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A long, long time ago- when the people used to journey across the unexplored trenches of the Earth, there existed legends. Legends who were described as children's of gods. These beings were worshiped, cared for, loved by many, celebrities of a forgotten age- seen to the public as if they were made of shining gold. Children and adults alike would try to mimic them, ardent for some desperate glory, and yet their trial end in failure, for these mortals were rid of one, important and significant quality- Love.

The world back then was a cruel, misguided place, where terrible deeds were committed just to fit in and survive. The existence and boundaries of love were faintly known to anyone, spoken in myths as if it were a legend itself.

This tale, no one is sure how it ended, but some says it is one of the only myths about this 'love'.


"All main cannons prepare to fire!" The wind whipped (Y/N)'s brine-soaked hair across from all directions as they brandished their steel rapier from its scabbard, raising it against the sun- the yellow sheen glinting in its metallic blade.

"Aye, Cap'n!" (Y/N)'s crew chorused amidst the noise of battle, the cannons blasting from both ships, the flames crackling and dancing, and the crashing crescendo of the waves below.

The sailors ran amok on the ship, brandishing the little weapons they could find. (Y/N) grinned as they tossed their cigar aside.

Swiftly, (Y/N) whipped around just as her blade came in contact with another with a loud clang. (Y/N) kicked the assailant in the stomach without any thoughts, watching their flailing bodies plummeting into the sweeping waves.

And as (Y/N) stood there for a moment to light another cigar, they suddenly heard the cry of a fellow crew mate, and a familiar whistling noise.

"CAP'N LOOK OUT!" (Y/N) squinted, and in the action of battle, they could make out a grey spherical object coming towards them quickly, wat to quickly.

If they had knew it was coming, then they wouldn't be here right now, but they didn't, and after they saw the kaleidoscopic flash of orange and red, they immediately found themselves in a sea of darkness, still as if time had stopped.


In the still, blue darkness, surrounded by the wooden debris, there was the motionless body of Captain.

From a distance, you could hear the sound of splashing, and then the sound of something moving swiftly in the waters.

A curious young woman popped her head out from the darkest parts of the waters, watching the still human in ardent. Moving closer to the light, you could tell she wasn't human at all, for she lacked legs in the lower part of her body, rather she had a tail. A scaly, extended purple tail.

The woman moved closer to the human eyeing them closely, taking in all of their features. Her beautiful purple eyes shone with such curiosity as she glides her finger across the human's cold skin. Soft.

"I've finally found you"


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