Say no to this// Futa! Eli x Shy! Reader [L]

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Requested by @UzukiB

This was supposed to be a male reader one-shot, but due to most of the demographics being female and most being Yuri lovers, I made a tough decision that if anyone requests Male readers, it'll be fender fluid, so you can choose the gender by your own mind (in lemons, y'all will have a dick, so Futas and general males)



"Aw man I missed the train..." You huffed, staring at the uninteresting ceiling of the hotel you and your girlfriend- Eli- had managed to book a room in before they closed for the night.

Thanks to the weather, your date with Eli had to be postponed early- much to your dismay- you had been looking forward to the date for the past week. Not only that, but you had missed the train ride home, adding even more to your unwanted grievances. "And then I'll be late for book club tomorrow..."

Eli quietly entered the room, carrying a tray of beverages with her. "Well, this was the only thing I could get for free" she said, settling the tray onto a nearby table. "I can't believe we're already broke, I swear I put about a week's worth of money in my bank account..."

"Well I don't blame you, this hotel was rather expensive" You remarked, as Eli took a seat beside you.

"Hmm...yeah..." Eli mumbled, and you barely caught on at what she said.

"Something in your mind?" You asked, shuffling a bit closer to her.

Eli slowly turned her head, staring at your (E/C) hues with hesitation in her eyes. She opened her mouth to speak, but decided against in- no words had come out.

"C'mon spill it!" You coaxed, nudging her arm. In response, Eli's cheeks immediately reddened.

The latter intertwined her fingers with yours and pulled you closer towards her, lips puckered. In the slightest of moments, Eli placed her lips upon yours, before pulling away and backed away into a sullen silence across the other side of the bed.

You sighed as you moved closer to the girl. "Something tell's me there's something wrong, so c'mon, say it"

Eli hesitated, but nevertheless, she spoke. "I-...I feel like we should do more stuff...other than kissing" she mumbled, looking away.

You stared at her for a moment, trying to contemplate what she had said, and when the realisation struck you, you immediately blushed. ""

Before you could make a complete sentence, Eli swept around and grabbed you by the collar, pushing you down. You gaped in shock at her sudden action, enough time for Eli to shove her lips against your own.

While in your intense make out, Eli's hand slipped beneath the waistband of your underpants, grasping your hardened shaft. You jolt, breaking the kiss for a second, before Eli dived in and continued.

"E-...Eli..." Your voice came muffled against the heated kissing. The movement beneath the clothing that barely repressed your shaft went faster, making you groan and clutch the bed sheets as pleasant chills ran down your spine. "M-...more"

With a sudden gasp, you released your thick load onto her hand, before flopping down onto the bed, panting, waiting for your climax to finish.

"We're not done yet" In an instant, Eli undressed herself, tossing her clothes to the floor and began to take out your clothes.

"I know you won't say no to this"

You cowered slightly as you saw the smirk forming onto her face. Without any warning, Eli inserted her shaft inside, making you whimper from the sudden and new feeling. The latter groaned, gritting her teeth to suppress incoming moans as she clutched onto the bed sheets tightly.

She started off slow, careful to not cause you any harm in your first time. But slowly over time, her pace began to build up. "E-Eli!" You whimpered, before Eli smothered your lips with kisses in attempt to silence you. "You'll wake the other guests" she whispered, thrusting faster.

Your body flooded with overwhelming pleasure, like a cup filled to the brim with water, ready to spill. You buck your hips, jolts ran down your spine as Eli kept ramming herself deeper inside of you. And when she hit a special spot, you couldn't resist the urge to moan loudly, your stammering voice reverberating around the room in echoes.

Lecherous noises, creaks of the bed moving, those noises filled the room quick, and if you so happened to past by, you would hear it. And did the two care? No, it was a special night for the couple.

Eli intertwined her fingers with yours, grasping it firmly. Her breathing began to slow down, turning into pants as her vigor started to be used up. Trembling slightly, she thrusted one more time, before she released her hot, thick seed inside.

Eli pulled out her now-flaccid dick, gasping for air for a few seconds, before collapsing onto the space beside you. She wrapped her arms around your shivering figure, keeping you close to her chest. You looked up and smiled at Eli, the latter smiled back, which you could describe: like a dork.

She stroked your (H/C) locks, like a mother comforting their child, humming a sort of lullaby in order to get you to sleep, noticing just how tired you really were. Your eyelids began to droop, becoming heavy as lead, the entices of sleep lulling you into it's null void of unconsciousness.

Within a few seconds, you were out like a light, burying your head into Eli's chest.



Scarlett Himura- or Himura-sensei- or the fabled greatest English teacher of Otonikizaka- was at the hotel in unfortunately the wrong time.

She passed by a room, where she could hear lewd noises coming from, making her stop in her tracks.

"Holy shit, what's with people just fucking each other when I'm around?!" Scarlett complained, quickly walking out from that strange situation.


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