Unnoticed// Dia x Annoying! Abused! Fem! Reader [1]

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Part 1 of 2


"Annoying little-!"

"Ugh, leave us alone you-!"

"Why are you so-?!"


As an individual, you were described as an 'annoying, little prick' that always craved for attention. People tried to veer away from you when you walked near them, fearing to be dragged into your 'annoying habits'. Heck, even you're pretty sure that Aquors avoided you as much as they could.

All those bruises, scars, burns and cuts on your body, people were sure that you inflicted them upon yourself, ardent for some desperate attention.


That wasn't the truth.

A small, quivering figure cowered from the smiling shadows looming over them, amused at the figure's current mental state. The figure's limbs threatened to give up, protecting their body in a defensive manner from the blows. The world seemed to spin in motion around their tired vision, their chest lurching forward, before descending quickly as they took multiple breathes of the salty air.

The whip came crashing down onto the figure's back one last time, a loud, cracking sound reverberating around in echoes. Blood dripped down slowly, splashing down on the frigid, cold floor.

Why did you deserve any of this? You weren't sure of the answer yourself. You asked so many questions, but all endeavors ended with scars and cuts inflicted all over your body. And so, you kept quiet about it, hesitating to reveal the abuse. What is the point anyway? No one would believe you- like usual.

You sat quietly in the shadows of the rooftop, a black hoodie concealing your wounds- both fresh and old- listening to the choruses of laughter from the paths below. This was good enough for you, you didn't need to have social interaction with anyone just to keep you happy. The tranquilness was your only friend now-

"I can't believe you guys were reading those books! And in front of Ruby as well!" You heard a familiar, stern voice coming from nearby. Curious, you peeked around the corner and spotted nine figures- nine figures that you wish to never encounter in your school life, with one of them you really, really 'dislike'- Dia Kurosawa, the student council president.

"A book about how to make lemon meringue? Sis, I don't think it's bad" Riko looked like she was ready to explode, seeing the massive shade of colours that erupted on her face.

"Ruby...she wasn't reading a book about lemon meringue..." Yo spoke sheepishly.

"Oh yeah, have you guys seen (L/N)-san lately?" Chika asked, looking at her companions with a questioning look.

"Why, zura?" Hanamaru spoke, munching on a piece of bread.

You didn't bother to listen, lost in your ocean of mulling thoughts. You assumed that it was going to be something bad about you- again. But there was a part of you that believed that it was, forcing you to listen eagerly. All you could hear was muffled voices. Perhaps they left and you hadn't noticed-

"Hey, is that you (L/N)-san?"

At the sound of that familiar, stern voice, your body immediately tensed, paused mid-chew, eyes lurched open revealing your mostly-hidden (E/C) hues that were red and puffy from recent tears. That voice- it couldn't be Dia's could it? She doesn't even talk to you, let alone knew you- then the only possibility is that you're probably high again.

"It's you, right?"

Damn, you had too much to drink.

"K-Kuro...K-Kurosawa- senpai...?" Your squeaky voice came out barely as a whisper.

"It is you! What are you doing here alone?" The stoic girl took a seat right next to you. You started fidgeting, moving away from the latter to make space. You looked askance, doubtful of the older girl's unclear motives. Why was she suddenly acting nice to you? She never met you before and neither did you. So then why?

"Y'know, I've always wanted to talk to you, but you always walked way" Dia spoke, flashing a simple gesture of a smile to your direction, catching you by surprise that for someone that is known to be serious, was able to even muster a cute smile-



Dia noticed the faraway look you had and raised an eyebrow. "I noticed that you always wear that hoodie every day. Why is that?". 

You tensed again at Dia's statement, looking at her with an almost-cautious glare. "Oh...um...nevermind". She spoke quietly.

Your gaze softened. "I-it's...nothing". You mumbled.

Before Dia could say more, eight other figures appeared before the two of you, staring at you with what seems to be interest in their shining eyes. It took you a moment to react, but when you did- You immediately backed up against the fence line like a cornered animal, pupils reduced and darting around the whiteness of your eyes. You winced at the pain as your back came into contact with the metal fence with sheer force, however, you kept it to yourself.

"Hey! You found her, great job, Dia-San!" Chika exclaimed with childish content.

"What were you doing here anyways, (Y/N)-San?" Riko asked. You didn't answer, with so many people clustering around you, you felt overwhelmed. 

"Hey, don't be scared" Dia soothed. That gave you a kick to the head.

"Don't be scared, (N/N)-chan" A motherly figure patted the head of a younger (Y/N), smiling bitterly at the disappointment they produced. Oh how much they wanted to just throw the child down to the pits of the abyss. A child that shouldn't have been born.

"Everything's all right..."

You slapped Dia's hand away, tears leaking out from your eyes. Multiple emotions pursed through you. Sadness. Anger. Confusion. Loneliness. You scowled at the nine other figures- especially Dia- and they all looked up to your towering presence with shocked expressions. 

"I...Leave.Me.Alone" And with that, you left the rooftop, leaving behind shock and a very confused and saddened Dia.

"We...We just wanted to help you, (L/N)-san"


W ell...


Next up: Mermaid! Kanan x Sailor! Reader

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