised her I would be back soon..."

"It's all my fault..."


lol lemon is going to be in the next part 

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