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Why? Miki_jr1

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Why? Miki_jr1

W H Y -

1. Currently, it's 7:24AM in NZ time. Help I still want to sleep.

2. If I showed ya'll my feet, y'all be appalled by what you see, so I shall politely decline.


A). I have two pet goldfishes named 'Yamato' (after the biggest battleship of WW2, cos they're super big) and 'Lil' Fishy (my friend named them so...), a Border Collie called 'Trix', and I used to have 5 chickens names after the Spice girls (or backstreet boys I forgot)

B). My middle name is Erika, and I ain't saying more.

C.) I'm alive

5. 18%

6. I can but I sound like a retarded chipmunk.

4. Right here

7. There's two 'The' lol that was kinda easy-

8. I read 4-


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