Still corny, huh?// Maki x 'Master of Flirt'! Trap! Fem! Reader

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Maki had always been a loner- nobody had ever uttered one word to her or even bothered to make a whole conversation with her. Though as bad as it sounded, the pianist didn't mind, because it meant more peace and quiet for her mind; a mind filled to the brim with so much anxious thoughts, song ideas and random equations.

(Y/N) had always made sure to be part of the popular niche in school- girls forming a crowd around her, admiring her 'masculine' beauty. Though as good as it sounds, (Y/N) didn't quite like being in the center, even if she wanted to be popular just to hit on some girls, because there was just always too much going on in her mind; a mind filled with rambling thoughts, party ideas and vivid memories of dreams of past nights.

Things were ok just like that, but fate had other plans for them

And when the two met each other one day-

The whole school just spiralled into chaos. Rumours spread, whispers heard among the halls, fanfictions began to sprout out. The two may differ from each other, but no one could not agree that they were perfect for each other.

A girl that was anti-social and another that was known to flirt too much with women. No one expected it to be a match made in heaven.

Of course, there were the jealous sorts, determined to part poor (Y/N) with her dearest. But after Maki decided to join µ's- a famous school idol group back in the day- with (Y/N)'s, Hanayo's and Rin's support, the 'harassments' seem to die down, like flames when it burns too long without any fuel to feed it.

In the end, it was it was just like the beginning, the two were alone again. µ's parted ways after winning Love Live!, made families of their own and went on as legends, waiting for their legacy to be carried in by a new, legendary set of idols.

Or course, the two ended up being together, having fallen in love in their difficult journey. And they all lived happily ever after.

"The end" the woman slowly brought the book to a close and placed it gingerly on her lap, as if it were a precious trinket.

"Huh? Is that all (L/N)-sensei ?" One of the children in the small group asked, purple eyes wide with curiosity.

"Yes, yes, I'm afraid it is" the women responded, giving out a tired yawn as her eyes began to flutter, earning groans from the restless children sitting in front of her.

Moments later, a familiar red-haired girl approached the small group that was making the most noise within The certainly-large building, giggling sheepishly to herself as she caught sight of the woman being bombarded with questions left-to-right.

"I'm gonna start my own Idol group one day!" A certain, bold purple-haired girl declared strongly, seizing two of her friends from off the floor.

"Kanan-chan, we're just 13!" One of the girl's friends proclaimed, immediately unlatching herself from the other's grip.

"C'mon Mari-san, we'll be able to do it in the future!" The other friend reasoned.

The woman smiled warmly at the scene unfolding before her- she swore she could see the eyes of the three certain third years from her youth that would hold conversations like those. Before the woman could lift herself from the comfort of her seat, she felt a pair of hands enveloping her eyes into warm darkness.

"Guess who?" A hushed voice whispered into the woman's ear.

"Hmm? Well if it isn't my little dove" the woman answered with smirk, grabbing the other's arm and pulled her in for a quick kiss. "How was work, Maki?"

Maki didn't answer, instead the answer she replied with was just to nuzzle close onto the woman's cheeks.

"What are you? A little, cute puppy begging for attention?" The woman teased, nestling close to Maki's ear, peppering the latter's pale skin with soft kisses.

"You never stop teasing do you, (Y/N)?" Maki giggled, tucking a bit of (H/C) behind (Y/N)'s ear.

"Well how am I suppose to express my feelings?" (Y/N) questioned, visibly confused.

"You could give me a kiss?" Maki suggested, pulling herself out from the snuggling and leaned closer to (Y/N)'s face.

"Hey! (L/N)-sensei is flirting again-!" A book was thrown toward's that child's direction, and smacked them right on the face.


That child is


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