War and Love// Riko x Soldier! Trap! Fem! Reader

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Requested by @Kuroki_Rin08

(Soldier AU)


Bullets whistled through the air like insects, firing in every direction in the chaos. The huge machinery up on the massive hill, shot out specs of light every nanosecond, firing out storms of ammunition that struck the soldiers occupying the beach below.

"Damn Gathling gun!"

"Take cover!"

"We need a medic, stat!"

(Y/N); a loyal soldier in the (Army's name) Army , aims the the barrel of her bullpup marksman rifle out from the corner of a ruined brick wall, tracking her targets and toggling the red dot in her CRS-468 sight in 4x zoom, analysing her soon-to-be victims. Then, in the distance within the smoke, she spot flint of a gun's barrel trained at her, and she pulled back in time as a bullet flew past and chipped off a bit of the wall.

Beside (Y/N) was Kanan, her fellow brother- or more like sister- in-arms. The latter pops out a magazine from her AR-15 to count her bullets, before shoving it back into the mag receiver. "I'm gonna kill every last damn Ïddolmâsteer (EE-doll-MESS-tee) soldiers in this hellhole"

"Oh, they will all right" (Y/N) chuckled in bitterness as she clutched tightly onto her MK-14 Rogue Chassis. "And that will be now"

"Kanan, cover fire for me" without warning, (Y/N) leaped our from their cover and ran into the crossfire. Kanan yelled for her to come back, but her protest was met with deaf ears. Cursing, she aims her gun towards enemy soldiers that had their's pin-pointed for (Y/N).

Meanwhile, (Y/N) charged towards the bunker on top of the hill, bullets grazing her flesh. Her comrades below yelled for her to come back down, but they realised they weren't going to hear her, having already reached the enemies' bunker and managed to disarm the great weapon that took out hundreds of (Y/N)'s comrades.

"It's a/an (A/N) soldier!" Cried a soldier from the opposition, whipping their gun around to meet with (Y/N)'s speeding figure.

(Y/N) branded out a tactical knife, and shoved the blade against the soldier's stomach before they could fire the trigger. Their body twitched a little bit, before collapsing to the floor in a heap, blooding pouring out from the wound in their stomach.

"(Y/N)! What the hell are you doing?! Are you trying to get yourself killed, soldier?!" A voice you recognised as Chika, your Squad Leader, barked from your radio.

"I'm blowin' this place ta' bits" You replied, grabbing a C-4 that was just placed on top of a barrel you ran by.

"..." all that could be heard from the other line was gunfire, shouting and explosions, all distorted by a crackling noise. And finally after a long, lingering silence, Chika spoke. "You better know what you're doing, soldier. We'll try to hold off as many enemy soldiers as we can"

(Y/N) presses the trigger on her rifle, sending out a round that punctured through an enemy soldier's chest. Within minutes, they were on the floor dead.

"Yes ma'am" (Y/N) smirked as dashed through the corridors of the silent bunker.

Everywhere she went, genocide and the smell of gunpowder followed her; blood splatters staining the metal walls, corpses left to rot, bullet holes and death. This was the trail left by the '(F/C) dog'.

Soon, said dog had sniffed out a small little room, machinery and technology from the old war, lined up against the wall opposite of (Y/N). Her (E/C) falls upon five black, shiny objects, each bearing a nuclear symbol.

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